Experiences with A & E Factory Service?

eljeffeOctober 28, 2006

Has anyone had any experience in dealing with A&E Factory Service? They are apparently owned by Sears and a major provider of factory authorized repair services to companies like Kitchenaid, Whirlpool, and Frigidaire.

The compressor on my built-in Kitchenaid refrigerator failed about 4 weeks ago. I scheduled a service call through Kitchenaid's web site and A&E responded (sort of). In the subsequent 4 weeks I've had:

- 2 service calls. On the second call they didn't bother to bring the correct parts so they couldn't do anything.

- 3 missed service calls. Their fault each time and for some reason, after telling me to sit by the phone and wait for a call sometime between 8am and 5pm, they didn't bother to call and tell me they wouldn't make it, or even try to reschedule. I had to call them each time to find out what happened.

- 1 attempt to try and tell me the unit's warranty was invalid because the last tech that worked in it (their's) forgot to log the repair and hence it was "unauthorized."

This all on top of the fact that this is the refrigerator's third compressor in 5 years.

I'm getting close to setting the unit on the curb and swearing off Sears, Whirlpool, and Kitchenaid forever. Any suggestions for dealing with this company?

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It gets worse. They apparently are going to service all whirlpool products for the country and that includes, Maytag, Jenn-air, Magic Chef, Amana, Whirlpool, Kitchenaid and Roper.
They are owned by Sears and their track record stinks. A lot of hustle and jive claiming that what is needed is not covered by warranty and unable to fix anything. There may be a couple of pockets in the country where they perform well, but on the East Coast if you mention their name the dealer gets hives.

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I could have saved myself a lot of grief.

Here is a link that might be useful: Search Google for A&E

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it's finally repaired and making ice.

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Yep, fixed it yesterday afternoon. Failed again sometime in the night.

(sorry about the two posts, I was going for the dramatic effect :-)

I'm seriously a losing it. The unit is expensive, and still under warranty (barely), so I hate to walk away from it. Dealing with A&E to get the repairs done is a nightmare though.

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As a serviceman, I would expect that Sears can field some impressive service. They are a large company with the backup only dreamed of by guys like me.

On the otherhand, I know that I run circles around the typical tech that works for Sears. He specializes in one area, and is usually lost if he works on something strange. I work on everything. I am typically slower to diagnose the problem, because I don't do the same repair 10 times a week.

The typical group tech atmosphere, is bad for learning. It is a dog eat dog world, with a lot of back stabbing. A cover your a** type of job. Sears is loosing creditability overall. They still have some of the best products, but loose it in other areas that include service issues.

An independent tech will repair the unit the first or possibly the second visit. Since he is the same person both times, he knows what he has done before. Refrigerators require time to prove they are fixed, especially in the ice producing equipment. The typical call time allowance for a company like Sears is 20 minutes. This is not enough time for a refrigerator diagnosis. I have spent 30 minutes defrosting ice, to allow diagnosis of the freezer many times. Sears and similar companies do not allow this needed time.

IMO, Maytag was sold because of thier strident service policys, for poorly designed appliances. They did not allow enough time to repair an appliance. If the service guy exceeded time, he had to eat the hours the next week. A worker will do what is best for him and not the customer.
Sears started the compressor repair in the customers home concept. IMO it is wrong. A builtin probably is the exception to this comment. I have observed many refrigerators for 48 hours to guarantee that they are working properly. This cannot be done in the home. So you are working with less than optimum by default. Add the stupid mistakes all service guys make, and it is a wonder that a refrigerator is repaired. IMO, builtins should be modular to allow easy removal of the compressor works. Commercial store units usually are modular. This allows easy access.

Ice makers are rarely included in maintenance agreements, because they fail often. This is a hidden gotcha with warrantee contracts. Repairing an icemaker and associated mechanical parts is slow. To replace a broken dispenser hamdle in a Hotpoint, takes more than 20 minutes. Then observation will take longer.

Time allowances are also made for other fields. I recently interviewed for a city water meter job. The job was turning off the water for non payment. Time allowed was less than 1.5 minutes to park, turn off the water, date a document and put the document on the door, and be moving to the next meter. A total of 4.8 minutes was allowed per account. If you were a senior worker, the time was less. If you took too long, you were either fired, or you worked for free.

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We had A&E for service calls for our KitchenAid dishwasher about a year ago. Overall, they fixed the problem and things have been well since.

But it did take a couple times to diagnose properly. One thing that seems odd is they send the parts directly to me and then I call and schedule the service when I get the parts. But that works fairly well, since the have times available within a few days of my calling. The down side is that I don't know if the parts received are the right parts until the service guy gets here.

So my experience has been A&E is so-so, could be better, coulda been worse.

oakland, CA

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In this case the problem seems to be with A&E, not this specific tech who actually seems to be rather competent. The first tech the sent was clueless. I would imagine that with a company like A&E it's pretty much luck-of-the-draw.

A&E's dispatch and scheduling system seem to be the root cause of my problems. That, combined with the fact that Kitchenaid seems to have sent a very poorly QC'd replacement compressor / coil module; I'm not too suprised given that the previous two have lasted less than 5 years.

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I called A & E's 800 number this morning @ 6:45am to tell them the compressor they installed yesterday has failed. I gave them my office, home @ cell phone numbers and they promised to call me back. It's 5:30pm and still no call, so I called them. This is the first they had heard about my problem?!?!

I now have a service call scheduled for "sometime between 8 and 5 on Thursday," which is "the earliest they can come." In the meantime all of the new food I purchased last night (~$100) is rotting ... again.

Since they obviously work by a standard process, that means they'll diagnose the problem on Thursday, order the parts, and then schedule an installation after then parts are delivered (of course I'll have to call them AGAIN at this point).

I estimate that, if everything goes perfectly -- ROFLMFO --they will have the repair completed sometime Wed-Thursday of next week ... that will be day 36 or 37. That will be 36 or 37 days of eating out at $60 - $80 / day. That would of course, have paid for a really nice refrigerator.

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Tech called my office this morning to let me know he was ready to come over to the house. My assistant wasn't in so the call rolled to VM. He didn't leave a message and just went on to his next appointment. I saw the call in my incoming calls log, so I called him back.

He'll "try and see if he can work me in this afternoon."


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It's 4:45 and I haven't had a call back the service tech, so I called A&E's 800#. They have no information and can't reschedule the service call until they hear from the tech. I have to call back tomorrow morning.

My revised estimate: I'll call tomorrow morning, schedule the service call for Monday or Tuesday of next week. Tech diagnoses problem and then orders parts. With luck the parts should be in by Friday; I'll call and schedule a service call Friday afternoon for the following Monday. That will make it 42 days waiting for my refrigerator to be repaired.

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I called this morning and they "are very sorry." New service call scheduled for Monday. There's "no way" they can send anyone out today; in order to get someone out today I "should have called yesterday."

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New tech is here now (this is the third one). He's diagnosed the general problem, there's a leak in the sealed system - probably in the new compressor and coils, but to find out exactly where he needs to order a special part. That should take about 2-3 days and then he'll schedule another service call to do the diagnosis.

Meanwhile, I've taken more time away from work and still no refrigerator.

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Where did you buy the fridge from? Sears? If I were you, I'd go to the place where you purchased it and tell them your story...they really should be calling KA and getting a replacement fridge for you...sounds like you got a lemon.

We own an family owned appliance business and would certainly have taken better care of you than you got. Where ever you purchased the fridge from from at least "borrow" you a regular fridge until the one you have is either properly fixed or replace.

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A&E just called, I'll give them points for that, to tell me that the parts required to repair my refrigerator are "backordered."

They have "no idea when they'll ship" and I should call to reschedule my service call when they arrive; this alone assures me that there will be an extra two days required to end this whole sorry episode. They were "very sorry," but this is an "issue with the manufacturer" and there's "nothing they can do."

New estimated time to repair ... who knows?!?!?

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A&E is the equivalent of Quest Diagnostics. They want to service everyone and they rpomise everything. Reality is they employee at near minimum wage with untrained people. Alls they will do is throw a body at you and then come up with some lame excuse why it is your fault not the products fault. Then they will tell you, you should have bought it at Sears (they own A&E). It is probably the worst service outfit in the country and is the brainchild of Whirlpool and Sears.

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A&E's call center called this afternoon and left a message asking me to call them. They wanted to confirm my service call for tomorrow ... the one they canceled yesterday. Apparently the parts shipped last night and they need to confirm that I have received them before dispatching a technician.

After some confusion about the number of packages and their status I asked the call center operator to give me the UPS tracking number. I used UPS' website to determine that there are three packages, but only two had shipped. No need to schedule that service call yet.

Why in the world do I have to do all of the work? I'm fairly certain that A&E can be automatically notified when the items ship and when they are received, schedule a tenative service call, and then call me to confirm. Instead I have to figure everything out and them let them know what to do. Still waiting to see what's up with that third package to figure out when this service call will happen.

15 days until Thanksgiving and no refrigerator.

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38 days and the refrigerator is running again.

The techs in this whole episode seen to have been pretty good. The problem has been with A&E's processes. For example, in order to get the parts need for this final service call I had to drive 30 miles round-trip to UPS because we weren't home when they tried to deliver them. While this isn't strictly A&E's problem, UPS would only deliver the parts if someone was actually there to sign for them, the fact that they shipped the parts to my house rather than the tech bringing them out took an additional hour and a half out of my day.

I'd think REALLY hard before ever purchasing an appliance that has to be serviced by A&E.

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I checked the KA website and found that in my area there are 3 service providers - 2 with local addresses and then A&E with an 800 number - I don't know if that's true everywhere but at least if I need service I'll know to avoid A&E thanks to this thread.

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Whirlpool acquired Maytag and terminated the Maytag service techs across the country and most of them were offered jobs at A & E Service. Trust me, nobody is happy about this because the level of service is going down in the USA because of this. A & E's next venture, is to buy out GE Service by the end of next year. They told us at meetings we are having, that they will put 90% of all independants out of business through pricing they will offer the customer. They are able to do this beacause they offer techs a very low salary. A lot of consumers are going to brands like Samsung, LG & Haier. We work on these brands now and they can be a nightmare. Very hard to get parts and their machines are very complicated which the normal parts changing tech's can not figure out.

With the new 1 year warranty that went into effect this past January on all appliances, consumers will start throwing there 2 year old appliances in the trash or try to repair themselves. It's the way of the world right now.

Make sure you purchase a contract on your new appliances unless you can repair them yourself. They are very expensive to repair with all the electronics on them.

The only good appliances made right now are GE Appliances. Hopefully their factory service will not get bought out by A&E Service.

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If A&E takes over GE service this country is in for a nightmare. I don't understand why the FEDS don't look into this situation. That would give Sears a monolply on factory service and will give them a venue to push sales toward Sears and Sears products. A&E is a true nightmare. Buying extended service contracts won't help if the only servicer is A&E. Where the hell is the appliance advisor on this situation.

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If A&E buys GE Service, they will be the only Factory Service besides independants. It's getting very expensive to be an independant due to the cost of all these electronics required to repair all the new products. The factory will hord the new parts for themselves which makes it hard for the independants to locate.

As someone posted earlier, it's not just the bad techs that are out there, but A&E's scheduling Dept. They do not let you carry very many parts. The average Maytag Factory truck carried over a 1000 part numbers and over 2000 quantities. The average A&E truck carries 170 parts for all brands. Therefore, a lot of parts have to be orderd and on the average it takes 10 days to get back. Imagine a no cool you have to wait 2 weeks to get service and another 10 days to get back. That's if the tech can diagnose the product correctly. If he does not, another 10 days. Maytag Service had the highest completion ratio of 85%. A&E's completion ratio is about 40%.

For you readers not up on the appliance world, this is the breakdown. Besides foreign brands, you have Whirpool, GE and Electrolux. They build every US brand out there except for some of the very high end appliances. Frigidaire, GE, Maytag & Whirlpool all had Factory Service. Frigidaire terminated all their techs and gave the work to Sears. A lot of those techs ended up at Maytag or Whirlpool. Whirpool terminated all their techs and made them apply at the new division of Sears called A&E Service which Sears acquired the name from Montgomery Wards after they closed their doors. Now the Maytag techs are going to A&E because we all need to feed our families. On a side note, all the Whirlpool Techs that went to A&E eventually ended up at Maytag. So now many of them are going there for a second time.

Please do not hate all A&E Techs. Most of them are ex-Maytag and Whirlpool Techs. In the next 3 months A&E will get an infusion of high quality techs which Sears is hoping will raise their quality of service. The big question is, will they be able to keep them. We can only take so many customers screaming at us because we can not fix their appliance due to circumstances beyond our control.

