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capecodderDecember 15, 2011

We did a new bathroom about 3 years ago, Kohler tub, medicine cabinets, sinks, etc. The medicine cabinets, Archer style as I recall, have mirrored sides. I called Kohler a few months ago about the mirrors on the side slipping off, they are held on with 2 sided tape! They sent me new mirrors and new tape.

Yesterday I was downstairs and heard a huge crash. Ran upstairs...mirrored glass everywhere. The side mirror had fallen off, crashed to the granite counter (fortunately, no damage there) and then to the floor. There were pieces of glass everywhere...even outside of the bathroom. To say I am disgusted with this product is putting it mildly. I doubt that Kohler will make good on this shabby product.

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Wow, unbelievable. If they don't make it right (and even if they do) attaching a mirror with tape is just plain wrong. I would post a warning about their poor workmanship on EVERY site I could, if for no other reason than to protect the next person who is thinking on buying it.

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I have the Bancroft cabinet, but it's inset. I'm curious why you didn't originally attach the mirrors with a different adhesive. Granted, the tape is cheesy.

I have the mirrors from my Bancroft, if you want them. I think the cabinet is the same. Pay for shipping and they're yours. I'm in California.

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Wow, that sounds like something that Consumer Reports would be interested in hearing about. Major safety hazard!

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I hate the finish on my Kohler Archer faucets, they always look dirty!

I hate climbing under a sink to change a faucet even more so for now, we deal with them.

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