Will doing a system restore on my laptop affect....

SheilaOctober 11, 2013

Use of my iPad, husbands iPhone? I don't want to mess up these two! This computer challenged mind doesn't understand the least bit regarding syncing these other systems!

Laptop is a 2006 Toshiba Satellite. Been having problems with it being incredibly slow and I want to set it up to do a club newsletter and website.

Thx for your input.

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Shouldn't have any effect at all.

Unless if you use Itunes on this PC with the iphone, and the restore date is before when Itunes was installed. If so, you'll have to reinstall it.

If you know your itunes store user name and password (which many people forget), it should be no problem.

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If you tried using System Restore to fix a problem but the problem remained or other problems were introduced, you can undo the restore operation. After you undo System Restore, you can try using a different restore point.

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My thought is to take the 'puter back to factory defaults. I have the discs and have been told I simply reinstall using these discs. This is a last ditch effort to avoid having to purchase a new machine.

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That would be the fastest option.

What's the Model number, should be on bottom of laptop, something like A135-S2266.

Then we can provide clear cut instructions on how to a Factory restore on that particular model .

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I have an ipod and when I reformat back to the orig condition it does not affect my iPod. I don't know how sync works as far as I know I don't use that.

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The number is A135s4447.

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How to Restore the Toshiba Satellite A135 Laptop

Read more:

Here is a link that might be useful: a135-laptop

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Tried going into system maintenance to use Restore option. I don't see where I can get it to go back to factory defaults. It just wants to take me back to several update dates, these falling in this calendar month. Tried setting a restore point bt typing in Factory Defaults, but that didn't work. Any suggestions?

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Then you will need to restore from a disc that came with the computer.

Restore from Recovery Media

9 Insert the first recovery disk into your optical drive, then restart your computer.

10 Press "F12" as the computer begins to boot up and you see the initial BIOS screen.

11 Select "CD/DVD option" in the menu by using the arrow keys, the press the "Enter" key.
12 Click on "Recovery of Factory Default Software," then "Next."
13 Click on "Recover to out-of-box state," then click on "Next."

14 Click on "Next" to begin the restoration process.

15 Allow the Toshiba recovery program to work. This may take several minutes.

16 Press any key on the keyboard when prompted to do so to restart your restored Toshiba Satellite A135 laptop.

Information taken from here:

Read more: http://www.ehow.com/how_6772145_restore-toshiba-satellite-a135-laptop.html#ixzz2hcyDhiVP

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Thank you Zep15' worked like a charm.

Now a couple more questions. Years back I had installed AVG Anti Virus, Super Anti Spyware and Malware bytes. Are they still the main recommended protection for the computer? Are the free editions still adequate for a casual surfer of the net? McAfee seems to be already installed, but I know I used AVG.

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McAfee's a trial version that came pre installed, I would consider a free version for casual user like AVG, Avast or Microsoft Security Essentials anyone of them is ok. SuperAntiSpyware and Malwarebytes are both good ideas to have too.

Just make sure only 1 Anti Virus is installed.

Free AVG:

Free Avast:
http://www.avast.com/en-us/compare-antivirus?cha=ppc&sen=google&ste=free avast&var=27450373936&omcid=EN-US_Search_Free&gclid=CL_UjLugl7oCFYqZ4AodUBsAsA


Free Microsoft Security Essentials:


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The computer would not let me download AVG so I tried MSE, thought I had downloaded it and installed but can't find it on a 'puter search. I'll work more on it this evening,

I was surprised to see the 'puter do 79 updates!

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You should first remove the McAfee anti-virus before installing another AV program. Don't be surprised to see more updates than the 79 you have already gotten. Remember, this restore took the computer back to the date it came out of the box, so any updates since that time will have to be installed again. Also, any programs or applications that you installed since it was new will need to be installed again if you want them.

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If you haven't used the McAfee consumer product removal tool, that would be a good idea to make sure all residual files are removed that could cause conflict. Be careful when downloading to prevent from installing any foistware that is offered with the download. See link below:

Here is a link that might be useful: McAfee Consumer Products Removal tool

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