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I am a 30 year tech for Sears that has been an A&E tech for a little more than 3 years. We carry more than 1000 parts on our trucks and my van is completely filled. I get an average of 85 percent first time completes. The Maytag tech is wrong. I appreciate the fact of some dispatching issues and realize the scheduling "window" should always be 4 hours, but that can not always happen due to logistics. I follow independent techs that were wrong often. We try to always help the customer not say it is your fault. All these negative commments are from a small precetage of our total customer base. We all work hard to take care of the customers of the companies that we are doing service for, we are not non-caring morons like some of these comments might allude to.

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I set up an appointment with A & E to service my Whirlpool dryer. This was on a Thursday and they said the couldn't get me on the schedule 'til Monday. So I called other authorized Whirlpool repair places and found one that could come out the same day. They did, and they fixed my problem quickly and efficiently. And their service call was half the price of A & E's $69.95. So I called A & E and cancelled my appointment for Monday. But I keep getting calls from them...like 5 in the last 3 days...asking me when I would like to reschedule my appointment for. I keep telling them the problem is fixed. I don't need to have them come out. And they keep calling. I would NEVER call A & E for anything after these ridiculous phone calls I've received. Talk about high pressure!

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Wow, I wonder if the only folks that go the the trouble to post service reviews here are only the ones that have had problems. I came on the board this afternoon to post a positive comment on A&E and found this highly negative thread.

I called Sears' computer voice yesterday, Thurs, afternoon and was scheduled a visit for this morning. I had no idea it would be an A&E repairman until he showed up.

I had fiddled with troubleshooting the problem in advance so had a pretty good idea what it was and wasn't. He worked on the washer for about an hour and a half, mostly trying to get it to work in some cycles (so my wife could wash some clothes) while waiting for the parts which wouldn't arrive until Tues.

While brainstorming the problem he must have gotten the impression that I could order and replace the suspected bad parts myself (which I could) and he volunteered that that's what I should do. He said if I bought the parts through them they would likely cost 50% (markup) more than I could get them for onlne (repairclinic.com) and that he would have to charge the "book rate" for labor which was much more than a simple hourly rate. Doing this myself will save me about $300!

And on top of it he said he would not charge me the $65 for his initial visit! I said that it was the least I could do for his time and costs in diagnosing the problem. He wouldn't allow it!

Frankly, I really feel guilty that he came out and spent 1 1/2 hours and wouldn't let me pay him anything.

You can be sure next time I have any appliance repair issues, they'll be my first call. I'm even going to look into the appliance service contract he mentioned they sell. I've really got to find a way to pay them back.

Maybe they're going out of their way to make up for the bad reputation gained in the past (mentioned fully above). They sure worked for me!

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Hello, I am an A&E Home appliance tech for about a year and a half in Wisconsin. Just like to say the stories in here are terrible and I am very sorry for you guys sometimes, expecially the no cool refrigerator calls that take weeks. It is unacceptable and hopefully sooner then later the company will specialize us more, and get their heads out of their butts and get some more appropriate parts on the trucks. like that Duet dryer control panel, I've only had to replace a dozen of those. Personally in the last two weeks I really only had to order cosmetic parts, because I have been with in 25 min of a part store that I could just run to. like today a first attempt no cool on the Maytag Ice2O needed the lowvoltage control, and probally the highvoltage control (for a door alarm issue) either way they have problems so I just drove about 15 miles both ways, bought both boards, popped 'em in, fixed both problems. After that I did a quick sealed system leak fix on a refrig. at the compressor took about an hour that I didn't have, was sweating like a dog in this upstairs farm house no a/c, but got it done. Bubbled tested and all doubt I'll hear about it again, sorry to say if he does have trouble I probally wouldn't hear about it anyway since I really wasn't in my typical area. (one of are many spots for improvement) OMG though, I really hope we don't also become the Ge people, if so they really need to specailize us. There is only so much room on a truck for parts, and only so far I can drive to the part store, We use to have a manager that would go out of his way to get parts picked up and delivered if possible and then we could swing by later that day, expecialy for a no cool refrigerator. For that guy with the "wrong size" defrost timer not default timer you'll be fine. It isn't even realistically possible with a standard continious run defrost timer to be spot on. Humidity changes, how often the door is open, weither or not you have air conditioning. Its just a 8 to 12 hour thing that transfers power from the cooling circuit and routes it to the defrost circuit. and relies on the defrost thermostat or terminator to open the circuit at a specific temp untill the timer kicks out of defrost, usually 15 to 20 min. Well I quess my point was just to apologize for some of are techs, and expecially the routing dept. You wouldn't belive what I am expected to get done most days, some times 10 to 12 calls with 3 hours of driving a mandatory luch, forget the other two breaks "shea" getting gas, stoping at the bank maybe. Don't get me started with dealing with some of those service contract companys. It's enough to make a guy a little distracted to put it nicely. Well thanks for reading, and keep writing your stories, something does have to change.
ba bye

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We have had problems with our KitchenAid side-by-side since last October when it was still under warranty. Based upon the bad publicity we've read about A&E, we contacted Johnson County Appliance. They came twice and after two fridge loads of spoiled food, were unable to fix it. We then called KitchenAid who sent A&E. They have been here 5 times and have "no-showed" for 3 additional appointments. We've been waiting for them since 8AM this morning (Saturday) and it's now 1PM. Our day is ruined. If they don't show again, or if they don't get this repaired, on Monday morning I will be filing a lawsuit in the Johnson County Courthouse for replacement of this refrigerator. I will name KitchenAid and their "factory authorized" service centers as defendants. A&E is pathetic and KitchenAid is junk.

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I have a brand new Maytag machine and the first week of having the machine, it gave me an error message of F51. The book specifies to contact Maytag for repair if the machine cannot reset. I called Maytag and was referred to A & E, technician came out and knew right away what the problem was. He ordered the parts and we rescheduled for another appointment two weeks later. The day of the appointment we receive a call from A & E mid morning saying the tech was ill and wanted to reschedule for another day. Ok...no problem, be out two days later. (I am ok with this because the machine works, just not on a certain cycle). Today is Wednesday and the tech. arrives and replaces a few parts and tells me the machine is now working correctly. Five minutes later, I went to use the machine and it does not work at all (on any cycle). I called A & E back immediately and they said they would send him a message to call me back to see if he can come back today and fix the machine. Three hours later and two calls to A & E and the tech has not called me back! Do the technicians and A & E think all of us have nothing better to do then sit wait all day for a technician?

If the techs know an error message F51 requires a certain part, why don't they arrive with the part? Instead we have wasted three days (now it will be four days) waiting for something to be repaired, that could have only taken one day.

I also plan to contact Maytag to let them know how I feel about A & E Factory services.

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Just a follow-up to my experience with A & E. Called again today, the soonest a tech can come out is Monday(5 days later). I have clothes in the machine with partial water and I am going to wait until Monday? I told them never mind, and called a local authorized Maytag repair company who is coming out tomorrow. I have sent an e-mail to Maytag and will follow-up with a letter regarding A & E.

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Add me to the legions of customers who will never use Whirlpool or A & E factory service again. I've just finished a hot summer month with no refrigeration, 3 tech visits, countless rude and inconsiderate interactions with A & E representatives, lies, selfishness and ignorance on the part of these two companies. I've been lied to, had my appointments mysteriously moved, cancelled or even deleted, and absolutely no sympathy nor understanding.

This company employs ignorant employees, rude servicemen, and incompetant customer service represenatatives. As Whirlpools representative, A & E is a blemish on an otherwise respectable name. I'll no longer use either companies products or service if I can at all help it.

To the posts here by A & E employees who beg us all to not color the whole company with the same brush, I say - Sorry. One bad apple DOES ruin the bunch. Affect change from within, and improve your company.

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I just came across this thread for the first time even though it has been around for months. It struck me that there are two long and complementary posts at almost the same time, and they are pretty much the only complementary posts here.

The one from aplnc_mn certainly appears to be by a shill. The user registered the same day and this is the only post on the whole site by that user.

The one from greasemonkey is questionable. He registered two or three days before the post, and made a couple of related posts elsewhere within a few days, then no more.

I will venture a guess that A&E is trying to repair their reputation.

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Followup to prior post. It looks like maytag88's very negative post could also be by a shill. That userid was also registered the same day and only used for that single post.

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Why is it not a reasonable possibility that someone did a Google search or whatever, found this thread, and registered to add his/her comments? Must a new poster's legitimacy always be suspect? How many posts are required until one's opinions and experiences are legitimate?

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Certainly it is possible that such a post is legit. But there have been a number of questionable posts of this sort, at least on the kitchens forum if not on this one. I think one must just take such things with a grain of salt.

If you only have one post by someone to judge by then its hard to draw a conclusion. The more you have heard from them the better.

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I'm adding my comment about incredibly frustrating experiences with A & E. I bought a new Dacor refrigerator from US Appliance which was installed a few weeks ago. Immediately, the refrigerator started leaking water from under the unit. I called Dacor and they told me that A & E was the company that did warranty work for them in my area. I made an appointment for 5 days later (nothing sooner!) and they gave me a four hour window for the appointment. The day of the appointment, I waited as each hour passed by. No call, no technician. I called A & E and asked when I could expect him. They made no apologies and no promises about when he would show, but they told me they would ask him to call me. Noon was the end of the appointment window, and I didn't hear from the tech until almost 5pm. At that time, he made no apologies and was very matter of fact about the fact that he was on the way to my house. I had to scramble to get someone there to meet him, and he proceeded to make the problem worse, not better. Of course, we didn't discover this until he left, and then A & E couldn't get someone out for another week! I even got a confirming call last night about the appointment window of 1-5pm. So I waited. And waited. No call until almost 4pm, when A & E called and very matter of factly said that the tech could not make it and that I should call to reschedule. In the meantime, I was taken away from work for the afternoon and I am having two puddles a day under my brand new fridge on my brand new hardwoods. Infuriating! I will never use A & E again!

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I created an account just to post this message.

I've dealt with A&E a few times over the years on 2 different appliances and I've never had trouble with scheduling and I've only had to had one part shipped. I've never been stood up and have gotten my appointments scheduled within a day or two of calling. It is also possible to request a particular tech and to request that a particular tech not be sent.

Maybe some areas of the country have fewer techs and/or parts stocked than others.

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Shopping for appliances and all of this conversation has just narrowed my brand field substantially! I called DCS(now owned by FP) and checked with Dacor to find out who services their appliances in my area. All are independents, thank goodness. This will influence my purchasing decisions after the horror stories I have heard here. Thanks for this thread.

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I am in the middle of a repair situation with a@e, a local independant, and sears/whirlpool. I have certainly not had a bad a@e experience but I wouldn't call it positive either. You have to remember that you are always dealing with the manufacturer too, and I certainly can't say too much positive about kitchenaid/whirlpool who should be taking better care of their customers before they get drummed out of business.
I agree that a@e call center has problems but they also try to get things right. On first appointment, I called on appt day to see if the schedule could be pin pointed somewhat (it couldn't) I asked if I could take our dogs for a walk and would only be gone 45 minutes. They said yes and they would leave a message if the tech was comming soon thereafter. Of course the tech called and not getting a response, moved me to the end of the day but at least left a message to that effect. The message center couldn't get back to him soon enough to reinsert me but he came that afternoon on schedule. (it wasn't really a repair issue so they couldn't mess it up and they gave good advise). My second appt came on schedule was a repair that they said couldn't be done.I have a brand new ka gas cooktop with bad flame adjustment. This repairman believes that they all have yellow tips in spite of a manual stating emphatically that they should not be yellow (and other burners on same cooktop and my neighbor's stove that only have blue flames). since the a@e guy said it was normal, sears/ka wants to say it is normal too. After much back and forth they asked an independant to come out. He is very hard to get ahold of (far worse than a@e but he finally came almost perfectly on schedule and said he would talk to the ka techs and get something resolved for me, but I haven't heard from him for 12 days. Perhaps he can't get hold of the ka techs, the ka answer people can't get much out of them. Or perhaps he is taking his usual maybe I will call you sometime (or maybe not).

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I just called A&E for a Whirlpool washer problem and then thought I'd Google them. I'd used them once before four years ago and thought they were local, innocent me.

Reading this thread is pretty scary. My first experience with them was excellent. Had a brand-new Kitchen Aid dishwasher in a brand-new kitchen remodel and it kept leaking on my brand-new hardwood floors. The dealer sent his guys out *five* times and couldn't fix it. I was hyperventilating. Then someone recommended A&E and their guy fixed it in literally 30 seconds.

So naturally I saved the number and called with my washer problem today. I do have to wait four days and have a washer full of water and wet clothes (it won't rinse, spin and drain). Now you've got me worried. I'm wondering if I should call a local appliance store where I've bought things, tho not this washer.

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I can't read all of this but want to voice my opinion: I will NEVER, EVER call A & E again. I have never seen so many incompetent, rude people consistently employed in one company in my entire life.

