shower threshold -- engineered stone?

mgedidDecember 20, 2012

Most excellent community,

We have a rather contemporary looking master bath (which members/moderators on this forum have helped with enormously already.) We are in the "happy" position of redoing the entire floor of our new bathroom because the grout was coming out in large chunks and water seemed to be standing under the tiles.

Since we are redoing the entire shower floor, our contractor suggested that we also try a solid shower threshhold because of issues we were having with water wicking from the threshhold tile grout to the floor of the bathroom. He brought us in an awful piece of marble, which unfortunately, doesn't work at all with our bathroom design nor with the color scheme. So the question is, would engineered stone/quartz to match our colors and finishes break the budget? I seem to recall with buying an engineered vanity top that it could be painful.

As an alternative, I was thinking of unpolished marble. Or at least, specifying a lower shine and a pretty square edge. (We have got matte on practically everything else, and everything's rectified -- no room for bevels here. Are we risking chips? How bad might be upkeep/staining be on rougher marble?

Any thoughts?suggestions?

Many thanks,
Meg (proud possessor of a fancy new shower which has now sat unused for... at least a month and a half?)

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if its marble you seal it regardless if its honed or polished. The engineer stone can be found in remnants for what little you need.

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You should be able to find a remnant of such a small piece. At your local granite yard. If your using real marble they will ease the edge due the fragile nature of natural stone. Meaning they will sand down the edge just a touch. For a Threshold I think going with a scrap piece of engineered quartz or something similar would be a stronger choice.

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