My Negative Dacor Double Wall Oven Experience

RamadharOctober 2, 2012

Unique experience or Poor Dacor support? You decide...I am posting this because I referred to this community when choosing a double wall wanted to share my experience.

After extensive searching for reviews and considering other owners experiences with double wall ovens, we decided to purchase a Dacor Double Wall oven. We've have never been able to use the oven as's been 3 months.

Our decision was based on the company having a longer warranty (3 years vs 1 for most other brands) and better customer support. We figured that if something goes wrong (as it seems double ovens can have) at least we would be dealing with a company that cares and supports it's owners.

We were wrong.

Our new oven (model number eord230sch)generated a C01 error. Basically nothing will work. Total shut down. We called Dacor this was 8/24/2012. They told us the error was a board issue and they would send the part to the retailer that would provide the service support.

Well the service dept did not call to set up a time until at least a couple weeks later. We were told that Dacor has to build the part and that's why it took extra long. Also since the part was coming from California, shipped ground, it would take another 5 days.

Service person came and installed the new part. 5 minutes later same C01 error is generated with new parts.

He calls Dacor service support and got a message saying they were closed! It's a Wednesday at 100PM in California. Service person put the phone on speaker for us to hear. I doubted it, so I called and surly yes it was closed. Turns out they were closed for training.

We then waited another week and was told by the retailer Dacor shipped the wrong part. Retailer assuered me that Dacor would be shipping the part FedEx so we could resolve this soon.

Being a bit confused and wondering if i was getting the run around by Dacor or the retailer, I called Dacor again. Mentioned to them the poor service I am receiving, they said if I wanted to re-open the service call with another service provider, it would take a week. So i decided that fine, let's keep going. They repeated to me the history and that on 9/20 they shipped the right part.

I was assured by both Dacor and the service provider that by 9/24 or latest 9/28 I would have by oven fixed. Got a call from the retailer and they said Dacor understood this was a 'customer issue"

It's now October 2nd and I still have a non-functional expensive piece of metal- instead of a functional wall oven.

Differentiation by it's customer decide.

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Very poor service, really a sorry story!!!

I'm a bit surprised that you went with the Dacor, although the 3 year warranty is certainly "tempting" but a warranty is only as good as the company that offers it and the repair shops they work with,

I would of loved to have made a positive recommendation on the Decor as they are located very close to me, but I just saw "Too many control board problems" same as what you are experiencing.

I would send an email to Decor and include this thread in your email, If they want to get back into the oven business they are gonna have to do a lot better that "Claim a 3 year warranty that so far isn't worth the ink used to print it!!!

I certainly hope it is resolved soon!


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Taken directly from Dacor's Website.....

Dacor's Company Value:

To honor God in all that we do

by respecting others
by doing good work
by helping others
by forgiving others
by giving thanks
by celebrating our lives


Dacor is proud of their products and innovations, but places the most emphasis on their company value, which is the foundation of Mike Joseph's leadership - To honor God in all that we do by respecting others, by doing good work, by helping others, by forgiving others, by giving thanks, by celebrating our lives. This statement not only acknowledges and honors God's presence in the workplace, but also holds Dacor to a high standard of behavior.


Ask them if the service you are getting upholds their higher holy standard?

Here is a link that might be useful: Dacor LINK

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I am so sorry to hear this. We've discussed Dacor reliability and customer service (problems continue) on GW a bit: it almost seems regional in response to problems. But seriously, Dacor has to help you out.

With that in mind, I recalled a thread (linked below) where Dacor Customer Service said to contact them if problems with their products arise. Here is Dacor's GW message:

"Thank you for considering Dacor among your appliance choices. In terms of consumer sites and other customers with problems - as with most products and services - there tends to be a disproportionate amount of negative postings on-line. That is true of the appliance industry and most industries involved in a business to consumer model. That is not to say there is not valid information posted, however, the postings alone do not provide the ratio for the total volume of any given product or service sold versus the number of failures.

Nevertheless, we like to think that one issue with a product or service for one of our customers is one too many, which is why we always recommend that our customers contact us directly regarding any concerns they may have.

Our current 3 For Free Promotion was created to help our customers in providing them with added value, in today's economy. We have been in business making very fine cooking appliances for over 45 years and our current appliances are amongst the best we've ever built.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our Customer Service Mon-Fri. 6:00-5:00 PST at 800-793-0093 ext. 2126. We can also be reached via email at"

Thank you,
Dacor Customer Service

Hope this helps in some small way.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link:

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Deja vu all over again. This is giving me a migraine. I fooled with them and their abysmal service for 7 months. They never could get my oven or range to work. Nothing ever happened when they said it would and I ended up with no working oven through the holidays. This was 5 years ago and I guess they haven't changed. Keep notes on everything and get your dealer to help you. I finally demanded my money back and got it but they said it would take 3 weeks(Why?) and it took 2 months. Don't let your warranty expire before this is resolved. I would read it to see the exact terms. They had the nerve to contact me through this forum and tell me not to disparage them here. HA!

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Ramadhar, I would appreciate hearing how and when this problem is resolved. I am contemplating purchasing the 48" dual fuel. This post gives me reason to pause and possibly reconsider my decision. The time to order our appliances for our new build is quickly approaching, so very interested in this issue!! Thanks.

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An appliance guy told me that they discontinued Dacor b/c Dacor had some weird policy making shipping too high and complicated as well as b/c of poor CS.

IDK the details, though.

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