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I have a MER5752BAB range. All these posts are really scaring me. After confirmation that both the top burners and oven works on the install of this range, top does work fine for me. Three days after install, though, when oven preheat temp is set and start is selected, a loud pop occurs, a puff of smoke arises up from the back of the range, the clock goes dark, and the preheat on the oven cannot be set.

Call the local authorized maytag service center the same day, a repair man arrives within the scheduled time that was 4 days after my call.

Repairman leaves after telling me that a wire had come loose, shorted out with a sparked against the metal which knocked out the clock. He called to see if the clock and parts he need to replace was stocked. Of course they were not and had to be ordered. As he left on that September 12, 2007 day, he gave me an assurance it would take 7-10 days.

On the following 10th day I call to set up an appointment and am informed that the part is back ordered and should arrive on the 14 day after they ordered it on the 13th of September.

No surprise, parts never arrive. By Sept 27th I call again. None of the parts have arrived. At that time I am informed that the parts are backordered and they have no idea when the part manufacturer will supply the company with the parts they need to ship for the repair.

Now on Oct. 2, I was thinking about calling the Maytag 800 number to request a "change out" of the range. This posting has me really worried that even then there is a high percentage of chance that they will not resolve the problem. Depending on what happens, I'll start a new post to inform everyone.

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Poor experience with A&E as well. I have a problem with my KA built in and trying to schedule and actually have a tech come out is darn near impossible.

I think KA has just started a second company servicing KA in my area. Guess I'll give them a try. Couldn't be worse right?

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I haven't read this entire thread, and may have even posted to it many months ago. But, I just want to let you know that we will never ever allow A&E employees in our home again. We've had about 4-5 out for an issue with out Whirlpool Sidekick Refrigerator, and they are HORRIBLE! Each tech said something different was wrong with it. And each one ordered different parts, and returned parts the previous techs had ordered. I actually learned how to fix an issue with my Sidekicks myself rather than have them come to my home again. We have made numerous complaints to both Whirlpool and A&E about the poor quality of their technicians and their horrible service.

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I have just had my run in with A & E. There were scratches on the stainless panels on my new oven. Not a big deal -- or so one would think. I'm now coming up on the 6th time the "technician" will be coming out. It is a serious comedy of errors. He couldn't get the hinges off the oven door. Wrong parts were ordered/delivered. And just to ice the cake, when he "finished", he re-installed the door crooked. As a result, I couldn't open the adjacent cabinet -- and I should point out these are brand new cabinets that were slightly damaged in an effort to open the door. (A & E's suggestion was to not open the cabinet or use the oven for a week until they could come back because the technician didn't bother to respond to the call they sent him the same day.) On visit #5 he literally shoved the door which seemed to fix the problem. Temporarily. He probably moved the entire oven a fraction of an inch so the door would open. On closer inspection, the door is still askew. In true Arnold Schwartzenegger form, "He will be back."

Just to be even more unprofessional, the same technician apparently does not travel with a drop cloth and seemed surprised that every home/condo owner doesn't have one, thought my new granite was a really appropriate place to put his tools, and when asked to move his tools, opted to place them on my oriental rug in the dining room. Incompetent, lacking in common sense and/or a slob.

As much as I would love to use another service company, there is no other option in my area. It is completely frustrating. I can only wonder how many call backs there would be if there was a problem with an appliance not operating properly. I only hope I never have to find out.

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I've had nothing but problems with my KA built-in refrigerator (search for my long rant) and KA's so-called "customer service" is a travesty. The first of 10 repair visits was scheduled with A&E. That technician spent 15 minutes in my kitchen and told me there was nothing wrong with the fridge (never mind that the temperature readings in the two crisper drawers were 50 degrees). He was totally clueless. On each subsequent call, I told KA that I would *not* accept A&E as a service provider. They said fine, but I'd have to schedule the appointments myself, and gave me several alternative companies to choose from. I recommend taking this route.

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called a & e to service my fridge refridge under an extended warrenty agreement. tech ishmael was right on time, had the problem diagnosed within 15 minutes and ordered the new ice maker on his laptop. gave me a receipt and a scheduled date of return to install the new ice maker. even cleaned up the dust bunnies behind the fridge. so far so good...........

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A&E is the most un-coperative service company ever, their technicians are for the most part untrained

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I have ordered a KA ice maker and a KA dw and have told my appliance dealer I do not want to deal w/ A&E. They agree that A&E is horrible and they have other appliance repair people they deal with if I need them. I have bought extended warranties for every appliance, irrespective of the brand.

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It took 2 visits by 2 different A & E repairmen to diagnose the control board going out on my Whirlpool Duet washer. The second repairman verbally told me it would be about $500 just for the new board, which is now out of warranty. About 20 minutes after he left, I remembered about extended warranty though my credit card, called him on his cell and left a message that I wanted a written estimate to repair the washer. I also called A & E to ask for a written estimate.

One month and 5 phone calls later, I'm told that for a written estimate, I need to have a third repair call to my home. The other A & E reps I spoke with in the previous 4 calls told me different stories, to the effect that a different department would mail (in one case, would e-mail) out the estimate. The A & E reps I spoke with were nice, but the notes they left about our conversations were incorrect (according to the next rep I'd speak with). The manager I spoke with today was quite rude. And since the problem has a diagnosis (in the A & E system), what is the hard part about mailing me a written estimate???!!
On the plus side, the techs were nice and did show up for their appointments and did give a 15 min-30 min call ahead. Just extremely frustrating!

I wil do my best to never deal with A & E again.

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I will NEVER, EVER do business with this company again!

What a joke. 9 months after they waived the $59 "service charge" for an awful man to come out and tell me he has to order the part I requested the week before and come back ($59 service call + $85 part + $200 labor to snap it on) for a $350 dishwasher?!?! No way. Now they are dunning me for the $59 "non-refundable service call" fee because the notes from my calls 9 months ago have expired. And they are SO RUDE ON THE PHONE!!

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This is a TERRIBLE company. We got A&E when we decided to use the home warranty our sellers had bought. The heating element in our oven stopped working. First "technician" misdiagnosed the problem and ordered the wrong part. Second "technician" discovered first tech's error and ordered correct part. All this took over a month to repair. A&E person on phone when we complained was VERY RUDE. We paid $100 for the service fee; no charge for the the part and "technician." I plan to write a letter of complaint. Home warranties are a WASTE OF MONEY!

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When I bought my appliances one of the conditions was that my dealer never send A&E to fix my KA appliances. They hate A&E, too, and they use a local company for service. Thank goodness!

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How does a company like A&E stay in business?
Worst customer service I have ever experienced
They totally don't give a damn. They over-book their appointments, you take off a half day from work lose about $150.00 so that you can be there sometime between 1pm and 5pm and then after they called you the night before to confirm the appointment they have the nerve to call you at 4:10 p.m. after you waited around all day and say sorry we won't make it. "we over booked our appointments"
Not only can they not seem to diagnose a problem correctly the first time they can't even keep on top of their own scheduling. The LG. washer gave up the ghost after less then 2 years and even after I told them what the problem was they still couldn't get it right. Going on four weeks to correct the problem and still waiting, I am so angry I can't ever see doing business with any company that will use them as a service provider.
Worthless as tits on a bore, I really hope Sears and all their affiliates go belly-up it will serve them right, their customer service is worthless and it shows in their attitude.

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They're generally not the only game in town. Even for warranty work you can usually find other authorized service providers.

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I called Magic Chef to schedule a repair (burner replacement) to my 9 yr old Magic Chef range assuming that this would guarantee the repairperson who arrived @ my door would be knowledgeable about Magic Chef and ranges in general. I provided all requested information + calling A & E directly to provide additional information and to request they bring the part on the first trip since my ability to stay home from work is limited.

WRONG. My clueless tech 1st informed me he couldn't find my model in his database and I must have given an incorrect model number. WRONG. As he spent over an hour on the phone w/ his office and his tech support, I found not only my model number on the internet but also schmatics of my model and the part number needed. Tech ignored the info I provided and informed me the part is no longer made and my so my range could not be paired. For this he actually expected to receive payment. He said the service he had provided was to let me know the range could not be repaired.

Before he hit the sidewalk I was on the phone w/ Magic Chef registering a complaint, confirming my part # was correct & getting names of other companies in Phoenix that could repair my range. They even said they hoped I hadn't paid for such lack of service.

Next I called A & E and, when the phone was answered "Sears" asked if this was not the A & E number and was told No but they did business w/ A & E occasionally. In addition I wastold they would have to take a message for the Phoenix office because they had an outgoing phone system only. In other words, I was told it was not possible to call in to the Phoenix office. WRONG. I watched my tech call in to his manager several times. I was also assured there was no supervisor in the Customer Service Call Center.

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This is a little long, but worth the read

Our 15 month old Oasis dryer (3 months out of warranty) decided to start flasing CF 01 and 02 codes over the weekend. I called Sears (since we purchased them there) for service, not knowing that it wasn't "Sears Service" anymore. A & E truck shows up next day within the scheduled time window, so that was good. That was where the good ended though.

I showed the friendly tech the dryer. He removes the top console and takes a quick glance at the tech sheet/book which was inside (and is always inside the top console of these new appliances, hint, hint). He then makes a call to someone who walks him through some diagnostics tests (not a good first sign of technical competence to say the least). Then he does an estimate up of what the repair is and the cost. He claimed the main board was gone and needed to be replaced for a cost of $350 plus the $65 for him doing the diagnostic (for a grand total of $415 plus tax). I asked if I would be getting a year warranty at least on the repair, to which he looked surprised and responded with "No we only give a 90 day warranty on our repairs."

So needless to say I gave him his $65 diagnostic fee and sent him on his way. I would hope that nobody would spend over $400 to repair an appliance that only cost $550 new, considering that the repair doesnÂt even come with a real warranty.

I have a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering degree, so I am capable of repairing these things myself, but like most of you I am just too busy with my real job and my family to have the time to do everything. ThatÂs why I called these guys in the first place, but since I was now facing having to buy a new dryer just 15 months after I purchased this one, I decided to take a look at the tech sheet and the dryer myself (just to be sure of his diagnosis).

After reading the first couple of paragraphs in the tech sheet I discovered that the A & E technician never actually ran the computerÂs full diagnostic which is activated by pressing and holding any button on the console (other than the stop button) for 2-5 seconds, seven times in a row. When activated all the LEDs (lights) on the console illuminate, and then the console displays the actual "F" error codes. The only one which was displayed for my machine was F-02 which (get this) indicated that a button on the front (user interface) console was simply stuck. I then pressed each of the buttons on the main console and quickly found that the dryness level button was indeed sticking. The tech sheet (which again was contained right inside the console housing) explained step by step how to remove the console interface board from the console housing. I then simply sprayed a little electronics contact cleaner (which can be purchased at any Radio Shack or other electronics parts store for about $5) into the base of the stuck switch on the board, and viola, problem solved. No more error code, the dryer works fine again.

Needless to say I am more than a little ticked that these turkeys tried to rip me off for something that actually didnÂt cost me a dime to repair (since I already had the can of contact cleaner). Because of this experience I will probably never again purchase an appliance from Sears, and will definitely never use A & E for any repair of any kind.

The same branch services all of Central Florida, so if you live in this area - BEWARE....

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I wouldn't entirely blame Sears for this - once you are out of warranty you have no need to call your manufacturer or dealer for repairs. On a car out of warranty, people typically don't go to the dealer for repairs unless they have a dealer they are particularly happy with. This was clearly incompetence of A&E's part - but for $65 you learned how to fix diagnose and fix your dryer yourself - well worth the money. By the way, a 90 day warranty on repairs in fairly standard.

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Fortunately for you he didn't "forget" and take the sheet with him when he left. I think the attitude today is like the chained dog, take a bite out of everyone it can reach.

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WOW - I'm so glad I found this. I was considering an extended warranty from Sears for the W/D at my lake place. Since I'm only there on weekends I was inquiring if they service on weekends. Yes he says - it's provided by A&E. Never heard of them until I saw this. YIKES. Since I'm only there on weekends and not every weekend it could take me a year to get something fixed. I think I'll just take my chances and hire someone else to come in if needed. A neighbor has a good local appliance repair company he's used. I'd rather just pay for whatever I end up needing and spare myself the agony of A&E.

