Sneak Peak Vanity and Laundry Cabinets

enduringDecember 23, 2013

Well the cabinet guy just left for the week and isn't quiet done. He had a lot of modifications to do to get my laundry tower conformed to accommodate my hidden maintenance area. Then the vanity was pretty straight forward except for the Toe Ductor. It is not easy to get the connections made. My DB had a bit of a struggle with the flex duct connection to the steel boot thing. Brett (cabinet guy) also struggled with the same procedure when hooking the flex duct to the toe kick boot. Its all in now.





Laundry basket made out of felt will go here.

I see a crazy kitty!

I'll besure to have the door open when I iron so I can access the inside of the cabinet. My iron will go in there. My soaps on the second shelf. If I put a pull out in that middle area it will have to be mounted to the sides.

Needing to complete:
1) Door jambs need finishing, door hardware, detail the maintenance access.
2) Toe kick veneer needs placed.
3) Electrical outlets, heated floor connected, sconces, 4) LED in toe kick area, and inside doored cabinets, and inside medicine cabinets.
5) Counter placed.
6) Plumbing fixtures installed (TOILET).
7) case work about the room.
8) Medicine cabinet made out of walnut.
9) Hardware for cabinet doors and drawers to be selected.
10) TILE & CAULK (me)

I am so please with it so far. There were issues but I didn't change out the mistakes. I thought the work looked very good to this point; don't press my luck with style errors that were made. Such as all the horizontal grain I wanted on the cabinets were vertical :0 But I decided to stay with it because my doors had vertical panels in the paneled doors. I didn't expect that either but it was clearly pictured on a pamphlet that I ordered from. Unfortunately the sample picture of the door was of cherry and I didn't notice the grain direction. But when I saw those doors this summer (yes it has been that long!) I about fainted. I will have 4" baseboard on the wall, 3" vertical case work, and 4" horizontal rail at the top. My design, I hope it looks ok :/

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I LOVE the ironing board storage. Too bad I don't have room for that in my own laundry.

And the drawers in the sink cabinet. Would you mind sharing where you purchased those drawers?

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Got them in Iowa at a local frameless shop called SJM in Grimes, Iowa. They are heavy because of the techinques used to make frameless. My wonderful cabinet maker's parents have a cabinet shop and sell Woodharbor cabinets out of Mason City, Iowa. They carry this line too. Brett is a wonderful craftsman and had helped install my kitchen "Woodharbor" inset cabinets in 2011. I noticed that he moved like a cat so I got him on board to make my cabinets for my first bathroom remodel in 2012, where I made my soapstone sink & designed my sink base. He did a fabulous job with the cabinetry and added a few details that really set the cabinet apart, and it is spectacular.

This second bathroom was not in his plans and referred me to his parents shop to have them made. Instead of the traditional look that I did with my kitchen and my first bathroom, I wanted more MCM, as this part of the small farm house was remodeled in the seventies and has a lot of walnut stained mahogany, you know the look :)

So initially Brett was not on the remodel and another nice man was. But the first carpenter was somewhat unpredictable in his attendance, and had a relative needing handy cap accessible remodeling done immediately. He did do a good job though. Brett was freed up, so I asked him to finish some basic framing that remained and finish the pocket door layouts.

I had already had the design worked out for my vanity and laundry stack. I was going to make another soapstone sink, but the remnant was too hard for me to work. So I bagged the idea and am so glad I did. I will put an oval Kohler Vitrocel ceramic sink in the center.

(Probably too much info, sorry :)

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Very nice job Enduring , I love the grain of your walnut cabinets . Great job too using every inch of space in those cabinets . Can't wait to see the reveal .
Have a Merry Christmas and a happy new year .

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Thanks Lillo, the doors have to be adjusted and I need to tile that green Hydroban wall ;)

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That is fabulous! Can't wait to see it all together! I'm adding a similar cabinet to my master bathroom. It'll have the fold out ironing board drawer. I am so excited to get to see one completed.

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love your floors!! (cabinets great too! :) i will be selecting flooring for a laundry room addition soon, and think i would love something like that with nice variation! what are they!?

