wanted: i just got the best package, thank you robin!

trixietxMarch 1, 2006

Yesterday afternoon I saw the UPS man pull up beside my house, rang my doorbell and I was so sure it was my swap package and it wasn't.

This evening I heard the doorbell ring and didn't even get excited, it was 7:00p.m. (this is payday and thought probably someone wanted their check early.) When I finally made it to the door, it was there, a box, it had my name on it. I couldn't wait to get into it.

Robin, you picked the perfect, package for me, just perfect.

On top was a letter from Robin, I started reading it and got so excited reading what was inside, well I had to finish the letter after I opened everything.

Here is the entire package,,, I love it

Here is the red group,red is my color and sounds so silly, but these are two things I have really wanted. I just love the red Le Creuset ramekins and the red colander!

Next is a container of Vermont Grade B maple syrup and some of Robin's homemade Strawberry jam with cointreau and drambuie. I will have to fight DH for the strawberry jam, but I can already tell you the maple syrup is wonderful. I can see pancakes tomorro morning. Robin said there were different grades of maple syrup and this was there favorite, I didn't know there was different grades, but I do now, it is really good!

And a microplane,I have wanted one for so long and finally bought one, but it is really a hand held grater, I am so happy and can't wait to use it.

I am going to love this, a ladle for canning. Robin must know that I do alot of canning and it is just the perfect size. Also, she included some recipes and a newspaper from a local co-op.

Robin, I could not be happier, you have made my day and I can assure you I will use everything you sent me.

Thank you for this wonderful package,


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What a great swap box. I love the colour red too and that colander and the le crueset ramekins are wonderful. I've looked at those in a kitchen store here in town. You are going to love that microplane.

Karen, beautiful counter.


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I also like those ramekins, and RobinKate is right, the grade B syrup is my favorite too. It tastes so...maple-y.

Plus RobinKate's homemade jam? What a treat, you're gonna love it.


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Wonderful choices, Robin! That red colander is something I would have to leave out on the counter all the time.

Enjoy everything, Karen!

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Trixie...oohh, all of those are wonderful gifts.

Robin, excellent selections!

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Love the colander and ramekins. They definitely would look pretty on that counter. Homemade jam too mmmm.

Lovely package Robin.



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Love the red, too! That colander is great! I love those ramekins. Enjoy!!

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OHHHHHHHH that red colander is magnificent!! Enjoy all your goodies!!

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Love the colander!

Great box of goodies!

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The jam! I want it! I want it! That is a very, very nice package! See Trixie, it was worth the wait!

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I too, am loving that colander! Enjoy your beautiful gifts.


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Oh that is so nice! I too love the colur and those little ramkeins are fabulous. I may have to treat myself!

Great job Robin.

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Wow, I love it all! I've heard so much about Robins jam that I'm really looking forward to a taste at canny camp! Enjoy your goodies!

Good job Robin.

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Doen't it just make you feel better when you have nice things to work with in the kitchen?

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very cheery package, and I agree nice counter top!
good job Robin!

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That colander is pretty enough to leave out and hold fruit or something. Lots of cute ramekins this time 'round. Don't tell me MLCs had nothing to do with this!

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Those will liven up your kitchen Karen--pretty, pretty. Being a canner yourself I imagine having a bit of someone else's homemade jam will be a real treat--and real maple syrup--yummy.

Nice job Robin.

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Cool cool stuff!

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Really really nice!

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Sorry I did not post earlier. My day has included a trip to the ER as Julian decided to eat a pebble. He seemed totally fine, perfectly happy as he always is, except he was panting like a dog. When I took him to his pedatrician he found and removed a pebbloe form the back of his throat. Still perfectly happy but he was still breathing rapidly. So 2 x-rays later he is still perfectly happy, no other pebbles showed up. Doctors orders he is sleeping in out room tonight so we can make sure he does not have any breathing problems tonight. His pediatrican said it was the most fascinating case of all his years in practice, because he was still perfectly happy.

Karen, I am so happy you love the package. For some reason I had a hard time with this swap figuring out what you would most enjoy. It was nice as well to be able to share with a fellow canner.

Gina, in this case MLC's are not related to the ramekins. When I was stalking karen through her previous posts to try to get an idea of what she would enjoy I find a plethora of posts that were from previous swaps. Every time someone recived a red item for their kitchen Karen commented on how great it was. One time she expressed love for a set of 4 red ramekins.


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Great package you have there Trixie, you are going to love that maple syrup! I like that colander too. Enjoy it all! Great box Robin!


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Robin, I am so sorry about your Dad and Julian, hope they are both better. Sounds like you have not had a very good day.

When I tore into my package the first thing I saw was the colander, it is beautiful and will sit on my counter until needed and I will use it. You couldn't know how many times I have thought about ordering the ramekins, those are just perfect gifts for me!

I love the microplane, just makes the one I bought look like, well what it is, a hand held grater.

You know how much I will use the ladle, I am really excited about it, how handy and canning season is getting close!

I said I would let DH claim the strawberry jam, well it is already almost gone, it is so good. I don't make strawberry jam, strawberries don't grow to well here.

Vermont Maple grade B syrup, if you haven't tried it then you don't know what you are missing. I don't think I have ever tasted anything like it. I thought I had bought Vermont maple syrup, but it didn't taste anything like this. It is wonderful, I think I could drink it out of the can.

Thank you again, Robin!

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Karen, I love the grade B syrup too; it has a really rich, deep flavor. And everyone needs a genuine microplane, or two or three.

Gina, you are so right in thinking that the colander would be beautiful filled with fruits.

Super choices Robin.


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Smart sleuthing there, Robin. And now that the threads don't fall off the pages, there is yet another resource for researching our swap partners for next time!

Can I also say I LOVE those counters? They'd look good in my new outdoor kitchen!

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Jessy, I actually found those posts on Google. You can specify on google a website to each and if the thread has disappeared google has a cached copy.

karen, actually my day was okay, Really!! Julian was happy the whole time, Sebastian found looking at the x-ray of his brother fascinating as well. I am pretty tired though. Glad your DH liked the jam. I am very proud of that one as it is my own recipe. Wow, I didn't even think about not being able to get good strawberries.


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all things that I would LOVE. Beautiful choices, Robin. I hope things calm down for you soon.

Karen, have fun with all those wonderful items.


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Love love love the red theme! That colander and the ramekins are great! Hey! That is the exact same microplane I bought myself last week! That jam sounds heavenly, too!
Great choices, Robin, I know Karen will think of you every time she uses these.

(PS...so happy that Julian is okay, too!)


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OH!!! LOVE the red!!! And maple syrup...yummy!


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I received that exact microplane in my first swap from Illisa/Arabella Miller and I use it constantly to grate ginger, zest fruits and grate parm chees. YOu'll get so much use out it! Lots of other goodies too. Lucky you to try some of Robin's jam!

I'm happy that Julian is doing well, these kids they keep ya on your toes!

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Trixie, I also love red! And I received a microplane in a swap and use it all the time. Don't know I lived without it!! And lucky you to have some of Robin's jam. I have finished the chocolate raspberry sauce that Robin sent me, and I'm about to open one of her jams. Enjoy!

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