Kohler Bathtub questions

KateB22December 13, 2013

Right now I am considering a 32 wide and 60 ft long kohler cast iron tub. I am sorting through the website trying to understand depths of water and so forth.

It seems that the bellwether has a deeper 32 inch tub than the others but I am not sure. Can anyone who knows explain to me a good choice for a 32 inch tub in terms of water depth 9 of that type of tub)?
Also, anyone know the widths of the side ledges on these?
I Am looking at the bellwether and a few others.

Also looking at a 34 inch wide kohler for the other bathroom. Can 2 people fit okay sometimes in a 34 inch wide?

What is a good depth of water in general and good total height of tub I should aim for?

What depth is considered a soaking tub?

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also- kohler has some heated bathtubs! Does anyone here have them? They are expensive of course but are they amazing? I might feel nervous about having a heating system ( is it electric?) running through my bathtub. I even feel that way about jetted tubs,Please tell me the pros and cons of heated tubs! I love my baths and would love to take long hot baths-- so that leads me to think maybe a cast iron is not good, maybe just acrylic or else heated acrylic?

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Tubs are like furniture or seats in cars - they are very personal to that individual. The best thing to do is to go to the manufacturer's website and look at the specifications to get the interior basin length/width and water depth. Nine inches is considered a child bathing tub. A soaking tub has a depth of 15 or more. You really need to sit in your current tub and take your body measurements and the tub's measurements to get a good feel for what would be best for you. Then look at each individual tub's specifications. Don't forget to pay attention to the angle of the back of the tub and angle of armrests. Arm rests tend to take up the width of the interior.

The interior basin measurements can really vary even though tubs have the same exterior measurements. In 60 x 32 tubs, for example interior dimensions the Kohler Archer is more long and narrow, the Kohler Bancroft is long and wider, the Kohler Devonshire is shorter, Kohler Expanse is wide like an oval, Kohler Mariposa and Hourglass are narrow in the middle, the Mirabelle Edenton and Jacuzzi Cetra are both really wide and very deep, with the Cetra being shorter with a straighter back, etc. If you are a tub person, selecting a tub will take some time.

This is a really good forum to get info, just search it for specific models.

You can always insulate your tub when you install it. And also install a heated floor and towel warmer.

Most deep and shaped tubs are acrylic. Deeper cast iron tubs are going to be more expensive.

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Thank you Anna in TX that is excellent info and just what I was looking for. I think I really need to find somewhere to see these tubs in person.
Do you have any thouhgts on cast iron vs acrylic in terms of does cast iron really get the water cold fast and are there benefits to cast iron?
We will have radiant floor heat in the bathroom.

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Thank you Anna in TX that is excellent info and just what I was looking for. I think I really need to find somewhere to see these tubs in person.
Do you have any thouhgts on cast iron vs acrylic in terms of does cast iron really get the water cold fast and are there benefits to cast iron?
We will have radiant floor heat in the bathroom.

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My personal experience with cast iron growing up is that the tub sucks the heat out of the water initially but stays warmer longer. When I use a cast iron tub, I fill it a couple of inches with the hot tap wide open, then reduce the temperature for the rest of the fill. Just like a cast iron skillet, you initially heat it up and then lower the temp and let it do a slow simmer. I love cast iron tubs and would love to be able to afford a Kohler Steeping tub. I need a very deep soaking tub because I have neck and shoulder aches. I am starting to DIY remodel my master and will be reducing the large 72 x 42 builder oval tub to a 60 x 32 tub with a wide deck on the side to sit on as a bench. I feel that the water cools down more quickly in my acrylic tub versus cast iron so I plan on insulating my new tub. I am going to go with the drop in Mirabelle Bradenton because it is very deep and has a short basin - I am 4'10". I was looking at the Mirabelle Provincetown but it is too long inside and the Mirabelle Edenton is wider but is also too long for me. The Mirabelle tubs are deeper than the Kohler tubs. I tried the Mirabelle Edenton 66 x 36 tub at the Ferguson showroom. I would love to get the 60 x 36 model because it is shorter inside than the 60 x 32, but it requires a lot of water to reach the overflow depth. I like the acrylic on the Mirabelle tubs better than the Kohler tubs. My brother has the Kohler Bancroft in his new house and it is a very nice deep tub, but still too long for me and it only comes with an apron. So this is some of the details I thought through in order to make my decision.

I will remodel my second bathroom next year and plan to replace the builder Bootz porcelain on steel tub with the cast iron Kohler Bellwether. I tried it out at Ferguson and it is similar to the Bancroft but more shallow. I use that bath for guests to take a shower and. I also use it to bathe my dogs and need the cast iron tub to stand up to their toenails. If guests want to take a deeper bath they can use my master.

I really love the Kohler cast iron shower pans.

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hmm- what does it mean re the Bancroft that is has an apron? versus what else? I am new to this.
Is the kohler Bancroft comfortable inside as a bthing shape?
I looked and there is nowhere near wher eI lie to see a variety of bathubs on display- only a few here and there so I am doing a lot of internet searching

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I need a 60 x 32 drop in bathtub - no apron or side on the tub. The tub will be installed inside a deck with a tiled top and side.

I have bathed in the Kohler Bancroft and it is very deep and comfy. Unfortunately, I am very short and it is a tad too long inside for me to where I keep slipping down. I end up bracing myself. Fortunately, for the average person, the Bancroft is a great tub for an alcove - offers large basin area for showering and is also deep for a soaking.

