Message from AVAST????

marie_ndcalOctober 26, 2013

First, I did read the posting about Chrome and that might help, but this is the message I started getting on my banking on line program. I did call the bank and they cannot help me
When I first open on line banking, on the top either in oranage or yellow I get this: You have entered an online banking site. Do you want to open it in avast? (small letters) Safe Zone?
Because I do not know who or what is sending this message, I will not open it. Then I get an additional message in a small box that one of my browsers need updating.
Any ideas or help would be appreciated

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Sounds like Avast is telling you the browser needs up-Dating , so I would up date it.

As far as the other message, sounds like Avast wants to open the bank site in a "sand box" type setting so it isolates it to one area, and may be more secure that way.

In computer security, a sandbox is a security mechanism for separating running programs.

The sandbox typically provides a tightly controlled set of resources for guest programs to run in.

Does Avast use Sandbox techniques. I'm not sure but it sounds like it.

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I do believe that Avast has the ability to Sandbox sites for security purposes. A new feature of Avast is notifications when a browser or other application is in need of an update, sort of like Secunia does. I don't use Secunia any more---just rely on Avast to notify me when updates are needed.

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I did get a message from Chrome saying Avast is not compatible with Chrome meaning for me to update the version and that is when I started to update and ran into trouble (I think I caused) to where it will not update now period!

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I use Chrome as my default browser and Avast as my AV. I have never had a problem with Chrome updating, so I don't think that was your problem, urlee.

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I'm sorry. I meant Avast will not update anymore and I can not remove it from the add/remove on my computer.

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Chrome is my default browser and my Avast would not update after one of Chrome's updates. I removed it using avastclear and installed MSE which updated 10/29/2013 @ 10:47pm.
Might be my imagination, but it seems my machine is running better.


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