Word/Excel Files Open in Viewer Mode - MS Office Std Edition 2003

daltexOctober 2, 2011

When I receive a file (both xls and doc) created by someone else or open a file stored on my system, it initially opens in "viewer" mode only, whereby I can't edit/save the file. I DO KNOW I can go to file/open for editting and a new copy will open that I can edit. Somehow a setting has changed (after someone worked on my PC), since I previously could open up a file and edit/save immediately.

I have tried searching tools/options and any other area, but I must be overlooking where I need to make the change ... Can anyone provide some guideance?

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Use Windows Explorer. Right-click the filename, then select Properties. Is the file marked as "read-only"? If yes, uncheck it...click APPLY, then OK. Did that make a difference?

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I followed your suggestion on a file saved to my system and the file did not have the "read only" box checked, but when I open it ... it defaults to "file viewer" mode.

When I try the same action on a file sent to me, selection of properties does not show the check boxes for read only, etc.

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When you open the file, look at the yellow band near the top of the screen. Locate a boxed phrase saying "Enable editing" toward the right. Click it.

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I truly appreciate azinoh and you trying to help. I do not see the yellow band, nor the "enable editing", so are you sure your version is Office Std 2003 and not a "newer" version?

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A stretch here, but did you check the file associations?


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