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I called this company to repair my washer, and 6 1/2 weeks later it is still not fixed right. They ordered the wrong part 2 times - and after they ordered the 3rd set of parts, I called to complain to the company. That was 19 days ago, and I still havent received the right part or a single phone call, and I have called 3 times since then and they never let me speak to someone who can address the problem - only that I have to leave a message or write a letter. Are you kidding me?!!!! This is a new whirlpool duet washer, so the part cant be hard to get/! What idiots!! This is a national repair company so you you never get to talk to someone local - just some call center in God knows where. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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OK, I'm always a lurker, never a poster but I could NOT ignore this thread! STAY AWAY - far far away! They sent a tech to our house last summer for extended warranty servicing on our Kitchenaid fridge. He seemed confused and took FOREVER with the diagnostics, with multiple calls back to the home base where clearly someone was walking him through things. He finally decided what we already knew: we needed a new door, and he left with the plan to order it. Unfortunately for us, he also caused a slow water leak under the refrigerator from his "diagnostics", which we discovered 1 1/2 days later after it had come through our floor and into our finished basement! THOUSANDS of dollars in damage to our floors and the basement. Needless to say, I told the Kitchenaid warranty service that they were NEVER to send A&E back to our house again. We are STILL waiting to be paid by their insurance company. We initially had to start the claim through our own insurance, in order to get the water restoration people out right away to prevent further damage. A&E wouldn't send anyone out for FIVE DAYS, with the fridge leaking and my house soaking wet, and they said that no insurance claim could be started until they inspected the damage. Again - stay FAR AWAY FROM THIS SHAMEFUL COMPANY!

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Folks, I just had to jump in here and throw in my .02 cents. I think you're all forgetting one crucial point, one that I reached a long time ago: appliances today are NOT built like they used to be. I remember when a major appliance had a 20+ year lifespan, but those days are long gone I'm afraid.

Bottom line is that we live in a culture of planned obsolescence, a throw-away society saturated with foreign junk. Mostly all the parts are now coming from China or Mexico. Whirlpool uses FSP parts, which are ALL made in Mexico. Frigidaire is now made in Mexico, with the exception of their Canadian division--which still puts out some good products. Maytag is/was junk too. Don't even get me going on the Neptune I had the misfortune of owning several years ago. Some of GE's components are made in China, others in Canada. How do I know all this? I have a relative in the home appliance repair service, and you know what he told me? It's ALL junk today no matter what you buy or whose name is on it! With the exception of some European made appliances, most of what's sold today has been manufactured elsewhere. The majority of these appliances are only designed to last about 10 years, the median being about 5-8yrs. If they don't wear out first, they rust out. This is a sad fact of life, and there's really nothing us consumers can do about it. Some brands do have a better track than others. After some of the stories I've heard, I personally wouldn't touch Maytag or GE with a 10 foot pole.

Yes, warranty service has gone down the tubes. I find that customer service is practically non-existent today. The techs they send out seem poorly trained or not very knowledgeable on the products they're servicing. I remember one guy who showed up with his teenage brother, who spent most of the time goofing off while trying to figure the schematics and mechanics of the machine. To say that he was totally clueless is an understatement... Parts are often out-of-stock or backordered, sometimes for months on end. I think the overall message here is pretty clear. They DO NOT want you repairing anything. They simply want you to go out and purchase a new appliance, period! It's a shame that it has reached this point, but given the way manufacturing has disappeared in this country, I'm not at all surprised. Today, it's quantity over quality, made in the United States of China...

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A&E and Sears Service are actually one in the same, like Chevrolet and Buick. Same product, different name. Same offices and operators just a different phone # for each.
I sympathize will all of you who have had poor service from A&E. I feel worse for the techs who are given little or no training and routes each day that are humanly impossible to run. I did it for over thirty years. Before I retired the training and the pay for new hires got to be less and less. True, as in any business, there are people who should find another line of work, but for the most part, techs are people who like to fix things and have contact with people. However when you are given twelve calls, seven of which are promised before noon, and a hundred miles to drive it gets a little stressful. At first most guys tried calling customers to let them know they could not possibly make the time promised, but after getting screamed at a few dozen times you give up and do the best you can.
I whole heartly agree with the guy who said appliances are what they used to be. Cheap electronics and poorly made plastic parts that are engineered to last a short time now plaque the industry. I don't know if I could recommend a "good" dishwasher anymore. They all have so many cheap plastic parts that don't last and cost five times what they should. The steel used to make ovens is so thin now that all free standing ranges come with a hold down bracket to keep them from tipping over when you open the oven door. That is also why you new ranges get so hot on the metal surfaces, there is less metal to dissipate the heat.
It is time for this country to get back to quality, US built, products instead of building in China, Mexico and wherever they can find cheap labor. At least build one line of products that are well made for those of us willing to pay for quality. You used to be able to say "you get what you pay for" but you can't even get quality at the top price anymore. Maybe when it costs more to throw this junk away then it does to buy it we will have a change.

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el jeffe

well, a & e factory service are pretty much sears technicians...regarding waiting for the call they give hour windows between 8 to noon, 1 to 5, or all day which is 8 to 5...now they will not fail to report to log in repairs, otherwise they wont get paid for the job done...sounds like you had another company or maybe even yourself tried to repair the unit...which mean your manufacturers warranty would end at that moment...mean that they are no longer responsible for your appliance

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Well I swore I'd never do it again, but I did. This time our 1-1/2 year old Kenmore Elite (Whirlpool) dishwasher had a motor bearing go out due to a seal failing and contaminating the bearing with water. Well this thing was still under warranty and my wife insisted that we call sears (again) to make them make good on the warranty. So much to my displeasure I called Sears to have them come out and fix this thing.

So of course an A&E Factory Service truck pulls up again in the driveway. I was half expecting the same clueless wonder that showed up last time to step out of the truck. Thankfully it was someone different. He came in, knew how to correctly initiate the diagnostic routine without looking at the tech sheet or calling anyone - a good sign.
Then after he got a chance to hear the thing grinding away, I asked him what he thought. He then made the statement of "Well sometimes broken glass or stuff gets down in there and messes things up." Of course I know that no glass has ever been broken in that dishwasher, nor has anything other than hand rinsed dirty dishes been put in it (yes I know you don't have to pre-rinse dishes before putting them in the dishwasher anymore, but we still do). So I was a little annoyed that his first response before even doing an internal inspection of the dishwasher was to try to blame the users, but its no big deal. There are probably a lot of people out there that aren't as careful as we are, so maybe he sees a lot of foreign objects causing problems with these things.

Anyway, I simply told him what I stated above, that glasses have been broken in that dishwasher and that we are careful of everything that goes in it. On top of that, of the glasses that we use, 99.5% of the time are acrylic and don't break (we have toddlers, so we avoid using anything glass whenever possible). He then said that it looked like the motor assembly will need to be replaced.

Within a very short time he had a new assembly in hand from his truck, and removed the old one from my dishwasher. Amazingly no broken glass or foreign objects were found in the bottom of the dishwasher, but he still refused to admit that it looked like a manufacturers defect. Regardless of the "unknown" cause though, the shaft seal had simply failed and the water leakage caused one of the motor bearings to start failing.

He then put the new motor assembly in place and started it up. It is now back to its original quiet hum. Time will only tell how long this new motor (and seals) will last.

I have to admit that this was a night and day difference from my previous experience with A&E. This guy knew what he was doing, did it fast, and seems to have done it right. So I'm actually pleased with how this turned out this time, in spite of my wife saying "see I told you it would be fine."

The thing is that, like "weissman" stated above, you call these guys only if you absolutely have to for covered warranty service only. If its out of warranty, you call someone else, because regardless of whether you get a technician that actually is capable of doing the job right or not, these guys charge a fortune if you need them to fix something on your dime. If this wasn't covered by my warranty, the statement they gave me totaled $442.86, with $300.86 for the motor assembly part price and $142 for labor. This of course is a ridiculous amount considering the actual price for the motor assembly from sears parts direct is just $128 and it took only a half an hour to do the actual diagnostic and labor.

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I just had a disgusting experience with these people...
Lies upon lies. Bottom line, WHY are these people in business. They know nothing about reliable, honest service. Something needs to been done about this!!

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I said it before and I'll say it again criminal charges should be filed against A&E. They lie, they so that they can charge you for a repair that should be under warranty and they hardly if ever can fix anything in a reasonable amount of time.

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OMG! Here we go! I had my first service call scheduled for today between 1 and 5pm. At 4pm the tech called and said he was on my street (yah! in a town 100 miles away), needless to say I was told I had to re-schedule. I had no idea that A&E was owned by Sears. I vowed years ago never to do business with Sears due to bad experiences. After what I read I am not looking forward to what's ahead. My appt. was scheduled thru Whirpool. I guess at this point I am stuck between a rock and a hard place.

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diza19 - Whirlpool uses other companies for warranty service as well. Go to their web page and see who else services your area (I know you can do this with KA, I assume you can do it with Whirlpool as well) - most likely you won't have to use A&E.

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Thank you for that information weissman. I went ahead and checked and found an authorized repair 10 minutes from my home. I had my second scheduled appt. already and they were scheduled for 1-5 and showed up at 6. Now the parts will be ordered and shipped to my home. I am giving them 1 chance to fix it then I will be going to the other service company. I will probably be sorry I didn't switch right away, but I will give them a chance.

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My refrigerator, and the orginal subject of this thread, has failed again. The (brand new) compressor broke after less than two years of service.

I didn't even try to have it repaired again; Instead I've replaced it with a Sub-Zero.

So long Kitchenaid ... may we never, ever cross paths again.

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A&E service should be charged with fraud, ineptitude and every four letter word you can think of

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I called A & E about my dryer and was told it would cost a flat $75 as "a diagnostic fee". I asked if there would be any additional charges, taxes or fees and was told emphatically that there would be no other fees unless I opted for repairs. I didn't get any repairs done, but I was charged $141.24. I was told the additional $66.24 was for the "client report" (the serviceman told me the electrical cord had become lose but didn't repair it). I have called A&E many times and have been told my request for a refund has been denied. I stongly urge anyone using A & E to proceed with caution.

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I recently had service on a Maytag Neptune dryer done by A&E. The dryer died on Sat Nov 22. The lights on the control panel would illuminate, but the buttons would not do anything. I called Lowe's, as I have the extended warranty on the machines, which are a little less than four years old. Lowes made an appointment with A&E for Tues Nov 25th. The tech arrived at 1:15PM on an 8 to 5 appointment. He ordered two parts. The first arrived on Mon Dec 1 and the second the next day. I called A&E for an appointment as soon as the part arrived and was scheduled for Thurs Dec 4(today). The tech arrived at 10:45 AM and was finished with the repair in half an hour.
I had been very apprehensive about dealing with A&E after reading the previous horror stories, but I can honestly say the there were no problems at all. Both the customer service folks and the tech were professional and competent. I live in southern New Jersey. Maybe I just got lucky, but I have no complaints.

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Same experiences. A&E is horrible.

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We had our Maytag HE washer fixed by them a few months ago. It took three weeks for them to diagnose, order the correct part (we ended up receiving the wrong part), reorder the correct part, and come and complete the job. Then the tech found another potential problem while he was here and wanted us to call it in and request him so he will get credit for the new job.

I called Maytag and literally begged them about 10 days into this whole thing to bring me a new washer. I am a mom with three small kids. We do laundry every day. They couldn't authorize that. In the end (three weeks later) my washer was fixed and A&E billed Maytag around $1250. Maytag probably would have been able to keep me as a customer and it would have been cheaper for them in the long run. So much for doing business the smart way. When my washer finally conks out, I plan on staying away from the Big 6.

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They should be jailed

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I have a 6 month old GE Dishwasher that was to be serviced by A&E. The first scheduled visit was open ended - 8 to 5 that day. I stayed home to be available for the servicing. At 4 pm I called to verify that I was in fact going to have a repairman come to my home and was assured that they were on the way after two more house calls. At 6 pm nobody arrived and there was no call. I called and and tried to cancel my service only to have the receptionist tell me they will not cancel same day services. The repairman called me 30 minutes later to let me know he was on his way home and would not be seeing me that day, not knowing I had just tried to cancel his repair call. I rescheduled for another day, unfortunately the only opening they had was on a day that I had an important meeting (again arrival to be expected from 8 to 5). I assumed I would be home by 8 that morning so I took the appointment. The repairman called me as I was headed home (it would have taken me 15 minutes to get home) and told me he was on his way and would be at my home in 15 minutes. I told him that I, too, was on my way to the house and that we would be meeting there about the same time. He told me "I can't wait for you, you need to reschedule" and ended the call. I rescheduled only to have a repairman come out to service the dishwasher - telling me that it was an installation problem, not a mechanical problem. He said the door was hanging up on the cabinet. He could not fix it due to the nature of the problem and left. My husband and I moved the dishwasher slightly away from the cabinet, and it did not fix the problem. I have now set up my fourth appointment with A&E. I have a funny feeling I will be buying a new dishwasher at the end of this story....

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I had a Maytag washer repaired by A&E several months ago (November 2008). I could have done the repair myself ... but the machine was under warranty, so I put it in Maytag's hands. I arranged the service online via Maytag's web site. No mention there that service would be done by A&E, but I knew it would be. The stated schedule initially advised that the earliest available date was in five days, but the final confirmation was a date two weeks away. Not a problem for me. On the day in question, the service tech called at 8:15 AM, advised that she's on the way. She arrived promptly at 8:45 AM. Apparently I was the first job of the day. I took her to the machine, explained the problem. She ran a couple tests, observed what it was doing that it shouldn't. She asked for some clothes to run a test cycle. I obliged with some towels. She started the load, observed some more, then went to her truck, came back with a replacement part. Had a bit of difficulty installing it due to tight working space inside the machine, and a redesign of the part that called for omitting a piece on the new part that wasn't used on the old one. That was the only real glitch ... the instructions with the part explained the difference, which she hadn't read the instructions. I advised what it said, she made the adjustment, got the job quickly finished and went along on her way. I have no particular complaints with the service. I assume she would have eventually checked the instructions, figured out the problem with the new part.

