Recycled paper countertops?

IbewyeSeptember 21, 2013

Saw these on a home show earlier today, they looked beautiful and claimed that a DIY'er could install themselves. They were able to be sanded and came in a variety of colors. I found this link but was wondering if anyone has ever seen one up close or have any experience with a recycled paper countertop?

Here is a link that might be useful: Paper Countertops

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We looked at a house with Paperstone countertops. It was a relatively new house but I believe had been lived in by the builder for a few months. They were dark like the ones in your picture and sort of dull looking. It works with some décor and they weren't scratched or anything. They weren't varied enough for me in person. What is drawing you to them? The green aspect?

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Sophie Wheeler

It's like a cross between soapstone and Corian. It looks best oiled, like soapstone, and it's soft and scratchhable like both soapstone and Corian. It's mostly resin with a filler, like Corian. But, it's more expensive than either choice, and less available. The main appeal it has for most people is it's "green", rather than any other positive trait. It's not for everyone. I don't personally care for it and prefer soapstone for a DIYer who wants a dark counter.

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Was interested because I like the duller finish of it, I don't really like the shininess of corian. I also thought that it was cheaper than corian and soapstone, as I found multiple sites that listed them around the $50sf price. It is nice that they are green but they also seemed to have a nice look.

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FWIW, Corian does have matte finishes. My in-laws have it.

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So can anyone confirm what they cost? From what I found they were more affordable than Corian or other solid surfaces.

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We have Richlite in a master bath and bedroom. Vanity top plus the tops of our built in dressers and even the media cabinet. It is black and matte, and it looks great with some woods, in my opinion. It is warm to the touch, more like laminate than the plasticky feel of Corian, but that's subjective. Ours isn't in the kitchen, but has been around the bathroom sink since 2008 and still looks pristine. It is time to 'oil' it again, but we've only done that a couple of times.

I don't know how much it costs as our cabinetmaker did it (can be worked with woodworking tools) and the price was rolled in to the total. I like it enough that I thought we'd use in it our kitchen in our new house, but now I'm thinking that is a large expanse of matte black and it just might suck too much light out of the room.

You can buy one of those Epicurean cutting boards in black if you want to test how durable the material is. It is the same stuff. I've also seen a couple of DIY examples using Skatelite, which is the same material, but thinner, and is used for skateboard ramps.

Good luck!

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