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outsideplaying_gwDecember 8, 2013

I've selected the paint color for our Master bath re-do and went to buy a pint to double check the color. But when I asked the guy at the BM store about the finishes in Aura vs the regular BM paint, he said I should use the Pearl finish in the bathroom. Now I'm confused. I've always used the Flat or Matte finish with no problem but have never used the Aura paint. Any suggestions from those of you with recent experience? Thanks!

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We used Aura Matte/Aura Bath and Spa Matte on the walls in our bathrooms, and Aura Satin finish on the base molding (Pearl is not available in Aura). So far (a few years), it's holding up well.

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Thanks, cat mom. I don't know why I was so stressed over paint of all things. I normally use matte everywhere. This pearl finish thing threw me. I slept on it and looked at the matte finish sample again today and will be likely be using Aura Matte. I have not used Aura before but being a BM user forever, I don't think I can go wrong.

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I think the Aura bath and spa is specifically formulated to tolerate the damp condition of a steamy bath. I love it in my bathroom. I went to Sherwin Williams and their bathroom paint suggestion is a shinier finish. They were advising against a matte finish for a bathroom. I told them about BM Aura Bath and Spa and they hadn't heard about it.

Traditionally, in my bathrooms and kitchens, I have always used a glossier finish than the matte. With the Aura Bath and spa I tried it and have been very happy. I have just painted my second remodeled bathroom in Horizon. It is a lovely light gray/blue/white.

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I used the Aura bath & spa in a bathroom recently and was very pleased. It deals with steamy conditions well, and is far superior to the previous (Pratt & Lambert) in hiding the miserable condition of the very-not -smooth walls. I forget the name of the color, but it's a blue-toned medium gray.

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When we did our guest bathroom, the Bath and Spa Aura paint hadn't come out yet (or was in use process of being released?), so we just used the regular Aura matte In that bathroom. The satin finish on all of our baseboard molding, bathrooms and otherwise, is regular Aura satin finish paint, since the Bath and Spa Aura paint only comes in matte finish (I think).

We love the Aura matte finish. It has a beautiful velvety texture/finish.

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Thanks, enduring and still_lynnski. More data points for the Aura bath and spa. I believe that's what we'll be using. I'm still puzzled why this salesman was trying to suggest the Pearl finish. I have dealt with this store for years and they usually have good advice.

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Call the tech department at BM and ask your questions. Then post what they say here, please :) I am interested too.

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Had to look this up, as I've never heard the term Pearl finish before.

Because of their easy-to-clean quality, pearl pain finishes are often used in kitchens and bathrooms. They are also commonly used for trim details, such as doors, window frames, base moldings and crown moldings."

Just finished first coat of Aura paint in my BR, and have now realized that he sold me the plain Aura, not the Bath and Spa...arghhh...even had the girl plug into the computer that it was going in my BR (though that was after it had been mixed). Oh well, we have addressed moisture issues with a ceiling fan and pocket door and towel warming rack, so should be OK. Good news is it looks so pretty!

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