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Anna, I think I miss read you post. You in fact asked about the pullouts in the cabinet - right? Well I had the cabinet company make them up for me after I saw the 2 side pullouts on an image somewhere on the internet. I copied the image and sent it to my cabinet people. There is an outlet near the one on the right on the wall inside the cabinet. I will put my hair dryer in there. I have high hopes for these side pullouts :)

Itltrot, thanks for your comments. I am hoping that this setup works for me. I don't do a lot of ironing, but sometimes I don't because I don't want to fuss with dragging the ironing board out. I will now have it easy at hand. The iron will be there too!

Busybee3, The pictures don't do the floor justice IMHO :) I first saw them at a tile show room and loved it. But I couldn't order from them because they were only selling to the trade. I ordered it online. I was told that there were over 100 variations of the tile but I found that not to be true in my boxes that I had sent. I spent a lot of time laying the tiles out on the lawn to strategically place the duplicates under cabinets or where a cut would help. Stonepeak is the manufacturer and the line is called Fossil, my color is Deep Sea. There are 3 color ways to this tile. Mine has a nice blue, green, brown mix. I think the first picture I took above shows the darkness the best. The other pictures, I took last night without the flash and the floor looks somewhat washed out. The flash made the floors look brown.

Here is a photo of the tile, but there are tiles that have more blue then this one. There is a lot of variety in the color and pattern.

Here is a link that might be useful: Stonepeak, Fossil tile line

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One of the first pieces of furniture my DH made for me (our bed was the first) was a tall dresser made out of black walnut. I love walnut!

So, are you planning on tiling that linen tower into place? What are you going to do to finish off the corners of the wall? We have a small corner off our shower (DH had to build out wall to accomodate Costco glass doors), and I think I'm just going to butt two tiles together and finish it off with caulking...At first I was thinking Schutler trim but my door trim is chrome, and everything else in BR is satin nickel, so I didn't want to introduce more chrome, and I figured satin nickel may not look great right next to chrome...

My toilet seat just arrived! (BB1000) Whooee, now definitely have to pick grout, so I can get that baby installed, and take her out for a test drive!

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Raehelen, I am going to tile the shower, and that wall that divides the laundry area, and around to the cabinets and dead end them into the right side of the cabinets. The 6" wall end will be tiled with the full face of the 6" covering/capping the perpendicular tiles that come to that end of the wall. The "end cap" tiles, I will try to bullnose. I don't know what kind of success I will have, I'll just have to try. Months ago on the JB forum I got some info on the subject.

The tile I will be using is a through body porcelain. I have a picture of the 30"x30" sample I brought home last spring. My 12x24" tiles don't seem to have the bold veining that this larger sample shows, but I haven't opened all the boxes yet. I thought about aluminum trim but I didn't want the look for this space.

This large tile is the tile I will be using in a 12x24 format. The smaller 12x12 on the left is the Johnson tile from The Tile Shop that is a carrara. It was a nice little tile. Lillo had looked at that tile. Johnson is an English tile company. My ceramic crown that I used in my first bathroom is from Johnson and is very sweet. (the snow was to show the quality of the white. A freakish snow storm in May)

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thx so much enduring! will check it out in person!

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those cabinets are beautiful, enduring! looking gorgeous...

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It's beautiful, and the vertical grain is gorgeous, too. Enjoy it!

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Wow, you did another amazing job. Love the cabinet, the wood grain pattern reminds me of 'Flame Mahogany ', so pretty.

Wish we are closer to your cabinet maker. We priced a Walnut kitchen cabinets for our average size kitchen, it costs $55K before any add-ons.

Your flooring is beautiful! Only attentive DIY or expensive tile contractors would put in so much effort.

How big a clearance does it require for the build in ironing board?

Could you please share your experience with your Woodharbor kitchen cabinets? Is yours a frameless or famed one?

We have the breeze line framed in guest bathroom and regular line frameless in master bathroom (just installed, not being used yet since the room is still a work in progress). I love the finishing and workmanship, but not sure how the cabinets would hold up in heavily used areas such as kitchen.

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Azmom, My Woodharbor kitchen cabinets are inset cherry cabinets that have been in for 2.5 years and are doing great. Woodharbor makes a frameless I believe but I went with the other company SJM, that is also an Iowa company and that is carried by the local shop that sold me my Woodharbor cabinets.

