Help me decide on shower and floor tile ... 3 choices

rufinoroxDecember 28, 2011

I'm hoping you can help me decide among these 3 very different options. I like them all, but not sure which to choose from. Keep in mind the bath is only a 5x8. Here are some pictures (hopefully in the order I've mentioned) starting with our current bath. All the fixtures will be brushed nickel.

First Choice of - shower tile 4x12 floor tile 13x13 and glas tile as an accent along with (what i think) is the color of the vanity.

The vanity with different mirror

Option 2 - shower tile

floor ....

Option 3 - basket weave and porcelain shower tile 12x24

Here are 2 tile layouts I like.

I appreciate any feedback. This project has me going insane.


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Are you tiling the shower floor or will you be using a shower pan?

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We are keeping the tub. The basket weave will be for main floor.

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rsvlle-nj the 9x12's and the mosaic, but, not with that floor. You could put the floor on the walls and pick another floor. #2 like wall tile alot, but, not with that color floor tile. I would pick something with more contrast and a larger tile. #3 like wall tile..don't like it with that basket weave. Love both of the tile layouts.

Your taste seems to lean towards the modern/contemporary look.

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I vote for # 1. Let us know what you decide.....and of course, pictures afterwards! :-)

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Thank you! As you can see I'm torn between all of the above. I have time so I will keep looking. Kiagarden I will be sure to post when completed.

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I also vote for tile combination #1 & I like the 1st tile layout example as well (referring to the dark grey tile in that photo). I think it will be beautiful when all is said & done. Absolutely love that vanity!!! If I'm not mistaken, we had a discussion on the Kohler Wellworth toilet in the new design. It would go beautifully with that vanity & tile. Can't wait to see the finished photos!!!

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mydreamhome - yes we did discuss this toilet brand, unfortunatley I had to go with American Standard since we went with a soaker tub by AS. The salesperson recommended the same so the whites would match. So I went with this AS toilet. I'm hoping it will all come together with the vanity. I do love it!

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Other than the base, it's rather similar. I think it will go marvelously! Plu syou get the benefit of a skirted toilet--easy cleaning!!!!

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