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Oh dear, I've just plowed through this horror show of A & E Factory Service, and feel ill.

My story starts with an independent tech, who was excellent in all the ways A&E fails, and it was at his suggestion that because of the current and pathetic state of major appliances we consider an extended warranty plan to protect us. This came from a guy who is not involved in any of the extended warranty programs. Damn, what a mistake, but I followed his advice and am now dealing with A&E.

In only 2 visits, I've gone through all of what is described in the preceding posts. My Jenn-Aire side-by-side fridge stops cooling despite fiddling with the controls. After the whole scheduling and no-service service calls charade, I started requesting that my call be "escalated" to a supervisor in the customer service department at both A& E and at GE Warranties (are these fools getting TARP bailout funds? If so, we should be writing to our Congresspersons about possible cases of racketeering or fraud and/or conspiracy (it appears the 2 companies are working in tandem to collect our money and deny us contractually obligated service).

Both A&E and GE have the same policies of allowing no contact with service managers who might actually be able to figure out the problem, they both follow the same bogus scheduling practices, and they both refuse to correspond in written form except by fax. In short, they are making it as difficult as possible for us to get contact names, have a modicum of predictability, or to maintain any form of record of contact that will stand up in court. This puts consumers on a perpetual "spin cycle." They are stacking the deck: "heads we win, tails you lose."

I suggest we: A) record our conversations with any of their reps; B) escalate, escalate, escalate your case if they don't solve it on the very 1st visit; C) get in contact with the seller (not the store manager, not the District manager, but the Regional Manager, or higher) of the service contracts (for me it's Home Depot) and let them know just how defective their product is (the service contract is a product); D) look into your state's Consumer Affairs Dept regarding lemon laws, and regulations related to unfit and fraudulent service; E) write to your warranty holder (mine is GE Warranties (GE Appliance Headquarters, Louisville, KY, (502)452-0054(fax only) attention Ray Graft (Dept head of Warranty Escalations) and complain about the same thing as you would to the contract seller; F) remind them of this website and the others out there (www.ripoffreport.com actually gets involved with attorneys and legislators) that will shed very unflattering light on their possibly criminal practices; F) cancel your extended warranty contract and instead bank the money for future repairs or a replacement appliance; G) look into a small-claims filing (could be limited by contract language related to arbitration only) because they don't get an attorney and such a claim gets filed where you live; H) start calling A&E's 800 number starting at 8:00am the morning of your appt and don't stop until the tech tells you he's on his way; I) PUT IT INTO WRITING from the very beginning; J) After 3-strikes, write to the service contract holder and request an arbitration hearing (record EVERYTHING); K) put your complaints into writing on A&E's website (http://www.aefactoryservice.com/csform/csform_c.php) understanding that something in writing carries a lot of weight.

Sounds crazy, but I'm pursuing most of these elements simultaneously. What a ridiculous waste of time, but I really resent making my payments in good faith and then getting ripped off, somebody's gonna pay.... This is why I'll probably get this problem resolved, then kill the contract, get a very good fridge like a Haier or Sub-Zero and be largely done. I'm an architect and extensively research products with my engineers' help along with the opinions of many appliance parts suppliers and repair techs. These premium units are better made and will perform like we expect they should, but do require annual service (cleaning and recharges); yes, they cost 2 or 3 times more than the garbage brands this thread describes, but they will outlast those brands by a factor of 4 or 5 or more so they are a better longterm value.

Good luck all. I'll update after my problem appears to be finally resolved.

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This is why I'll probably get this problem resolved, then kill the contract, get a very good fridge like a Haier or Sub-Zero and be largely done. I'm an architect and extensively research products with my engineers' help along with the opinions of many appliance parts suppliers and repair techs. These premium units are better made and will perform like we expect they should, but do require annual service (cleaning and recharges); yes, they cost 2 or 3 times more than the garbage brands this thread describes, but they will outlast those brands by a factor of 4 or 5 or more so they are a better longterm value.

I would suggest that you read consumer reports reviews on appliances, or as I suggested in an earlier thread, Do a google search for Most Reliable Refrigerator, Oven , Diswasher etc etc

Here is what Consumer reports thinks of your suggestion to buy High End Appliances.

Interestingly enough, the most expensive, sophisticated appliances
are often the least reliable. According to Consumer Reports,
"Pro-style models [of ovens and range-tops] such as the Viking...
were among the lowest scorers, despite their high-heat burners."
One Viking stove selling for $4,000 was deemed to have a "smallish oven
and [was] among the least effective at self-cleaning."
As for reliability, Consumer Reports survey data
"show that Viking and Thermador gas ranges...have been repair-prone,"
and that "more firepower doesnt necessarily mean better cooking."
Same story for refrigerators:
Consumer Reports gave the Sub-Zero 650/G model
(which retails for around $6,000) a rating of "fair" for ease of use,
noting that it "lacks some features youll find on lower-priced models."
And like Viking, the brand has a poor record of reliability:
"Sub-Zero has been the most repair-prone brand
of top- and bottom-freezer refrigerators,"
and Sub-Zero companys overall repair history is 28 percent,
compared to 7 percent for refrigerators manufactured by Whirlpool,
which sell for $800 to 1,000.
The conclusion: "Price, styling, or the word professional
are no guarantee of excellent performance or durability.
" The image of domestic perfection is sometimes far from the reality.

And if you do a little more seaching you will find that Sub-Zero made many refrigerators with bad copper in the Condensors, etc etc To be honest, from what I have seen, they do seem to have pretty good service(for most folks)
But if I want "Ambiance in my kitchen" I would prefer it came from The fragrance of the flowers and not from the Fridge, cause the freakin' thing broke again!!!


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This is the worst company I have dealt with in customer relations. April 7 a technician came to my house to repair an oven that had been delivered on April 1 by HHGregg. The technician took pictures of the model and serial numbers of our oven and used that to order a part. He told my husband that he would return the following Tuesday. So on Tuesday, April 14 we received a call asking if we had our part yet. My husband said no and they rescheduled our appointment. When UPS finally delivered the part that evening at 530 it was the wrong part. So I called the 800 number to attempt to talk with someone. After speaking with 2 people I was finally able to talk with someone who said he was going to have the parts department send the correct part and that it would arrive in 7 days. Later in the evening, around 8 pm, the rescheduling department called me and wanted to reschedule. The lady on the phone told me that her job was to call and reschedule missed appointments and that she could not answer any of my questions.

Two days later I was contacted by the company wanting to send another tech to my house to take another picture of my oven so that they could reorder the part. So I called the 800 number again. Again after talking with 2 different people, I was finally able to speak with someone who helped me. However, the most help she was able to offer me was to have a local manager in my area call me.

The manager finally returned my call. She couldn't accept that we had the wrong part. I finally said 1) the control panel you ordered has tactile buttons and my over is a touch screen, 2) the panel you ordered only has 6 buttons and mine has 28, and 3) you ordered a Maytag and my oven is a Samsung. So at this point she finally realized that I was correct, but I still had to convince her that she had the necessary information in her office to order the part without the need to send another tech to my house. This was Thursday, April 16. She ordered the part to be expedited to me through UPS and scheduled for a Saturday appointment that I had been told earlier in the week was not available in my area. Yesterday, Monday, April 20, there still had not been a part delivered to my house. I called the 800 number and was told that it had been "shipped" according to their system, but there is no way to track it. I then called my local manager back who also could not track the part that she claimed she had ordered to be delivered within 3 business days. She told me she would have an answer for me by 930 the next day. I am still waiting and it is past 930. In fact, I called her and left a message at 930 and still have not heard anything. I guess this is going to be day 21 of having a brand new oven sitting in my house that does not work.

My advice is to stay away from HHGreg and A & E.

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Before you buy any product you should find out who handles the service if they say A&E opt for a different brand. A&E is the taliban of service. If you have a product that has A&E service tell the selling dealer if the product breaks you want a new unit not A&E

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"Before you buy any product you should find out who handles the service if they say A&E opt for a different brand. A&E is the taliban of service."

This may be the best advice I have seen on the board.

A&E is horrible.

I can't remember if I posted my experience on this board or not so to make a long story short. I elected to purchase a new washing machine vs. dealing with A&E after a series of phone calls to try and have my existing washing machine replaced.

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That being said, there's also the choice of using a non-A&E servicer, such as a local appliance store or independent servicer. Any servicer who is manufacturer-authorized should be able to do warranty service, it doesn't have to be A&E.

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I bought a Whirlpool dishwasher a little over a month ago and installed it. It made this excruciating buzzing sound two or three times (about a minute in duration each episode) per wash cycle. I called Whirlpool and they set up an appointment for me with A & E for 8 AM - noon.

I called at 10 AM, only to find out the tech would be late. I called again just after noon, and A & E called back to say the tech would be later than 12:30. Even the tech called to say he'd be late. When he got there (about 1:30 PM), he didn't have time to really diagnose the problem. He thought it was the motor, which he had with him, but I had to get to work.

HE called an got a reappointment for me for the next morning, and he came back and installed the part. That failed to fix the problem however. He came back again and that time he had already done some homework to figure out what the problem might be, and had time to diagnose the problem. He figured it out immediately however, and ordered the part. It came yesterday and today I called to schedule another appointment.

If Sears, Whirlpool, or A & E are reading this, you need to rethink the way A & E does business. My tech was an experienced tech, but he was WAAAAAAYYYY overbooked. He didn't diagnose the problem correctly the first time, not because he wasn't competent, but because he didn't have time. That was a direct result of being overbooked.

If you would spend money on training your techs (as opposed to only letting them get training on the job), give them access to a database of past repairs to look at, and schedule jobs (including travel time) for a proper amount of time, your costs would actually go DOWN.

Often the same parts will fail and if each tech didn't have to reinvent the wheel every time they troubleshoot, it would take a lot less time. A database of repairs would help even the most seasoned tech.

If you had a tech sitting at a terminal in your offices who could do some research for, and assist, techs having problems in the field, the techs would have a better chance of fixing problems at the first appointment, instead of returning again and again. That's costly for both you and your customers, plus customers won't be willing to call you again for repairs if your techs seem incompetent.

Furthermore, when you get a repair call, if the person taking the call would LISTEN carefully to what the problem is, and then research what it might be before the tech goes to the call, the tech might even have a better chance of fixing the problem the first time. Before the appointment the tech would know what might possibly be the problem and might even be able to make sure they have the right parts on the truck to fix the problem at the first visit.

If you fix your internal problems, your reputation might be restored at some point (if you haven't permanently destroyed it already), and you'll certainly have much better customer relations, and probably even repeat business. Seriously, A & E needs to fix the way they do business.

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Guess I should simply echo what bpotts wrote:
"Both A&E and GE have the same policies of allowing no contact with service managers who might actually be able to figure out the problem, they both follow the same bogus scheduling practices, and they both refuse to correspond in written form except by fax. In short, they are making it as difficult as possible for us to get contact names, have a modicum of predictability, or to maintain any form of record of contact that will stand up in court. This puts consumers on a perpetual "spin cycle." They are stacking the deck: "heads we win, tails you lose." "

A&E is indeed the absolute worst appliance service company with which I've ever had the displeasure to do business. Just as last year, their service tech failed to show up, or even call, within the scheduled service window of 8 a.m. - noon today. He was clearly angry that I had the gall to call A&E and ask if/when he was coming. Either he or A&E's service dept. lied about their policy on contacting customers, and the CSR was even more rude than the tech.

I tried calling Lowe's extended service agreeement dept. to ask if they would assign the repair to a different service company, but that CSR said he didn't know if they use any others. A sales rep at the local store said Lowe's also uses Service Care, but didn't know if it's possible to request one company over another. So now I'm waiting (until close of business tomorrow) to hear from Lowe's. Likely it will next week before they can send anyone.

I'd intended to purchase a Bosch set for the laundry in the master suite, but won't be buying from Lowe's now. Next time, I will skip the service contract and pay for an independent appliance tech instead.

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After service was complete, and paid for I noticed a part hanging out that shouldn't have been. When I contacted the serviceman(I had his cell from caller id) he told me he couldn't return and I could take a 'butter'knife' and shove it back where it was supposed to be.

