new floorplan for your expert review:)

ellenandcoSeptember 10, 2012

Here is the downstairs. The next post has the lot layout so you can see all the easements that we are dealing with.

A few notes: We are a family of 6 (toddler + 3 elem age kids), finally building our forever house. There is no basement. Master will be upstairs due to amazing view from up there. I prefer the lower level laundry so I can keep it going all day...there is an awful lot of it;) The pool is just a placeholder pool until we get to that part of the design.

I'm curious what folks think of the stair placement (I'm not big on stairs as focal point in entry way) general flow, etc.

The kitchen is really just in the initial stages, but the basic footprint I really do like. I love to cook so I'm sure I'll be over on the kitchen board as we get more specific in the kitchen.

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Here is the lot layout.

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There are others here who can give you much more detailed advice but the biggest thing I notice is the walk from the garage to the kitchen. It is quite long and has lots of turns. Bringing groceries for six in could become a real pain in the behind.

Also, maybe I don't see it but I don't get the two islands. I would combine them since right now it seems like you have to long, skinny islands. Combining the would give you a very large space to work on and still give plenty of space to eat.

Love all of the storage areas, mudroom, laundry, pantry, etc. Too many people neglect those areas and with a family of six that area will be crucial.

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Is your site plan to proper scale? If so, the proposed hoouse is much too close to the existing house. It appears that it could be moved to the left and down somewhat, but even so there's precious little room and privacy between the two houses. I'd look elsewhere. Good luck with your decision.

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I agree on combining the islands. I have worked with skinny islands and it is difficult not having room to spread things out.

I would consider making your half bath into a full bath. If your kids come in from the pool, do you want them running upstairs to shower or does it make sense to have them rinse off as soon as they are inside the house?

I would also consider putting walls around your dining room (perhaps with glass double doors as entries.) If you ever want to use that space for something else, then it could become a den, homework room (or whatever) easily. It also contains noise better...... but really it depends on how you want to use that room.

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Great input, everyone. Thanks!

jamnich314, you are right! The first thing I look at in plans is the grocery route, but I haven't really looked at it in this version. It started off a lot worse;)

Regarding the island, I'm open to combining. I just don't want it so deep that I can't reach across. Maybe we can borrow some depth from the seating area and put in in the cooking island? If I have one island, it will not have seating as I don't like blurring the line between my cooking space and hang out/eating space. I wonder if we could do a peninsula somewhere. Lots to think about

lolauren, there is a full bath with outdoor access in the guest room. I really just want a place for kids to run in and go potty without having to go through the house. I also like your input on the dining room doors option.

virgilcarter, We've tried to design and wiggle the house so many ways with no success. The easements are difficult, and believe it our not we have more room between than most in this area. In any case, this is the lot for us. Fortunately the neighbor's wall has no windows, and is beautifully landscaped for privacy on that side as well.

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Hi ellenandco!

I don't think there's anything wrong with your stair placement.

I feel like all the extra little rooms on the left could be better designed. Have you considered combining some of the rooms on the left to make one of those big multifunction rooms that are so popular? (And, I admit, that I am in love with.) Just thinking, you might be able to walk straight thru your multi-function room to your kitchen thru the current pantry path.

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest

For the kitchen, will staring at the wall for so long be a problem while you're doing dishes? (I have four little kids as well, so I know how many dishes you're doing!!) :)

Maybe you can do one of those T shaped islands instead of 2?

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest

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thanks, kelhuc, for the ideas. I haven't seen the multi-function room before. I'm not sure how I feel about not being able to close the door on the laundry! I've been thinking about the arrangement of those rooms, and maybe swapping the mudroom and storage room would work. Or combining the rooms into a mud/laundry and a storage/shop. I emailed the designer and we'll see what he comes up with.

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Nice plan & congrats on your future home. I now have 6 boys and will give you my 2 cents of the mud/laundry areas. I persoanlly prefer the mudroom entrance from the garage, as you show. I don't like having this space shared with the laundry area. Perhaps it is just me or having boys...I just like having all their dirty stuff seperate...the wet, snow, mud, etc. Yes, I know the laundry room has dirty clothing to be washed....however, I have that area very "controlled!" The boys' laundry only comes in by way of a laundry shoot and gets sorted into baskets for the dirty laundry. Though, I have a very large laundry/multi-purpose has homework areas, arts, crafts, printers, etc. The best room in the house! We spend so much time doing laundry too. I can be folding or ironing something & overseeing homework or a toddler's artwork, etc. Unnless, you really need that storage closet in the garage...I would open that up to your laundry room and multi-purpose that room...without the mud room;) I feel with a "larger" family it works best to have the laundry near the kitchen, rather than by the bedrooms/upstairs. I spend most of my day in the kitchen & laundry room and I too would never get anything done if the laundry wasn't on the main floor off the kitchen. Good luck & keep "living" your plan & envision how you & your family "lives!"

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mommyto4boys, thanks for your two cents! You are kind to remind me that the house has to be right for how our family lives:)

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Well, first off that outdoor gathering area looks like it would be so cool and useful. I'm quite jealous.

I love that you have a nice space devoted to the foyer/entry. I think that gets overlooked so often. Since you don't have a formal living room, I think you will appreciate having a nice entry for receiving guests. No stairs in the entry is not a big deal to me.

I am confused on the difference between the breakfast area and inside gathering area just beyond. Will inside gathering have a love seat and chair to sit and enjoy the view of outside? Or will the breakfast table go right up against the window? If its just eat-in space I think you've got too much devoted to that function alone, was my point. But its probably 2 different spaces.

The biggest issue I would have is the family room seems too cut off from the kitchen, with that 1 small opening at the top left. Does it make sense to place the opening/archway in the middle of the kitchen/den wall, and leave room on the 2 sides for necessary kitchen cab runs/appliances? You appear to have plenty of room on the other kitchen walls / island for kitchen storage and functions. I think connecting the 2 rooms will really pay off since that's where the family will concentrate when together. Right now, if you're in the kitchen you have no idea what's going on in the den, and vice versa.

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Sowega, I am beyond thrilled with the outdoor space. I might have to become a birder with all the waterfowl we will get to see!

So, we do envision the "gathering room" as a major congregating place. There is room for a table to eat at as well as hang out space. In the previous version of the plan, there was a large pass through to the living room, and I neglected to write in the original post that I think we will go back to that. I really want to preserve the option to separate that space (like loloren pointed out with the dining room, but we will be keeping the DR open) so I'll probably end up doing something with nice tall, heavy drapes (high ceiling, not a two story room!) that function as wall decor unless I want to pull them across. Or maybe some shutters and a pocket door or something. I just want it classy, not tacky!

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