Any Free EASY software to change the pitch/key of recorded music

lynnalexandraOctober 27, 2012

My daughter has a science project where she is testing what pitch people prefer. She's going to record herself playing a few bars of music on the piano. Once she has that recording, she wants to use software to change the pitch (raise it or lower it a few notes) so that she can ask her subject pool which pitches they prefer.

Is there any really easy software to use that will accomplish this? basically making it a few notes higher or lower.

Thank you.


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Take a look here, I'm sure others will have ideas too.


Here is a link that might be useful: pc world

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Thanks, Joe.

Unfortunately that program does not change just the pitch. You can only change pitch if you're also changing tempo (and we want to avoid any other changes - i.e., the only manipulated, independent variable will be pitch).

Too bad. It was looking promising until I got to the bottom where it said pitch couldn't be changed without also changing tempo.


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"but you can't change pitch alone simply to drop or raise the key a half- or whole-tone."

Unfortunately, this might not work for your daughter since it sounds as if you must also alter tempo. I'm curious about this, so I'll see if I can find anything else.

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From what I see Audacity, may help from what I understand it has an effects area where pitch can be changed..

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In searching, the only free program I could find to do the job is Audacity. Garage Band can also do it, but that's for Mac's, isn't it?

You might find tutorials for changing pitch with Audacity. Worth a search.

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One of the videos on this page might help.

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Richard (chuggerguy)

Options I see in Audacity:


I barely know the difference between Pitch and Tempo though so maybe that's not what you need.

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You guys are the greatest. What a wonderful, helpful community (and frankly, just what I needed after a very tough week of people being difficult, unhelpful and irresponsible). Thanks.

I love the tutorials for Audacity - and will probably want to play around with that some.

But before I got those responses, I did some more searching and found a very simple program called MP3 Key Changer. It allows you to save up to 3 versions for free - so that will suffice for my daughter's purposes of creating one higher pitched and one lower pitched version. The free version may also save only a portion of the song - but my daughter only needs a few bars, not the whole song. The full software costs $45. So if we want further transposing, I think we'll learn Audacity.

In case anyone finds this thread and is interested, this free download trial from CNET can be found here:

My daughter loves singing, though. And I can imagine her learning audacity to change the background tracks so she can sing any song she wants in her own key.

Bob - your links were great places to start learning Audacity. And Chugger - your screen shots are worth a thousand words. My daughter is 13 - and not quite at the stage of intuitively figuring her way around software.

Thanks everyone.

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I believe that winamp ( will do what you require.

It will change the tempo, slow down/speed up, and change the key.

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