After recalling service I was told I had to wait an additional three days; this to correct something he did and was paid in full. I will tell everyone I know NOT to use this service. Needless to say I canceled the credit charge.Outrageous! And this is a Sears sister company~

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Lynne Reno

I have a Kenmore Elite range that I paid alot of $$ for an extended warranty on, part of that decision was based upon the fact that I've always had good luck with Sears Technicians. Well, the self cleaning oven control fubar'd and lo and behold an A&E Technician shows up to fix it.

I knew I should have told him to leave when he asked me (while standing in front of the range) if it was gas or electric /sigh..but I didn't. Day one: he is here 2 hours and tells me he will be back the next day, that he 'stripped a few screws' Day two: he shows up at 5:30 pm and starts pounding and hammering, that goes on for 2 hours and he finally tells me that he's done. He showed me that it worked and left. After he left, I opened the oven and OMG! He apparently didn't know how to put it back together, so he just hammered the parts back into place. I found a piece of plastic on the floor he had broken off of the control panel, and he completely smashed a piece of sheet metal that contains the latch on the inside of the oven. Not only that, but when he was hammering it into place he dented the surface of the oven and chipped the paint off in several places.

To make my week even worse, it took me 2 days and 7 hours on the phone to get Sears to send someone out to look at it. The Sears tech who finally came out was great & replaced the damaged parts but couldn't do anything about the dents on the surface of the oven. Sears has been very good about taking care of this problem, and at this point it looks like they are going to replace the range, but what a mess...

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My maytag dishwasher was recalled because of a fire hazard and they provided me with A & E's number to fix the problem. The first appt. was canceled last minute because the technician "ran out of repair kits". Shouldn't they be able to check the inventory of their trucks before scheduling a days worth of calls?

For the second appt. they just didn't show up, we called three times during the time slot they had provided, and each time they blatantly lied saying someone was actually driving to our house. The customer service was rude when we were trying to explain our frustration and asking for some sort of guarantee that the 3rd appt. wouldn;t be another waste of time for us.

I called Maytag and informed them of the problems and they stated they've received alot of similar calls. Not sure why they don't just stop referring A & E? I am going to try one of the local shops to get the problem fixed.

Would never use A & E again and am somewhat unhappy with Maytag at this point.

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May 2009 I had problems with my Haier washer/dryer door and the proper cycling. It took three attempts to get the tech to make the appointment. On the third time the tech failed to have the parts and he needed assistance from another tech. But after six hours it was finished.

August 16, 2010 I made an appointment ONE WEEK IN ADVANCE. I requested to be the first appointment. Needless to say that the tech never showed up the whole day. I never received any message that he was not coming. I rescheduled. This time I called every 30 minutes after the scheduled appt. I was told that they got a hold of him and that the tech was still coming. I insisted that the tech call me. Four hours later they told me he was through for the day. Next appointment I called every 15 minutes and the tech called me and showed up at 6:00 pm. He need parts and he ordered them. I have been following up on that with Roxanne. I have been told that everything is on hold until the vendors of the parts get back to them about my inquiry - a minimum of 48 hours. You can guess what I think of their vaulted "customer service".

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A & E Services is owned by sears and lowes uses them as well in the Parkersburg Wv area. also other companies use them as well. I have had great luck with them over the past 5 yrs. only one time did the service man they sent out was an idiot. but he not been back since i report his lack of knowledge to his boss. I think it all in who they send out on the service call you can request an certain person to come every time. that will solve your problems with idiots being sent to your home.

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The tech's suck they dont know their heads from their ass! Maytag should be ashamed to reffer this co, to anyone! They are the biggist rip off! take my advice do not use these jerks!

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Worst service organization I have ever used, and the absolute worst customer service I have ever received. It took them over two weeks to be able to make the first service appointment for me. I can handle that as I was asking for a weekend appt due to my work schedule. The technician was supposed to show up between 8-12, but i got a call at 11 saying that all tech's were calling in sick and no one was in my area to come by. THEY asked to reschedule and due to my work requirements offered to have the tech come by after 4pm on a Wednesday. When I got home at 3:50 I found a card on my porch saying the tech had stopped by already, and would only be in my area until 3:30!!! How can that be when he wasn't even scheduled to be there until after 4??!!! When I call they try to blame Sears for the scheduling error, but it was their own company who set up the 2nd appt. After a 15 minute call that went no where I told the call center gal on the other line to put me through to a supervisor or manager. She replied that one would have to call me back in 15 minutes. It is now 2 days later and I have not received a call yet. I will never use this piece of crap organization for anything. I would call them 2nd rate but that would be giving them to much credit. If Sears continues to use them to handle service calls on their warranties I will never buy anything from Sears again. I like Sears, but A&E is crap. I hope their competitors find this review and if they do they have my permission to use my quotes in competitve marketing in the hopes that other individuals can be saved the worste service experience of their lives. It has now been over a month and my service repair has not been completed. Completely unacceptable for a product under warranty.

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Had no problem with the service call itself but I discovered a week later that the part they replaced should have been covered by Maytag/Whirlpool under a recall. When I called and inquired as to why I was charged for something they are contracted with Maytag to bill them for, I was told this happened because I had asked for a service call and not a recall service call....as if I'm the one supposed to know the part was recalled. Anyway, they acknowledged that they were aware that the part was recalled and Maytag is supposed to pay them but refused to refund anyway...now dealing with Maytag directly who is going to refund and acknowledged that I should not have been billed by A&E.

By the way, tech was in my house 15 minutes and charged $220. for the call. Clearly it sounds as if A&E is able to charge customers more than what they get from Maytag so of course they won't notify the customer. If you have had service by A&E, you better check with the manufacturer directly about recalls. If they're doing this widespread, this would make for a terrific class action suit.

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I've come across this page and others like this one before... so I was worried when I had to call on A&E to fix my whirlpool washer and dryer. Both units were fixed on the day they said they would come within 30 minutes of their arrival. The two different times the repairmen came to fix one unit (or the other) they had my part in the truck, they were on time - and knowledgable about what they were doing. They both took the time out to show me what was wrong with my unit, let me see the new part they were inspecting, and answered any questions I had. They also were very polite and well-mannered, and I trust A&E to repair any of my appliances. I would highly recommend them to my family, friends or neighbors.

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One word describes A&E service..awful. Their first visit didn't fix the problem and second appointment they didn't bother to show up. Its association with Sears explains the poor service. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone.

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I see that the first post was from 2006! Here it is 2011 and you would think that A & E could learn from past mistakes but this company only seems to worry about showing up...whenever.
My first appointment found me waiting all day at home for the service repairman who never showed, even after my calling at 5:00 PM and being told he would be at my home by 5:30 PM.
Next appointment was sceduled for a week later. He came out and said he need to order two parts to me sent to my home by UPS. He would return in about a week.
Only one part showed up and he was a no show for the 8:00 to 12:00 time slot as promised. He left a note saying he was here at 12:20. (after I had to leave).
I again called only to find out that one part was on back order until the 15th of this month so he could not have repaired it anyway.
Now I am told to call them when the part comes in and I will be given a repair date.
My first call was on 2/20/11 and it will be at least until the 16 of March before anyone could show up, even if the part comes in.
This is some of the worst service I have ever encountered. It does no good to call the company since they really have a "Oh well, that is how it goes" attitude.
I will never buy another appliance without making sure that A & E has nothing to do with the servie.

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I Called in for service to my dryer on 3/14/2011 & got an appointment for Tuesday 21st bet. 1:00 & 5:00pm. It was a total waste of a day off. I called a little after 1:00pm on 3/21 to conform my appointment. The representative from A & E assured that someone will be there between the appointed hours. No one called and no one showed. I contacted A & E a little after 5:00 and was informed the appointment was cancelled. I was very upset and requested to speak to a supervisor. I was given a new appointment for 3/24 bet 1:00 & 5:00pm. I was contacted by the A & E Service tech about 1:15pm for conformation. He informed me It was a cash call. I informed him the appliance is under waranty. I informed him that I will contact my warranty company and have everything in order by the time he gets here. he replied ok. I contacted A & E to clear up the matter and was informed my appointment which is scheduled 3/24(today) was cancelled. I was very upset. Now I've wasted two days. I requested to speak to a supervisor. After explaining the situation I was given an appointment for 3/25(friday) bet. 8:00 & 12:00. I contacted my Warranty company (lowe's) and was given an appiontment for 3/29 from 1:00-5:00pm.I informed them that I already have an appointment for 3/25. they informed that it should not be a problem and they make a note to the account. the service appointment was submitted & they told me to contact A & E after an hour and conform that everything's ok. About an hour and fifteen minutes later I contacted A & E. Only to find out that they again cancelled my appointment. Now I'm very upset. I requested to speak to a supervisor. I was told none was available. the A & E Rep. took my # and said a supervisor would call me back. More than 45 minutes went by and no call. I took the liberty of placing that call myself. I explained my situation to the supervisor(Mark) from the beginnin,however, my problem fell on deaf ears. I'm a Radiographer by profession and also work in a service related field. Unprofessional behavior such as this does not belong in any customer service field. Is this how your company makes its money. I was always under the impression that the customer comes FIRST. As it stands I would NEVER recomend A & E to anyone...

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Add one other family not at all happy with A&E. We've been trying to get our whirlpool duet washer fixed for over 3 weeks now. First svc guy (3/4/11) found one problem, ordered parts. Second svc guy (3/11) said more parts were needed -- first didn't completely find the problem, ordered parts. Third svc guys (never showed up on 3/18. Fourth svc guys (3/25) show up at 5:40pm. One of the guys can't stay past 6pm so the job can't be completed.

Customer service isn't helpful. The local dispatcher for Atlanta won't answer phone on Saturday. Tel 404.669.3015. Todd Rodriguez is the Atlanta District Manager but A&E won't give me his number. Dale Reeder is the President of the company in Round Rock, TX but A&E won't get me his number.

Will NEVER buy Whirlpool or any other mfr that uses A&E as their warranty service provider. Will never recommend A&E to anyone.

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I see things haven't changed much in 4+ yrs.
Try to get an appointment that they keep, let alone one for them to fix a mistakes their tech made.
Simple problem with my Maytag fridge (5 mos old) became a never ending nightmare.Ice maker would not produce ice. First appt was a no show by A&E. Second appt, the tech came out and I knew immediately there was gonna be a problem, when he walked to the kitchen and said to himself (out loud) "Now to focus". 2hrs after he left I tried to get ice. It was finally producing ice, But NOW the auger thingy is not turning so the ice won't dispense, (that worked fine prior). After several calls to A&E early the same day they insured me the tech would call back. NOTHING!
Next day, another call to Maytag, not much help there, although they were very kind. Still she was unable to set an appt with A&E for after 3pm or weekend. She had me on hold for several minutes and claimed she went rounds with A&E, But they still wouldn't give me an appt for after 3pm or a weekend. They don't work weekends and can only give a 4hr window, EVEN when they screw up a job. So tomorrow I will lose another work day for them to fix their FU. I'll let you know if they show. This fridge has cost me more in days off, then it's worth. If you can avoid them. DO!!

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The worst experience in my life. It took 5 visits, 3 different orders of parts, one visit reschedule, one show up with out a phone call, alot of cussing, and phone calls to get my dishwasher working. All they kept saying was "man I have been doing this for 20 years and never seen anything like this". I hate A & E and want to throw up when I see an A & E service van driving on the road now.

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Harassment at its finest.... they charge you up front for a serivce call and never actually provide a service. The first tech after arriving more than 1 1/2 hours after the initial four hour window with no advance phone call diagnosed a problem. They do not keep parts on the truck. SO I had to order the part and pre-pay. Wait 10 days for it to arrive. On the 10th day, the service tech was again more than 1 1/2 hour late. Customer Service only says they are sorry for the delay but he is on his way. At this time, the new tech said the water valve for my washing machine was NOT the problem. He took another 1/2 hour to diagnose a new problem, of which I now have to order a new part and wait 10 days again.

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We are going to cancel our appointment with A & E Factory Services. Our Maytag stove needs major repair after 16 months. We called Maytag and they recommended them. My husband took off from work on Friday and they were a NO SHOW! I had to call Maytag, sit on the phone for 40 minutes, and have them tell me that they were not coming and never planned on calling me. We scheduled with a local service to come out and look at it, and he said, "You do not want those people in your house or touching an appliance."

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Honestly, I CANNOT tell the story again... Just suffice it to say that my experiences mirror all of yours. Really? How in God's name could such a company continue to operate and operate SO BADLY. It's just mindboggling. Just say NO to Sears! P.S. I may very well carry out my threat to bash the living tar out of my washer with a sledgehammer right there in the Sears parking lot on a Saturday afternoon in public!

