Steam shower - success! And a question.

phiwwyDecember 13, 2012

Glass went in yesterday and I was counting the hours to try out the steam. It's divine. I had the fan going in the bathroom and nothing was fogged up outside the shower!

Here's a question for steam shower experts - there seems to be a very thin layer of dust on everything in the shower now that it's all dried. I don't think the dust was there before...

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I've not seen an issue like that, even if you had hard water and a water softener. It shouldn't be leaving a mineral residue from hard water.

There is the possibility that is could be something like residual grout haze. But that would just be on the tile, not on the plumbing fixtures and shower door too, and it would likely show some sort of "wipe" or "smear" marks on it from the grout clean up.

It could also be one of those "first use" things.

I'd call Thermasol and ask their tech department.

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