liebherr 60" refrigerator

goofyynoOctober 20, 2012


I found a liebherr 60" refrigerator on line. It may be perfect for my needs. But it looks like two 30" put together. does anyone know if they are actually two units which can be separated? I'm assuming there is only one electrical plug though.

2nd question, is it hard to get service for them? I currently have a Viking, which no one will service because they can't seem to get parts for it.


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SBS32S1 is two 30" units with a side by side install kit.

2 plugs and 4 compressors.

I have several places here in Los Angeles to service Liebherr. I have not had to call yet. So no service that has required parts.

Call Liebherr to find out about service in your area

Mon � Fri from 6:30 am to 5:00 pm Mountain Standard Time
Call Toll Free Customer Service: (866) 543-2437

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ah, thanks. that what I was afraid of. I doubt there are more than one outlet back there, and don't really want to start with electrical work (hiring someone, not me!)

the model number is listed as SBS 320. not sure how that compares to sbs32s1

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ops, I'm wrong. that is the built in , I am looking at the 32S1. well, maybe not anymore.

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ok, why can't I edit my previous posts to cover up my stupidity. It runs on a 120 v line not 220. so there is probably 2 spots.

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We are about to order a refrigerator for our house remodel/rebuild.

Deeageaux, how long have you had your Liebherr? Does the name mean "Love man"? Glad to hear that there has been no need for repairs.

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Hiring an electrician to add an outlet a few feet from where one is already located is super cheap. And you don't really need a drywall guy to repair because it is hidden,anyone can just spackle on the repair.

When you are talking Liebherr fridge prices,does ~$75 in electrician labor cost really mean much?

I have had my Liebherr for about a year. 9 months of secondary fridge duty and about 3 months since built-in as my main fridge.

When I registered "Diego" or James was already taken and various forms of the name already taken.

Daddy is a Cajun. So "Deeageaux" it was.

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Liebherr is german for Dear Sir, if my spotty German comprehension is correct.

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Yes, lieb means dear and Herr means Sir.

Put together it is a German surname.

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It is likely the existing outlet is on a separate circuit that you can check for 20 or 15 at the fuse box. Ask the seller the total startup amperage for the frig. You may be able to plug both cords into the same receptacle

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It's recommended to have side-by-side installs on a split receptacle to avoid overloading a single circuit. Two compressors from two separate units trying to start at the same time could pop a 15 amp breaker.

Liebherr is the last name of the orginal founder: Hans Liebherr. Literally translated could mean 'Dear Sir' or 'Lovely Man'. The company is still 100% owned by the Liebherr family and produces over 2 million refrigeration products annually.

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I have a 20 amp breaker, so I should be ok with the one, right?

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As long as nothing else is on the circuit you should be fine. The inverter electronics Liebherr uses to control the variable capacity compressors soft-start them and shouldn't spike higher than 8 amps at start-up.

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