can toaster oven & fridge share same electrical outlet?

CavimumOctober 8, 2012

During remodel, the refrigerator is being moved to another location. Can an 1800 watt toaster-oven *and* refrigerator share the same electrical outlet?

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The short answer is no, for a few reasons.
1st off, you won't want to risk tripping the circuit breaker for your fridge by inadvertently over loading it with other appliances.
Especially an appliance that's pulling 1800 watts.
But mostly, and probably for the same reason, it's more likely than not, going to be against code.
Where I live, on Long Island, each appiliance is required to have its own dedicated circuit.
Even the microwave.
While I think the microwave circuit is ridiculous, the rest of it seems to make sense.
So, check with your local authorities.

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@willtv - Thanks. We thought that would be the answer. Toaster oven will simply have to go into another room until remodel is complete.

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You already have your answer but I just want to concur -- when our electrician saw our toaster oven in the basement next to the microwave (during reno), he made a point of telling me not to turn them both on at the same time since they shared an outlet. I presume a fridge would pull as much power as a MW.

Pre-reno, our MW was on the same circuit as the DW (not the same outlet), and the circuit would trip if we tried to run them both at the same time. So I believe the thing about the dedicated circuit for the MW too.

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You're talking about a temporary situation, not permanent.

Temporarily, yes you can do it. But as mentioned you need to be aware that you can trip the breaker if you use both of them at the same time. So you would have to go reset the breaker.

An 1800 watt toaster oven I think is a big oven. It by itself will 'overload' a standard outlet (15-amp circuit).

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