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berkOctober 14, 2012

I have windows 7 and have been having trouble with it and have been trying to get Advanced Teck Support to check it out but my computer won't let them do a remote thing. I have Hughes Net and they tell me I shouldn't have any problem, but when they try to get on my computer threw the remote thing it tells them the proxy settings won't let them connect. I have been trying for 2 days now and they still can't connect. Hughes Net said I don't have a proxy setting since it is satelite?? I have checked everything and don't see any proxy setting and it is checked that I can use the remote assistant thing but it sure won't let them..any ideas. Thank you. I have also disabled the firewall and that didn't help either.

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Looked in Control Panel at Internet Options, Connections tab. Usually DSL and regular networking would have absolutely nothing checked in that window or in the
Lan Settings window.

Look in Internet Explorer for the same settings.. should match control panel with absolutely nothing checked.

Look in your other browsers too... Firefox options its the last tab, Advanced, then Network, internet Settings button ... make sure its checked 'No Proxy'

Control Panel, Network & Sharing Center.. on left, Change Adapter Settinngs, then right click and select Properties... See anything in there that may be a proxy program ?

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I have checked them both and nothing is checked in either. I only have IE browser. Checked the other thing to and nothing there either.

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1. Open up Internet Explorer.

2. Click on the Tools menu and then on Internet Options.

3. Click on the Connections tab.

4. Click the LAN Settings button.

5. Uncheck the box for proxy server.

6. Check the box for "Automatically detect settings".

7. Click OK.

Follow all those steps once more and see what happens

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Well I did that now, but when they where trying to connect a thing kept popping up and when I would go to the proxy settings I checked that one once to try it too and nothing happened. They are to call me back yet today and try again but so far no call from them. TY

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