I'm sick of FireFox!

gale_tOctober 13, 2013

I'm having nothing but problems with it and I want to get rid of it completely. Perhaps replace it with Safari? I still use IE as a backup, but don't like it either.

Please help me with this. I don't have a clue how to do this. I went to delete it from my program files and it says it needs to be done by an administrator????? I own this computer.

Sorry if I sound too frustrated, but I really have had it with all of this. TIA

Windows 7 Professional

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Did you try removing Firefox from programs an features? I don't understand why your deleting from the program files folder?

Start> control panel> Programs an Features, remove Firefox from there.

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I'm curious what your Firefox problems are. I have four browsers on my computer and Firefox is by far the easiest and most reliable.

I'm not saying you shouldn't remove it, but I'm assuming you are aware that removing it will not make your computer run any better. An imperfect uninstall of some programs, like antivirus software, can complicate things, but an installed, but unused, browser is typically not going to affect anything.

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I wonder if you've cleared your history-cache-cookies lately. I also am curious what version you're running, and how many add-ons you've added to it. If you want to uninstall a program, you typically don't start "deleting" things...unless you want more problems than you had before. Millions of people use Firefox with great success. If you think Firefox is the problem, I predict you'll be just as unhappy with Safari or any other browser. I think you're having a PEBKAC day.

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I have had two recent people with firefox problems .. within past maybe 2 weeks. Simple uninstall didn't work..... both had a hidden folder locked in the user tree. I probably simply went to safe mode.

Both had quick scans of SuperAntiSpyware discoveries too.

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