Searching for the perfect soaking tub

elizamammaDecember 5, 2013

Hi all,
We are in the midst of an extensive remodel/addition, and I'm planning the master bath. I've found advice on these pages invaluable, and was hoping for your recommendations for the perfect soaking tub. We have room for a 72-inch tub, and my ideal tub would be quite deep and able to accommodate two people (i.e. double ended). We used to have a Kohler Purist, which had max water depth of 21 inches. It was lovely, but only seated one. I'm happy with drop in but am also contemplating free-standing. I love the Victoria and Albert tubs and am intrigued by the material (volcanic resin) but concerned that they aren't deep enough. Suggestions please? Thank you!

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What width is available? You'll probably want at least 36"w for a two person tub although 42"w or thereabouts may be better, especially for allowing side-by-side as well as facing-each-other accommodation.

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We did an Americh Contura II 7240 with is 72"x40". I was second guessing between that and the 32" wide one. The price was the same so we went with the 40" wide one. Still haven't had both of us in it at the same time but it looks like it could fit us. Biggest regret with the larger tub is I know it will cost a fortune to fill, but with how often we use it I guess that's no big deal...

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It will cost less to use if you do bathe together, as an average adult displaces about 15 gallons of water in a tub, so you wouldn't use much more water than one person in a small 60" tub. But yes, be sure you have an ample hot water supply to fill your tub. Especially in the winter in cold climates where the unheated water it mixes with is near freezing, a modestly-sized tank will struggle to fill a deeper tub. You may need to turn up the temperature on your water heater (and install anti-scalding devices at the faucets and showers unless you have thermostatic valves), upsize the water heater, or go tankless.

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I am on my second Victoria Albert tub. We have the Asia model and like it a great deal. I was unwilling to drill the rim of the tub for faucets. I was afraid ti would break the tub with a slight grab of the drill. The material is a cast limestone. Actually pretty light for the size of the tub. As to size of the tub, you have to look at them. Be aware that if you pick to large a tub you have to look into the hot water supply to feed it. Just being able to fill a tub isn't enough. You need to be able to peak the tub once it begins cooling off.

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Thank you! We are definitely looking into the water heater. I'm going to try to check out a few V+A tubs soon, with any luck that will answer some questions for me.

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