Would these grout lines bother you?

threeapplesDecember 5, 2012

Tile guy has been doing great so far and said he only does 1/16" grout lines, but our master shower has many lines, the majority actually, are 1/4" and it doesn't look good at all. I know nothing can be done now, but I'm disappointed and wondering if this would bother all of you.

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Don't know,too close up to judge the size. Can you back up and take a picture of the shower so we can see the scale? Thanks

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I'm guessing you're referring to the vertical grout lines being a different width than the horizontal ones? From the pic above, no I don't think it would, but a picture from a little further away + a shot that includes more of the tile to give us a judge of the scale would be very helpful. As such, I will refrain from giving my final answer until then.

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Are the tiles beveled, or straight edge? My tile guy basically had the tiles close enough just to not be touching each other, but the grout lines are still 1/16" because of the bevel. If he had spaced them 1/16" before hand, the lines would have been huge because of the bevel. I think it may just look big to you, but it's not.

My backsplash tiles were straight edge, and spaced 1/16". The grout lines are the same really.

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Look at HCloudy's recent post about their grout troubles. Now there is an example of a bad grout job.

Yours looks just fine, and you are lucky you don't have a job that looks like theirs.

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Your lines are straight and even, which is better than what I ended up with in the shower corners! So yep, I think I would be fine with what you've got.

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I see absolutely nothing wrong with that picture. What do you see as the problem? Are some of them slightly different widths?

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They don't look as big as 1/4" from here. They do look clean and neat.

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