Help with front door please

SMPop18September 25, 2012

Hello all! I'm conflicted on what color to paint the exterior wood trim around our front door. The door itself will be stained a medium to dark wood color. I want it to stand out against the siding color. The trim the builder's installed is a very orangey looking pine and I'm thinking it won't stain nicely to match the door if we tried that route. If we paint the trim around the door, do we go with the same color as the windows which are sandtone or the same color as the trim and porch posts which are ivory/almond? Thanks for your thoughts!

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The windows have no trim which is possible only because modern nail-fin windows can be installed without it. So, you have a traditional house design with a very thin non-traditional window surround and very thin porch posts with very little lintel showing but the door is trimmed with a wide traditional surround.

It would be expensive to change the window treatment but you could wrap the posts with 3/4 boards and deepen the lintel between them and perhaps paint all of that to match the dormer rakes.

The door appears to be ready for paint. How will you make it look like wood?

The door threshold seems uncomfortably high above the porch floor. Will there be a railing?

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Thanks for your thoughts renovator. However, we do not plan to make any changes to the windows or posts at this time as it is how we wanted it based on the choices we were given. The windows are Anderson in their sandtone color. The only other options were white, dark brown or green. A lot of new builds in my area have windows like this and I don't know what the alternative would have been in our price range. I have thought about beefing up the porch posts in the future but my hubby doesn't think it's necessary. What is a lintel?? By dormer rakes do you mean the trim at the peak? They do match the posts and are ivory. The door is a Therma-Tru fiberglass door that is stainable and has a wood grain look.

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Also, the windows we chose did not offer any other trim options as some others might have.

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I prefer stained wood to painted. I would personally try a stain first that can be painted over. If you dont like that, I would go for the sand tone :) Good luck! I thought I was done with the tough choice when I picked an interior paint color, then I got confused again realizing I still had to choose a finish!

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Thanks lafdr!!

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