Kitchenaid warming drawer with slow cooking feature

golfingladyOctober 1, 2008

I just purchased a 30" KA Architect series warming drawer for my soon-to-be started renovation - a complete impulse purchase based on the great price. Does anyone have an opinion on the slow cooker feature? Does it really replace a countertop slow cooker?

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A timely question. We also have one, and I haven't used it yet. I'm thinking about slow-cooking something tomorrow (chicken cacciatore?) and was planning on using our trusty Rival Crock Pot. Duh, I had forgotten all about that feature on the KA.

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WOW- never heard of this- would love to know if it works. Would dlove to have one less thing to store in the cabinets.

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Seems I need to do a little shopping before using it, as KitchenAid recommends using serving pans (available for purchase, natch) or oven-safe cookware. I'm not sure our crock pot's removable insert is oven-safe or will even fit in the warming drawer. I wonder whether KA has slow-cook recipes for its warming drawers. To my knowledge, none were supplied with it. Oh, the chicken cacciatore was delicious.

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I just got my KA warming drawer installed and have been searching for slow cooker recipe ideas. I happen to have the serving pans which are restaurant pans and available at rest. supply stores. I am thinking my ceramic or other oven proof casseroles would do as the serving pans are not deep enough for stews,chili or other braised meats. I'll keep you posted.

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Please do, chefpat. I'm curious to learn how the KA performs compared to a crock pot.

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I made a wonderful braised beef recipe from W. Sonoma in my warming drawer. I simply used a 13 X 9 baking pan. Now I am wondering if there is any advantage to using cast iron in the warming drawer. Any ideas????

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I am interested in purchasing this Kitchenaid warming drawer but want a custom panel that is flush with the rest of the panels. Does anyone know if this will fit flush in a 24 or 25" cabinet?

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Has anyone bought pans from KA to be used in slow cooker/warming drawer? If so, how were they? I really want to try this slow cooker out.

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Hi Jerren.

I have the 30" KA warming drawer model #KEWS105, panel ready. I have yet to use the slow cook feature as I keep forgetting it can function this way! I think I need to write myself a note and tape it to the front! I never use my crockpot as a food cooker because the pot isn't removable, and I hate cleaning it.

The manual states:

"When slow cooking, use serving pans (available for purchase) or oven-safe cookware."

The serving pans shown in the picture and on-line are merely hotel pans sold very inexpensively at restaurant supply companies. My DH works for a restaurant supply co and laughed at the $99 price I saw online tonight for one of the KA pans. It seems you don't, however, even need special pans. Any oven-safe pan will work.

Aside from this feature that I haven't used, I'm happy with my WD. I like the moist/dry function very much and use the unit at least a couple of times a week.

Now to find a recipe with which to inaugerate the slow cook feature!

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I'm so glad someone resurrected this thread, and hoping breezygirl will chime in and be her usual helpful self. I am interested in this slow-cook feature.

To those using it, in what way is this KA drawer different from, say, Bosh or Electrolux? It looks like the max temp on all of them is 250 degrees. Is there something special that makes it slow-cook?

I am really down to choosing between KA, Elux, and Bosch so any info is helpful.

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MizLizzie--Have you decided on a unit? Maks_2000 recently commented on using his/her KA as a slow cooker, but those are the only comments I have been able to find about it. I've seen several posts where people talk about having the ability to do it, just not those who actually use it in that manner. I guess I'm just not a slow cooker kinda gal. One day I will use it and will be sure to report back when I do!

Here is a link that might be useful: Maks's comments on KA as a slow cooker

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Breezygirl, I am going with the Electrolux. Reviews are just too strong to pass up. I may just try to slow cook something in it! I will certainly report back. Still several weeks from demo. Thank you for remembering me!

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You guys just need to post in the hockey moms' forum... we are always using our slow cookers! We don't have a warming drawer (yet) but I'm thinking about swapping out a drawer to incorporate one. For slow cooker recipes, plenty of recipe books out there.

Here's one of our favorites: Beef BBQ Sandwiches (from Fix-It and Forget-It Big Cookbook 1400 slow cooker recipes)

prep 5-10 minutes
cooking: 6.5-8.5 hours

4 LB beef chuck roast
1 cup brewed coffee or water
1 T cider
1 t salt
1/2 t pepper
14 oz bottle ketchup
15 oz can tomato sauce
1 cup sweet pickle relish
2 T worcestershire sauce
1/4 cup brown sugar

1) Place roast, coffee, vinegar, salt and Pepper in slow cooker
2) Cover, cook on high 6-8 hours or until meat is very tender
3) Pour off cooking liquid; shred meat with two forks.
4) Add remaining ingredients, stir well
5) Cover. Cook on high 30-45 minutes. Reduce heat to low for serving.

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