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gadgetsOctober 10, 2012

I have a Dell desktop computer, Windows XP sp3. I have my Windows updates to notify me, then I download, install. I did that on Sep 26th. When I did the restart, I got a security alert when it came back on and said I didn't have any virus protection. I use Microsoft Essentials. The icon loaded about then and said I was protected. I x'ed out the alert, ran anti-virus, SAS, and Malwarebytes. All okay.

A few days later, I shut the pc down. It came back up the same way. I was able to x out the window and all was well again. Next time, I got NO alert. Today I downloaded/installed the windows current updates, restarted, icon again says I'm protected but I can't get rid of the Alert icon. It still says I have no antivirus.

Tell me if you need more info. I just don't know what to do next.



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Reinstall the program Microsoft Security Essentials. I provided a link for you.

Here is a link that might be useful: security-essentials

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Have you tried restarting your computer to see if microsoft security essentials works ok then?

Regardless... If I were you, I would download a fresh copy of Microsoft Security Essentials. Uninstall your current version and install the new download after a restart of your computer.

Its really not normal for it to start up instantly giving you a message every time that you have no virus protection.

Here is a link that might be useful: Microsoft Security Essentials

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Did a restart. MSE comes up saying pc protected, then followed by that darned alert saying Virus Protection 'off'.

So now step by step: I've downloaded a fresh copy of MSE. Do I use add/remove to uninstall the old?
Then install the new, restart? Or restart, install new?


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Download it .
Go to control panel, add/remove and uninstall it from there.

Restart the computer and wait for it to mostly stabilize and finish all its doing mostly.. Then install it.

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It took a while to go through all the above, especially since MSE ran a scan afterwards. When it finished everything, the Alert was gone. As it's happened most times when I restart or do a hard shutdown, I decided to do that before reporting here.

Guess what? It's right back to the same situation I first posted about. What next?

(BTW, when I was installing it, it said if I had any other malware programs, etc installed, I might need to uninstall them. I have MalWarebytes and SuperAntiSpyware. Do I need to take them off? Have had them on here for months, along with MSE, and no problems before this.)


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Open windows security and tell it that you will monitor your own Anti virus.

Have trouble, Google my entire sentence above.


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I stand corrected those are not the instructions to follow.

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You can search for and delete
Microsoft Security Essentials will rebuild it at next restart of the computer. That might fix your problem, but it should have been renewed at install of it new.

I think you maybe have an old anti-virus or yahoo safety scanner or McAfee .. or some one of the free junk that comes unasked for with some program installs.
Something is conflicting with it.

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That .etl didn't show up when I did a search. When I downloaded MSE earlier, it asked if I wanted to replace the file, I said yes. So a little while ago, I downloaded it again and had it sent to my desktop. Uninstalled the old, reinstalled the new one, then restarted. That alert didn't show up, but everything else seem to be running slow.

I never had any of the other freebies installed on my computer except CA that came free from cable company. It still shows in add/remove but nothing's there. I used something you guys told me to use to remove the program in the first place before installing MSE.

I hope this has taken care of my problem. Will let you know if it comes back next time I restart.


For what it's worth, just in the time it took me to type this, my pc speeded back up to normal.

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