You need to go to the Kohler website, select some search criteria, choose tubs and drill down to the specifications and look at their measurements.

When you search this forum you will find that the lack of floor models is a major problem for just about everyone. You are going to have to call showrooms to see what they have available to try out. Ask friends and family who have recently remodeled if you can try out their tub. Good luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kohler Bancroft Bathtubs

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I have been researching tubs recently, I have some of the same "wants" --at this point we are planning on the Bellwether because it is the deepest water depth in cast iron for our size of alcove (60" long by 30-32")... I really wish the Bancroft was made in cast iron as the water depth is more (I think about 2 inches)...

Last time I met with the contractor she said they might be able to add a valve or something that blocks the overflow when taking a bath, that sounded like a great compromise, has anyone done this?

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Mabies, I have the builders sized Bellwether with is 60x30". It is shallow with at water depth of 9". The original Bellwether is deeper like the Memoirs, but the bottom is very short and people have complained about that fact. It also takes a longer tub filler to clear the front of the tub and overflow. I would sit in one before you make the commitment, but it would probably be a great tub for those that are short. I know some tubs are just too long for shorter adults.

So, regarding the changing of the over flow. Since my tub was rather shallow, I asked my plumber if he would install the overflow valve upside down. I could have got an extra 2" maybe. He looked at me and said "No". There was no discussion. He got his way. He's the plumber and so I went with his plan :)

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Check out the Kohler Mendota 60 x 32 cast iron and the Kohler Memoirs 60 x 34 cast iron tubs.

You may want to look at the Toto cast iron tubs too. Don't go by their list price because your local or online plumbing supply house sell Toto products much lower than retail. You have to shop around for Toto products because there is a lot of variation in price.

Here is a link that might be useful: Toto cast iron tubs

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I am still looking, I have looked at all the #'s of the interior shapes and whatnot but am still not sure how they actually look. I do not have anywhere near by to try them out so am searching for info online.

I am looking at some of the 60 by 32 kohler cast irons. My builder said to not buy kohler at home depot because they sell an inferior kohler- such as plastic parts where kohler has metal and other things I guess. I am wondering aboutfaucet direct? anyone know? they have cheaper prices but are they also inferior?

I guess there are only 2 or so kkohler 32 inch wide cast irons. Anyone know about the interiors of those?

Also- what does it mean for a tub to have an apron?

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I have the Kohler Villager tub in my hall bath and it is adequate for bathing but not deep. We just purchased the Kohler Devonshire (not cast iron) bubble tub for our master bath remodel and I love it. It is 5' by 32" and when filled to the highest water level it is 14". I was concerned that it might not be deep enough but after using it, it is plenty deep. I am only 5 feet tall so having something too big was a concern because I was replacing a jetted tub that was much too large for me to use comfortably. It does help to see them in person. I probably would never have picked the Devonshire from a catalog but once I saw it and sat in it I was sold!

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I just had a Mirabelle Bradenton 60x32 alcove tub installed on very short notice; had to choose from what I could get shipped that week. Fortunately, these were displayed at several local Ferguson showroom/stores so I could try them out first (Mirabelle is an exclusive Ferguson house brand in the US; this one is made by Clarke though I don't know if they all are). I like it alot; it's a very comfortable, *deep* tub and thanks to the thin sidewalls, it's wider than most inside as well, despite the thin armrests. The backrest is sloped enough to be comfortable but not so much as to steal showering space. We just used a simple Watts overflow from Lowes held in place with a single screw; it can be detached, reinstalled upside down with the drain slot facing upward rather than at the bottom, and you get two inches of added depth that way. American Standard sells priceier replacement "deep soak" overflows that are designed to look good with the drain slot near the top. Anyway, my only complaints with the tub are that they could have made it an inch or two longer at the drain end (not a problem for you it sounds like) and the armrest is a bit higher than I'd prefer - it is at a good height to use whilst sitting up rather than lying down in the water. This is designed for a single bather, but two could squeeze in if in the same direction both on your side, if you're reasonbly small. It would be a tight fit but may suffice for occasional use. There's definitely more room inside than most tubs with the same exterior length and width.

As for whether 2 can fit in a 34"w tub; usually not unless it's a single-walled freestanding tub which is almost as wide on the inside as out, or is very long so you can stretch out or sit across from each other. Kohler makes a "Tea for Two" 60"x32" alcove tub designed billed as the only 5-foot replacement alcove tub that can accommodate two people, but that's a stretch; those who've installed them say to better plan on one at a time, name unwithstanding. I've found some 36" wide tubs that will fit two comfortably, both side by side or at opposite ends; 66" or especially 72" lengths help alot here, as do double-ended designs that place the faucetry in the center, but for both facing the same way an end-drain tub can work too, and they have the benefit of more foot room at the bottom of the tub.

An apron is a panel found on some alcove tubs that negates the need for a wall of tile or other material on the outside of the exposed tub wall. It's often built in, but sometimes an extra-cost option (espcially with whirlpools and air tubs). Some drop-in tubs have optional aprons as well as optional tile-in moldings. Here's an example of a tub with a front apron:

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did you look at Duravit? They great and some of their tubs a pretty deep.

We had two tubs installed at the same time - one Duravit and one Kohler. Duravit still looks new after 5 years, but Kohler is all scratchedâ¦

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