Quick, Dumb Question: EmpartISAPI.dll

not2brightOctober 10, 2012

I'm trying to clean up/out my Documents folder and found this entry (EmpartISAPI.dll) just sitting there. I can't figure out where it came from or what it's for. A search reveals that it's part of some websites' urls. It seems harmless and I would ordinarily just delete the thing, but since I don't know how it got there, I'm wondering whether it may be a part of something that won't function properly if I do delete it.

What say ye ? :-)

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Nothing in the Documents folder should be needed to run any program. If unsure right click and add a digit to the suffix for a few days then delete.

Googling finds engines????? So perhaps a file for smoother engine performance?

Where do you download to by default? I created a folder inside Documents for all downloads so they are separate and easily found or banished once finished with.

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Make a temp folder on your desktop, take the file from the Docs folder and put it in the temp file on your desktop..run your puter as per normal for a week or so and if no change, go ahead and delete the file

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Thanks for the comments. I'll use both of them. ;-) That is, I'll make a desktop folder and put the file there and rename it by adding a number as owbist suggests.

Owbist, depending on the program I download either to the default download folder (Windows 7) or the desktop. Never downloaded to Documents, as far as I can remember. :-/

Thanks again !

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

from my google search it looks like it has to do with brigs and straton engines or yamaha engines do you have anything related to that? Perhaps a user manual or user guide book?

I agree with both suggestions, give it a try I doubt it is anything essential.

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Yes ! I have a .pdf manual (for a TroyBilt rider mower) that I downloaded but really don't need anymore. I imagine it's safe to delete it then, but I'll still wait a few days to be sure. Thanks, ravencajun !

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