REF with door dispenser - to panel or not to panel?

Mary22woodOctober 4, 2013

We are planning a kitchen remodel and are wondering if you anyone has had experience with the water dispenser on refs with wood paneling. Does the water dripping (it always does at some point) ruin the wood over time? We are considering the GE monogram or Sub Zero. I like Kitchenaid too. I will never buy a VIking again because of past exp. I read bad things and good things about all of these brands. Price isn't an issue really, we just want a quality product. If we don't get the water dispenser (which my H really wants) what other option is there besides filling a pitcher all the time. Which I suppose I wouldn't have any problem with. I appreciate any comments!

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My personal opinion is that if you are going to put cabinet grade paneling on a fridge, why would you ruin the look with an in door water dispenser?

There are options for that to be inside the fridge, if you must have it on the fridge.

Other options are a water dispenser at the sink, which to me is a much better option. Less problems with fridge units that don't have anything coming out of the door compared to those that do.

And any time you can buy things in a separate fashion you will also get better quality out of those items. Meaning if you buy a fridge with a water dispenser it is not as good as just a fridge or just a water dispenser, there are compromises that are always made when you combine any two or more items together.


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My personal opinion, panels look best on appliances that are fully integrated to really look like part of the cabinetry. If you want an external ice/water dispenser - which I can totally understand, it was a requirement for us - then accept that the fridge is going to look like a fridge and don't bother dressing it up. It's really not that embarrassing, we've all got fridges!

If water is the only concern, then I'd do something at the sink like Phil suggests.

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I'm with the others and when I chose to panel my fridge I got one without a dispenser. If I was going to leave it stainless I would have had a dispenser.

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