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First let me say that I don't usually do reviews, but this has like other made me so darn mad I just have to do this. I have spent 62 years on this Great Earth and never have I ever been so poorly treated as I have with A&E Factory Service. Our washer broke April 5th call the warranty company (which is Expert Protection Major Appliances, which are not better then A&E Factory Service) and then I got a call from A&E they could not get out here for at least a week. They showed up he walk in and said bad control panel, and said he would have to order one. Part arrived the next day, but tech would not be here until April 22 I call and asked if he could come sooner, no was the answer. So here is April 22 and they will be here some time between 8:00 & 5:00. Well at 3:20 they called and canceled said they could not make it. Now I have given up two full days and i am self employed and I don't get vacation days sick days or anything else, so guess who looses both times. And this company doesn't even care said I could cancel my appointment. oh I forgot I live 100 miles from any Laundromat, so we can not even wash out clothes. So as far as I am concern the extended warranties are not worth the paper they are written on and A&E Factory services is not either but what can you expect from a Company like Sears aren't they the same Company that ripped of there Customers in the Automotive repair station. Don't know if this will do any good but it does let you vent. Oh buy the way I did call A&E back and told them they we fired and your truly fix the washer my self in 20 minutes

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A&E is beyond awful. I have a kitchenaid dishwasher that is 2 years old. Kitchenaid referred me to A&E. they charge you 130 bucks for their visit. they told us our motor was broken and charged us more than twice what i could have bought it on the internet. It took them less than 5 minutes to install the motor. when i called a&e to ask them about the price, they stated i should speak to the technician because he has the ability to negotiate the price. when i mentioned that to the technician, they said it was untrue. i went back and forth several times with a&e; they promised me a customer service solutions person and their billing dept would call me. they never did. finally, they stated the difference in price was a convenience fee. i wouldnt mind paying 50 bucks for convenience but 150? i dont think so. totally laughable dealing with this piece of crap company.

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logging in to post a comment about A&E. After 4 visits to address the problem I am having with a Whirlpool washer (F35)- I still get the codes. While I have been fortunate that I am getting them to show up, the fact that they have replaced a pump and I am still having issues is sickening. So now I am going to ask around for any local maintenance guys to fix this issue once and for all. It would be appreciated if they knew how to fix the problem the FIRST time.

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I have a service contract for all my appliances. Each appliance has a different service provider. Much too my despair my Frigiidaire dishwasher was assigned to the dreaded A&E factory service. From from appointments to service techs,& everything in between this company is a nightmare. I personally do not want to be run over the coals by this company anymore. I`m looking into the consumer protection law, & any legal means of dealing with this corporate slob that I can. I feel that
if enough people do this, it might make a difference.

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For Whirlpool Fridge - made appointment with Whirlpool online. Got an email confirmation that AE Factory Service would come out between 7-12 pm on a Tuesday. Got voice mail confirmation that on the Monday about the visit. Took off work. At around 11:30 am got an automated message that they were running late. At 1:40 pm got a message that they were not coming and that I could reschedule. Put in a complaint to Whirlpool.

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This is the worst service provider I have ever encountered. They routinely do not show up for appointments. They charge up front for service and installation prior to ordering and installing parts. Parts orders take weeks. They blame all of these glitches on " computer failurs " Their excuses are comical.

What is not comical are attempts to double bill. Be careful ! Do not buy an appliance from Sears or Kmart if these guys are the authorised service reps....

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Avoid A and E at all costs, I can't tell if the tech is good or not they never show up for the appt. This is the fourth missed appt thats bad

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Bad experience with A&E. Called for service 2 1/2 weeks ago and first service available is today. Had a service with both my washer and my fridge, both from 1-5. 445 1 guy shows up for my washer. He says he can only work on my washer and another guy is going to come for my fridge. 20 mins later he says he needs to order parts and its going to take 11 days, 14 actually because they dont schedule on Sat and Mon because its busy. I call the 800 number and ask what happened to the fridge guy. They say hes running late and will probably get here 620pm. 635pm rolls around with no tech so I decide to call. They say tech rescheduled at 540pm for June 10. Apparantly without even talking to me. called 800 number to complain and they obviously cant help me becuase no managers are on duty. Thanks for making me waste my day waiting for nothing. Looks like it will be at least 1 month before anything gets fixed or looked at. Not the type of service I was expecting.

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This is a horror story, I called A&E April 11,11 to come and fix my icemaker and freezer on a LG french dr frig. I was told there was tech available for my area that they would call me back. On 4-13 still no call I called A&E no tech available.4-15 same thing, no tech avail.4-19 still no tech avail.On 4-19 transfered to cust relations she said she would resolve it get back to me. Well on Apr 25 without any notice he called me at work its the tech wanting to come out but no one is home I did not know they were coming I work in a hosp. and cannot just leave. He told me he would rescedule for the following monday. Guess what noone showed up. I call no tech available today we only come out your way every other monday. May 9 the tech finally came took my frig apart listened to it never put one gauge anywhere no temp check no nothing took the freezer drawers out looked at the freezer for long time said he would order parts and beause of the tornados my parts could take a while. When the parts came I called to let them know they were here. No tech available will call you. I called them back becaue I still had not heard from them the tech will come on Mon May 23,11 guess what when I did not hear from them I called and no tech available. I was furious this was the third day I had taken off of work. They resceduled me again for June 6 guess what no tech available. Another day off shot. I called cust relations on Monday and got hung up on by KEVIN in cust relations. I thought I would loose control, I called back and talked different person all together again and she could not beleive what had happended they do not come to my area on Mondays only on thursdays cany you beleive it. I was told they would force a service call for today Thursday the 9th and because I just thought they might come I waited and guess what no tech avaialable. I called a&e back today the resolutions depart. and the lady on the phone said she would foce a call for Monday the 13th we'll see. joy

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Whirlpool Cabrio washer is under warranty and won't spin. Contacted Whirlpool who referred us to A & E. First appt, said they fixed it...not so much. 1st load after they left, same problem. they said it must be due to a different part, which they ordered and set up appt #2 for between 8 and 5...how's that for great scheduling? Showed up for appt #2, put in new part, didn't work. Scheduled appt #3 for between 1-5. At 1:45 got an auto call, wanting me to call in to discuss. I did, they wanted to know if I got the part delivered...I said yes, and that I had already confirmed this w/them the day before as well as the appt for today. They said, we don't show an appt for today and offerred to make appt for next day. While on phone w/this moron, another one called and left a message that, gee, the appt for today wasn't going to be able to be kept. Reported this to Whirlpool, who attempted to get another company to come out. That company said, no way, we won't followup behind A & E....I can't believe the lack of service w/this company...how is it that they stay in business?! Idiots!

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A&E is worthless. Lousy repair of a Whirlpool gas water heater with a major gas leak after the repairman left in a hurry. Calling the company for an emergency repair to fix what they screwed up in the first place was worthless. They refused to put a rush on the repair request and refused to let me speak to a manager.They told me they do not have rush or emergency services. I ended up calling my gas utility service provider (PG&E) to shut off the gas and evacuate the gas that acumulated in the house.
I would avoid A&E at all costs unless you have no other choice. God help you if that's your situation.

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I had a repair done by A&E for my Maytag french door fridge on 5/31. When the problem happened it was a Saturday so I could not get a real person on the phone, so I went to the Maytage web site and scheduled a service call for the next available day which was Tuesday 5/31. A&E contacted me and said they were dispachted by Maytag. I told the tech what the problem was and he said "Oh I know exactly the issue. It is a known issue and covered by Maytag". When he arrived he called Maytag to get authorization. Maytag said it was not covered. He apologised and suggested I call Maytag after he completes the work. Now when the problem first happened I came accross a blog that people said it was a known issue and Maytag was covering it for them. Anyway the tech charged me $508.00 for parts and labor and fixed it on the first visit.

As soon as he left I called Maytag and after being on hold for 35 minutes I got someone who said it should have been covered and while I was on the phone they contacted A&E and notified them that they were covering the whole service call. They then told me someone should be calling me from A&E shortly to credit back my card. No call, so I called A&E and they said they were not aware but would get it taken care of within the next two days. Of course I said they were notified within an hour of swiping my card that the call was covered by Maytag and that they should have just voided the transaction.

Two days later and no call. So I called A&E and they again were unaware of the credit issue, but would create a case and somebody would call me back again within two days to get my credit card info to credit me back. A couple hours later someone called me back and got the credit card info. They then said "OK, you should see a credit within the next two weeks". TWO WEEKS!! It took them five minutes to take my money. I called Maytag to complain. Maytag said they could not do anything to help me and that it was between me and A&E. They made some comment about me contracting for A&E to come out. I told them that I did not contract A&E, I contracted Maytag. Maytag subcontracted A&E to do the service and I didn't have a say so. They would not do anything to help. It is now three weeks from the service call and they still have not credited my account. I will be calling A&E tomorrow to find out where my money is. I am affraid that when I call they will tell me that they have not record of the claim and will create one for me and then let the circle start all over again.

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I made an appointment to have my refrigerator repaired and the earliest date was one week later. Yesterday I waited from 1-5:00PM for the technician to arrive. He did not arrive and did not call to let me know that he was not coming or that he would be late. At 5:30PM I left for dinner.
The next morning I noticed that I had a missed call at 5:46PM. I called the number and the technicial said that since I was not home that my appointment would have to go to the back of the line. I call the Sears number again and they said that July 5th (one week later) was the earliest date that they could come. I again called A & E and after another request to speak with a supervisor was told that this Friday, July 1st was the earliest date that they could come.
I have advised A & E and the local technician that it is common courtesy to call if they are going to be late or not coming so that a customer can schedule their time to fit the situation. Sears needs to change their system so that missed calls due to their technician not arriveing on time for their appointment can be rescheduled for next day service.

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I'm just another customer who is sitting here today, at 1 pm, waiting for my technician. He was supposed to be here between 8 - 12. I didn't get a call telling me they were running late, either. Sounds like this is their common practice.

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This relates to Long Island, New York. I had have had 5 very good experience with A&E. I called Sears Service, who we always call, to fix our Samsung fridge, where the icemaker wasn't working. It did take several days to get an appointment, but that isn't unusual or unexpected. The guy came out, fixed it right the first time. I then called about our Kenmore stove, where it was blowing the fuse constantly. The guy came out, fixed it the first time, and also for free fixed a problem with the vent hood while he was there. Third time was for our garage door opener. Guy fixed it in 15 minutes. Fourth time was for our dishwasher. Guy came out, diagnosed the problem in 10 minutes, ordered the parts, which were totally inexpensive (about $20), and scheduled a return visit. The parts arrived by UPS Ground within 2 days, and he came out today to install them at no additional charge. I personally like the UPS-to-home parts system. That way, whatever tech is available can come -- the parts come to us by a reliable method and whatever tech can come puts them in. It's smart and efficient. Absurd to think that all parts for all machines will be on their truck, and, frankly, I am surprised how many times they can fix it with what they DO have. Fifth experience was with our old clothes dryer. Guy came out, fixed the problem in 15 minutes with parts on his truck. I have total confidence and total trust in these guys. They have proven themselves over and over and really seem to care about doing it right. I frankly refuse to use anyone else, and I now buy all our appliances at Sears because their installation contractors are similarly top-notch. I will say that they do suffer from a "no good deed goes unpunished" problem, in that their automated phone system does try to call you to confirm appointments and sometimes wires get crossed with the actual service guy; I get a call from the guy who is coming right over and meanwhile the automated system calls and tells me he will be coming later. That's just the burden of technology, and I forgive them for that, given that they are actually trying to have lots of communication with the customer. I do think that they would do well to move the call centers back to the US, because the foreign folks, when you get them, have trouble understanding the nuances of both our culture's expectations of service and some of the vernacular that we use. When you get a US person on the phone, it is quite evident and the ones Sears uses are universally-excellent. (I don't distinguish between Sears and A&E here; the truck usually says A&E, but if you called Sears, as I do, the card he gives you identifies him as a member of the Sears Blue Service Crew.)