The ironing board pull out in the style I have requires at least a 14" width I believe, and something like 21" depth. It will be clearly marked on the spec sheet. Mine only unfolds and does not swivel. There is another model that is offered that swivels but it requires a lot more width, but not as much depth to the cabinet. In my space I couldn't use the swivel because of my width constraints. My ironing board is a Rev-a-Shelf. Hafele sells the same types, with similar specs. I think the prices are similar too.

My only complaint with my cabinets is that the person doing the drawings and handing off to the cabinet maker made three critical errors. One, the grain pattern went the wrong way. I could have had this remade but chose to not do this. Second, the width for the right side of my laundry space was to be designed to accommodate my wall tile to butt up against the filler. But in reality it came without that ability. I clearly wanted enough filler to run my tile into the cabinets and have room for the doors. My EXCELLENT carpenter shifted everything over with his skills, put in a filler to give me room for my wall tiles. The third, which was frustrating, is that the floor of the middle cabinet was to be the same height as the stacking platform between my W/D. This was so there would be room for my dryer vent to run straight out the side and above the counter height of the cabinet. I had sent the designer the measurement to clarify and she stated she "got it". Well the measurement didn't get to the cabinet I see. The carpenter did not think it would be a problem to modify to allow the dryer exhaust to be fitted. He just had to cut into the floor of that cabinet :/

I was disappointed.

My free standing vanity turned out as requested, (except for the grain).

Moral of the story, see the drawings and sign off on every detail as they change. Have the cabinet designer slowly tell you every detail while pointing it out on the drawing. Keep everything at a business level, don't become chummy (i.e don't discuss philosophy, children, or politics).

These issues listed above were my down falls anyway.

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Pipdog and This_old_1969_ranch, thanks for the love! I am on hold now with the holidays. Of course I get on that tiling!!!

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I love how you designed this area! Great use of your space! Do you have a picture of the layout of your entire bathroom area? I'm trying to figure out the best way to incorporate a laundry in a master bath remodel. Thanks!

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Happy New Year! Yes I have a drawing that is not labeled with dimensions but the drawing is to scale.

Original plan that is 8' x 5'. I took everything out and had the area re-plumbed, re-wired. Old layout had 2 entry doors that were barely functional.

This is my new floor plan. It is 8' x 9'. The shower pan is 5'x3'. The vanity is 5' long. The blue square box in upper right hand corner is the foot print for the Miele stacked washer dryer. They require a lot less space then many of the other sets.

I moved the wall on the right over, from the original plan, by 4'. The entry from the hall was moved some so I could get the pocket door depth and still maintain enough room for the W/D as well as the toilet on the other side of the room. I had about 6 different renditions drawn for this space. I flipped the plans every way flippable and the last flip was this one.

This is the elevation of the vanity side of my room.

This post was edited by enduring on Wed, Jan 1, 14 at 10:40

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Thanks for all of the great information! Can't wait to see the final reveal!

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HI enduring- How goes the bathroom? I have one more question and thought it was more appropriate to this thread than the other. How deep are your 3 drawers? And did you do toe kick drawers in this bathroom?

As always-TIA.

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Hi there Leela4, the bathroom is still getting my tile treatment. I get a few tiles up/week. I was on a roll Friday and Saturday and got about 8 tiles up. I ran out of my thin set and have to what until monday to pick up some more. I am using Laticrete-254, and I can only get it locally at a few tile businesses.

No toe kick drawers. I never thought of it until just recently, long after the fact :) But I did need to put a heating duct out the front under the left stack of drawers, so that area was allocated. I think toe kick drawers make a lot of sense.

During the design phase I just asked for 3 drawers with the top one being narrow and the other two being equal in size. Unfortunately the two deeper drawers are just shy of being deep enough for TP rolls stacked 2 high, DARN. I didn't even think about that measurement. If I knew the TP wouldn't stack 2 high, I would have gone with a 4" top box and that 3/4" extra per drawer might have been all I needed. To be honest I can get Northern tissue stacked 2 high, but the Costco TP won't fit and that is my go to TP.

I just measured the top drawer and the box is 5-1/2" with the drawer front extending another 1-1/8" above the top of the box.

The Bottom drawers are 8" box with the drawer front 1-1/8" extending above the box.

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enduring-Thanks so much! That is very helpful. And I never would have thought of putting tp in there - I have no ''dedicated''place for it other than the floor. But our MBR is all about creating more functional space, so stuff like this is really important to keep in mind.

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