Package arrived

Susan_in_NCMarch 2, 2006


Please forgive me -- my package arrived from gardeningwithbaby but I'm under the weather and am going to bed! (ALONE!)


p.s. It is truly wonderful and full of TEXAS! Thanks Karen!

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Sorry you are under the weather,but I wasn't your swap partner:) I don't know who was your partner, but don't want to take credit from someone else.


PS I do love the package that you sent me, Hope you start feeling better:)

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I just spoke to Susan, and she does know that she received from TrixieTx - Karen. The reference to Gardeningwithbaby (Stacie) was a mistype (Susan sent to Stacie) The pills Susan took for her major headache made her a little "loopy" (her words). LOL.. She'll post again in the morning when she is feeling better.


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Oooh Susan, you have my full synmpathy. It's awful to have killer headaches.

Hope your feeling better when you read this.


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Hope your feeling better soon.

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Get soon!


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OK, so I know not to drive, cook or operate any major mechanical appliances when taking my headache meds -- I thought I could handle typing! I now know better!
TRIXIE TX -- so sorry to have gotten the name wrong! The PS had it right, but too littlt too late.

I'm going to start a new "correct" thread!


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