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This company is horrible......First they show up and tech says I need a thermister and will replace...all is fixed and left.....Then after a wash I get the same error....Called them back and they say they will be back in 2 days....never show up...A&E says sorry and a tech will be available in 11 days...tech shows up and says guess what?...I need a thermister...what a surprise....he doesn't have one but will expedite an order and overnight....call them to reschedule once I have the part...Next day guess what?...no part....call them again and they say it takes 24 hours to process then will overnight... ask them to schedule a tech in anticipation of part arrival and they say they can't but will escalate and have someone call me in 24 hours....guess what?...no call so I call them again and let them know what was going on....they apologize and promise a call tomorrow....No call yet gain but part finally arrives... next day air from a facility 20min from my house...(REALLY)...anyway I couldn't wait for tech which is now scheduled 8 days later, so I replaced the part(took 5 minutes) and same errors....now I am being told I have to wait till tech arrives to diagnose the issue.....WTF...THIS...COMPANY...IS...HORRIBLE...I...WILL...NEVER...USE...THIS...COMPANY...AGAIN...OR..MAYTAG...SINCE...THEY...CHOOSE...THEM...AS...THEIR...PREFERRED...SERVICE...FACILITY

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No one has had problems with A&E like mine. They came to replace bearings in Maytag washer drum which required replacing the back half of the drum. The service tech ordered parts shipped to my home. Two other techs came to do the installation several weeks later. The lead tech belly ached right away what a big job it was and said he had never done one before. Said it would require parts. We showed him the parts. Then some mumbling went on between the two techs. One went outside to place some calls in our driveway. Then they came back inside and informed us that due to us using powdered detergents we had voided our warranty. They left us broke down and took thier parts with them. We called the warranty company and after much pleading got them to send another company for a second oppinion. We showed that tech our Maytag manual that clearly states used powdered liquid or combination of both. (We had never used powdered as accused) He reported his findings back to the warranty company who sent A&E back out for a third oppinion. The master tech agreed with us that the two previous weenies just didn't want to do the job. He reordered the parts. The previous weenies returned and replaced the bearing drum but when they left I had leaks. It was determined that the front portion of the drum needed to be replaced. The drum was ordered and recieved. The weenie techs came to replace it to resolve the leak issue. Instead of replacing the drum and one shock absorber they siliconed my detergent dispenser and left again with the parts. The same day all the silicone fell out of the detergent dispenser. It was later discovered they had stuffed my washer with shop towels to absorb the leakage To this day my washer still does not have the repairs the warranty company approved

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A & E factory service has horrible customer service. We purchased a dishwasher and had it installed, the drainhose had a small leak so we scheduled a service visit on a Wednesday -- they were supposed to arrive between 8am and noon -- and would call shortly before arriving. They never called or showed up for the repair, so I called and they stated that they didn't know if a part had been shipped and arrived at our house. The part had arrived -- they never told us when we set this up that they would ship the part to us and they said we were supposed to call to let them know the part had arrived -- no instructions to call in the part box either.

So I called to let them know the part is at our house and that I had taken the day off work for this repair -- I need someone to come that day -- they told me no way -- they do not have anyone available. I asked to speak to a supervisor, was left on hold for 15 minutes and then hung up on.

I called back, went through the many levels of their phone system, was told I will have to wait for a supervisor, was left on hold close to ten minutes before I was hung up on again.

I would never do business with them ever again!

Boycott this company -- they will make changes or fail so we can have a company provide good customer service!

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I used to work for A & E Factory Service. I was an appliance technician. Most of the complaints on this forum sound very legitimate. This was the worst job I have ever had. Company downsizing put me on hard times and I needed work fast so I applied with A & E since they are "ALWAYS HIRING" technicians (revolving door)!I have had technical jobs all of my adult life and have worked for several service organizations. This was the worst experience I had ever had....organized chaos.

Like most A & E technicians, I was scheduled to run 8 to 12 calls per day. This explains why technicians don't return your calls if you discover a problem shortly after they leave your home,...too many more calls to run!

Oh yeah, I have arrived on service calls that I had ordered parts for and had customers tell me (on more than one occasion) that they were rescheduled by routing because I was out sick or because my van had broken down (wish someone had told me)!

I believe the reason some A & E technicians misdiagnose appliance malfunctions is because they are in a rush (too many more calls to run) or because they didn't find the time to watch the latest training DVD that was passed out during the last meeting. They are only allowed to watch them during company time (parked on the side of the road in their service van...and still run all of the calls...

And oh...training, well when I was hired training consisted of riding with another technician for 2 weeks (who is in too much of a rush to train you) who wanted to get home at a decent hour. After that you were on your own (scary). Well they did have a senior technician who came ONCE a year for about a week to teach appliance 101. If you were hired a week after he was there...no need to worry, he would be back next year.

I my opinion this company is expert in SMOKE & MIRRORS. The money is in the marketing! The vans are pretty and the uniforms are pretty, but the service sucks! When I was looking for a wife my dad would always say that "Pretty doesn't make a pot boil..and He was right!

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a&e suck big time. they don't know what they are doing, they have come to my home 4 times to fix the same problem with my washer and it still doesn't work and they where a no call, no show yesterday and said they don't have an opening until next week. i am calling sears and bbb today to issue a major complaint. if you can get away from using them, then do cause they are a waste of time and energy.

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A & E Factory Repair Service

I made an appointment a week in advance with A & E factory Service to schedule a service call to repair our microwave oven. The appointment was set for January 17th, 2012 for between noon and 5 PM. The company called the day before to confirm this appointment.

I called early in the afternoon on the day of the appointment to get a better idea as to when to expect the repairman; I was told that it would be before 5 PM. I called again later and was told that he would arrive between 2:30 PM and 4PM. I called at about 4:15 Pm and was told that he was running late but to expect him between 4:50 PM and 5:15 PM.

I called again at 5:30. After being kept on hold for quite a while I was told that the repairman claimed to have been at our home at 3 PM and that nobody answered the door and that I should schedule another appointment. I asked to speak to a manager and was kept on hold for twelve minutes, after which I was told I was being put through to someone in charge. I gave up after being kept on hold for another ten minutes.

Then my wife called and asked to speak to a manager. She was told that her call was being put through, but once again no one answered, and she finally hung up the phone.

We waited at home, putting everything else on hold, from noon until 6 PM. These people should be ashamed.

Thomas A. Mitchell

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Want to add my voice to the bad experience.

A&E has $129 "flat rate" in our area. Plus parts. What they don't say is that parts pricing is 3X-4X what you can find the same part for online. Our $40 seal they wanted $149 for. They come out, do an estimate with outragious parts pricing, and if you don't like the estimate you still have the pay the $129 flat rate fee. What a racket. Drive around all day with high estimates and make a fortune never actually having to do any work!

I will NEVER use these guys again. I will stick with indepedents that cost more, they are cheaper in the long run.

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A&E provided the worst service I have ever experienced. I have a protection plan from Best Buy and they subcontracted to them to do my repair.
The 1st visit: The guy didn't feel comfortable moving my stacked washer and dryer and felt he needed two people

The 2nd visit: 1 to 5 window, called at 4:40 "where are you". "Oh we'll have a tech call". No call. We left at 5:05 for an appt. The A&E Service van was parked down the block and the tech was chatting with another person. They call at 5:30 "Where are you?" they said. Uh, your window is up.

Call the customer service and they didn't care. Even told me that a window did not mean that they had to show up in that window. My husband wants to keep calling them and booking service and not be here as well. Sounds like they have always had bad customer service and the only reason they stay in business is because of Sears. I will not shop at Sears. Best Buy apologized and now will only send out their own tech. I'm putting a review of them on any site I can find.

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As a Customer Service Rep. I am disgusted with the Reps from A&E. I have had a total of 5 appointments scheduled over the last 3 weeks. Only one of which a repair rep actually showed up for. My Kitchen Aid Bottom Mount Freezer refrigerator is 4 years old. The repair rep was professional and courteous. He diagnosed the problem and ordered the parts. Since receiving the parts one week ago 2 appointments have been canceled. I am frustrated beyond belief with the incompetence of the Customer Service staff. I have as all of you rearranged my schedule on 5 separate occasions, all the money we have spent to keep ice in a cooler, eating out a lot because there isn't anywhere to keep much food, and now postponing our vacation....could have bought a new refrigerator. It is July 29 and they are supposed to come again tomorrow. My first call to them was on July 10. It's a shame that Sears doesn't make there repair service live up to the Customer Service standards they have in their stores! I'm in disbelief that major appliance manufacturers as well as major appliance stores would continue to do business with such an unprofessional company.

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Awful. They did not come at all. Or call and let me know why they did not.

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I have had A&E Factory Service refuse to step foot in my house again because I got so fed up with having a broken appliance after months of service calls and missed time from work that I threatened to have the police detain the Technician until the repair cycle was completed. Which was a suggestion given by the A&E appointment setter- that I insist that the Technician stay until the whole cycle was seen.
I have a dishwasher that throws the same fault code 3 hours after it runs. A&E has been to my house approximately 10 times to fix the unit in the last 2 months and each time, the appliance has reset because it's been turned off at the source and the Tech restarts and runs it. Then 3 hours after the cycle it throws the same code and I call it back in. But according to A&E's records the unit is fine because the Tech has reported that it's running when they leave and they won't return the same evening.
Each time they send a different technician who has none of the information from the previous attempts. I've even had one of the Tech's request to come back out, but they assign a differrent tech. After all, why should they fix it or verify the claim to have it replaced. I'm sure they get to bill the contract provider for all of their trips.
I've asked to speak to supervisors and been put on terminal hold or cut off numerous times. I've had customer service tell me that they will pass a message to a supervisor who will then return my call; which, of course, they never do.
My contract provider has started a claim to replace this appliance but needs A&E Factory Service to say that they cannot get past the fault code, but they can't even do that.
My advice would be to avoid any contract where they utilize A&E Facory Service.

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I sure wish I had checked A&E Factory Service out before I called them! After seeing all the complaints starting in 2006 I would have never called them myself. I purchased a Kitchenaid Dishwasher in May 2012 and by the first of August some of the control panel lights quit working and there was a loud pop when you opened the door. The first service call was Aug. 9th and the service tech. stopped the pop when you opened the door by putting a piece of CARDBOARD in the area to stop that. Then said 2 parts need to be ordered and set up the follow-up date as Aug. 14th. We received a call from A&E on Sunday Aug. 12th saying the parts went to backorder and would not be shipped until Aug. 24th and set up the tech. to come out the following day Aug. 25th. I thought that was strange setting up the date for the day after the parts were supposed to ship but I thought they knew what they were doing. WRONG!!! I had a message on my ans. mach. to call them on Aug. 24th so I did. I was told again the parts were on backorder and the next appt. they could give me was Sept. 1st. I told them I was not happy about that and asked why were parts for a brand new dishwasher on backorder? The lady told me I would have to call Kitchenaid about that and gave me that phone number. I called Kitchenaid right after I got off the phone with A&E and told them what was going on. He put me on hold and said he was going to call A&E himself and that a warranty issue should not have a problem getting the parts and that the parts should not be shipped to me but to A&E. He came back on the line with me and said he got the same repsonse I had from them and I was set up for Sept. 1st and that the parts would be shipped to them and not me. Now today is Aug. 31st and I had a call on the ans. mach. again to call A&E. I called the the lady asked if I had received the parts. I told her NO that per Kitchenaid the parts were supposed to go to them and not me. I then told her "this is bordering on ridiculous" and she HUNG UP ON ME! I called right back and asked for a supervisor. I was put on hold for 30 min. and then disconnected. I called back again told the person I was disc. and wanted to speak to a manager. I was again put on hold and after 10 min. I hung up on them. I just got off the phone with Kitchenaid and told a real nice lady there all the problems I was having from start to finish and asked if there was another repair company that could be used. She told me how sorry she was that I had all these problems with A&E. She pulled up service companies and the only company that came up for her was A&E. She then asked for my zip code and pulled up a local company that does warranty work for them and ordered the parts to come to my house but due to the holiday I would not get them until Wed. Sept. 5th. She then called the my local company and set me up for a service call on Sept. 6th in the afternoon and gave me their phone number to call if I needed to. I will follow up after the service call to see if getting away from A&E helps.

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Same story as others - this company is not serious. Called on a Tuesday for broken washing machine, got an appointment for Friday 1am-5am window. Got Confirmation e-mail. "Customer Service" told me at 5pm that there won't be a technician coming after all. After we waited for 4 hours at home and 4 phone calls as it got closer to 5pm. Suggested another appointment in 5 days!!! This is a joke company - who waits for more than a week for a technician for an essential appliance. Whirlpool: we should have have called Mastertech in the first place - do not set up appointments for your customers with this company. It makes you look bad as well.

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Anyone considered starting a Class Action Lawsuit against A&E? Seems like everyone has been screwed by them one way or another. Anyone know a good law firm that would take this on?

We were having problem with the fan icing up and making noise, and the LED display cover falling off on our new Samsung 30 cu fridge. A&E came to our house shined a flashlight in the the fridge, said they didn't see anything wrong. Then they told us to "get us some double sided tape" to reattach the LED display cover-which we had already tried and only worked for a couple of weeks. They also tried to tell us that our fridge was 10 years old and out of warranty. So they were going to bill us for the service call.

My wife showed them our receipt which showed is was less than 6 mo old, but then, they wanted to bill us for "customer education" after they said our fridge was set on Celsius instead of Fahrenheit--as if that would make any difference. They demanded payment and wouldn't leave--but my wife (smartly) refused to pay. We have contacted BBB and found they have an F rating in AL. We are now contacting our Attorney General's office to file complaints.

Maybe Class Action is the right way to go???

Furious in BAMA.

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Scheduling and routing is done in a central location, it was Calif i think it is India now. The technician has at best 2 weeks training on all appliances made by everyone and is supposed to sell you an extended warranty. Not a perfect situation, they have to call in to have (experts) diagnose the problem. The technician has no control on parts or scheduling or anything else-please it is not his or her fault. I would suggest finding a local company that actually knows the products to service it.

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