Are bathroom cabinets getting larger?

pumpkinhouseDecember 27, 2013

The kitchen and bath designer I spoke to about bathroom cabinets commented that they are getting larger to be more like kitchen cabinets. I understand that bathroom cabinets are (or at least used to be) shorter and shallower than kitchen cabinets. Is she correct? Could I potentially use a kitchen cabinet in the bathroom, size-wise?

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Yes, they are getting taller and sometimes deeper, going from 18-21'' to 24'' deep and 32-33'' tall to 36'' tall, including counter.

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Yes, and yes. And, since there are often way more choices in kitchen cabinet lines, you are opening up access to more options! Really, the only reason to go with shallower cabinets is if you have a narrow space, and to go with shorter cabinets if you have either a vessel sink (I tried out a vessel sink on a taller/kitchen height cabinet, and it looks odd!), or are short. The higher height is usually more comfortable for adults, and it will give you some more storage space!

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I read online that the shallower depth was to accommodate smaller children washing their hands, and I see the point of that. Wouldn't a standard bathroom size sink look small in kitchen size cabinets? I suppose you could pull it towards the edge, but then there's a big gap in back towards the wall. I'd like to use ikea kitchen cabinets in the bathroom, but I'm worried it will seem odd to people. However, I do see the point of how cabinets get larger over the years--I was just in a 1960s home, and the vanities were tiny! I had to stoop over to use them and I am not super tall.

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Picture this: I live in a house that was built by a rather well-known jockey. I haven't changed the master bathroom since I bought the house, and the older I get, the more difficult it is to wash my face!

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Yes. They are getting taller, deeper, and I've noticed the standard widths are larger. I live in a 1970s home and the double sink vanity in the bathroom is about 62" wide which is sufficient for two sinks and works quite well. Most vanities I've found (when researching for an eventual remodel) are 72" wide for a double vanity and most 60-62" vanities are single sink. When I replaced the vanity in my main/guest bathroom, I opted for one the same width as the current one, but it is taller and I was barely able to squeeze it into the room after taking off the door and door jambs, due to the extra depth.

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