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toomanychoicesDecember 21, 2011

For the remodel of our small basement bathroom (5 x 8ish), I'm looking at using a Panasonic exhaust fan with light. It looks like we only need about 43 cfm, but here are the models I'm looking at:

--WhisperGreen-Lite 80cfm

--WhisperLite 80cfm

--WhisterLite 110cfm

Any thoughts which way I should go? If it makes any difference, this will mainly be used as a guest bathroom for now. Also, the short wall is an external wall which is where we plan to run the duct. Currently, the bathroom has no exhaust fan, but this remodel is a total gut so the ceiling is wide open.

Thanks for any advice you can provide. I'm new when it comes to exhaust units since I'm completely spoiled with our Fantech upstairs. :-)

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Oops, guess I posted before I looked into everything. Add two more to my list:

--WhisperSense-Lite 80cfm
--WhisperSense-Lite 110cfm.

Oh, and price-wise, they all seem to be about the same price so that's not a huge factor.

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I've noticed the larger the fan is the quieter it usually operates, along with more air being moved as well.

Here is a link that might be useful: Master bathroom renovation completed...

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seems like any of the 80 cfm would be plenty for your space.

if the level of the noise is important to you, get the one with the lowest amount.

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You can create problems if you oversize the fan, as I understand it. Also remember all the air it evacuates has to be replaced by new air, drawn in from around/under the door if the door is closed (which it likely is if you're running the fan). You need minimum 1/2" clearance under the door to allow enough make-up air to enter the room to ensure efficient ventilation. The fan will only push out as much air as can enter the room, so if there is a sliver of a gap under your door, that will make the fan less effective.

I just installed the WhisperValue FV-05VS1 50CFM fan in my basement bath. I was originally going to put it on the wall, as I didn't think I was going to be able to ceiling mount it due to other issues, which is why I went with the shallow depth install model (3 3/4" deep for use in 2x4 framed walls).

It's very quiet, and the right size for my 4.5 x 7.5 foot room, which by the math only needs 31 CFM or so.

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