How much for a old viking?

GoofyYnoOctober 29, 2012

I have a SS 36" viking pro built-in refrigerator (bottom freezer) that is about 10 years old. it has some wear and tear. I was wondering how much I should ask for it on Craig's list or ????

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Let someone haul it away for free :-) Old Viking fridges were notoriously unreliable.

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Reliable popular brand 10 year old appliances are close to worthless.
The only motivated buyer would likely be someone with a similar but failed rare odd sized refrigerator surrounded by very expensive cabinets.
They would probably be more inclined to have their own unit rebuilt.

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i was afraid that was the case.

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Yes, a couple of years ago I donated an 8 year old working refrigerator to Habitat for Humanity. I had to sweet talk them into taking it....

Why are you getting rid of it? Is it working?

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replacing it with something bigger. looking at liebherr 60" (which is really 2 30"ers together.)

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