Elux IQ Touch or Wave Touch Oven

zackinOctober 8, 2012

Many thanks to all the posters here for the wonderful advice.

I'm about to order all appliances for my kitchen remodel and can't decide which Electrolux wall oven model to choose.

I'm buying two separate wall ovens - one in a wall cabinet and one undercounter in a peninsula. I was all set to order the IQ Touch strictly because of price, until I noticed that it has only one luxury glide rack. For some reason, I thought all of the racks would be the ball bearing type.

The Wave Touch has 2 luxury glide racks and costs approximately $250 more. It also has the control panel that is dark until you use it. The Icon has three luxury glide racks, but I think that's out of the ball park in price.

For those of you who have Elux wall ovens, do you think the Wave Touch controls make a significant difference? If you do, would you mind telling me why? These decisions are driving me crazy!

Thanks so much.


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Read the thread linked to below where I discussed these ovens and the differences amongst them extensively. The Wave-Touch (and Icon) controls that go dark give a clean appearance when they're off and guide you to the ones you need at any given moment without having to search through a whole panel's worth of buttons. But the extra glide-out rack is the main advantage of the Wave-Touch model (for me anyway), and it adds a temperature probe and turkey-specific setting as well. I like the Icon designer series best for its large, clean inside appearance (on the door particularly) and 4 racks with 3 glide-outs, but it's more expensive and 30"w only. If the ovens aren't next to each other, you could get one of each without it looking bad. Don't know without looking whether the Icon racks interchange with the IQ and Wave 30" ovens, though I know the latter two have interchangable racks so you could swap fixed and glide-out racks between them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Electrolux ovens, etc.

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We have the double Icon Wavetouch and they're great. We love the controls, but to tell you the truth it has more racks than we really need!

Maybe the non-Icon Wave-Touch is right for you. With our appliances we went up a notch over our original targets but after moving in it is nice to not have to say "I wish we spent $200 more or $400 more to get the appliances we really wanted." But you know your budget better than I do....


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Thank you Lee and Billy. As with everything, the oven prices keep creeping up in my remodel. At first, I thought I would get one Electrolux for the most visible spot (in the peninsula) and a much more basic wall oven which would cost less.

Then an appliance salesman convinced me that I should buy two of the same, either the Elux or the less expensive one, since two different oven styles would look odd. Now I'm rethinking whether to get 1 Elux Icon and a basic Frigidaire. I'm not sure whether the appearance would be strange, since they're pretty far apart.

I've included a preliminary drawing. The wall oven is not visible in the drawing. It will be to the left of the dishwasher. The other one is below the counter in the peninsula.

Thanks again for the information and advice.

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The pull-out shelves are most crucial in the oven you use most, or the oven that's beneath your countertop where you must lean down do insert and remove food. That may help deside which oven to put where; fortunately the more visible oven is low in the peninsula, so I might settle on the icon designer oven there and the elux iq in the wall cabinet, placing the single roll-out rack where it is most useful (I don't think the icon and non-icon racks interchange, but may be wrong here). They don't look all that different (if you get both in stainless steel) and are far enough away from each other and mounted differently so i wouldn't consider it a problem at all. The wave-touch and iq ovens can have racks swapped between them, not sure if the icon can with the non-icon but maybe.

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You can also ask over at the Kitchens forum whether to get two different ovens or two of the same, since this is more of a kitchen design question. You will get lots of opinions over there!


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Thanks, Lee.
I would definitely put the Icon in the peninsula, for the reasons you stated. What do you think about adding the Frigidaire Gallery as the wall oven on the other side of the room?
Or, the LG wall oven http://www.ajmadison.com/cgi-bin/ajmadison/LWS3010ST.html

Would either of those look odd and out of place with the Icon in the peninsula, in your opinion?


Here is a link that might be useful: Frigidaire Gallery

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Of those two I prefer the LG - it includes at least one glide-out rack and has styling that at least approximates the Electrolux oven - including the distinctive blue interior walls - and the LG's light blue & red digital display won't clash as much with the Elux's deep blue/red as Frigidaire's green would. And LG quality is generally high.

I also like Frigidaire's 27"w ovens with the side-hinged doors, although they *still* don't come in stainless steel, and still don't seem to have been updated much in the last 20 years - no glide-out racks, smallish window, poor space utilization. But it has the 27"w side-opening oven market to itself now,

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I second the comment that 3 gliding racks may be more than you need in one oven. I have the non-icon Elux double wall oven, and I never use more than two racks at a time in one oven. Usually I only use one rack. The extra racks live up in a cupboard most of the time. The Wave Touch, however, was worth every penny. Those panels really glow. If the whole thing was lit all the time, it would be very distracting, sort of a focal point that you don't really want.

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Ginny, that's very helpful. It's so easy to get caught up in decisions about features that may not be useful. But, it sounds like the wave touch is worth it. We're strongly leaning toward two wave touch ovens at this point.
Many thanks to all who responded

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FWIW, I "test drove" the glide-out racks on Electrolux and KA at a local store. The KAs did not glide as smoothly. If this is important to you, try to find some locally and test-drive.

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I also have the non-Icon Wave touch. Only for about a week though.

But I think two glide out racks are plenty. I hardly ever even use two, so can't really imagine NEEDING three. I survived so far in life with zero gliding racks, you know? The ovens still have three racks if I were to go on a cookie-making binge, I would just have to suffer to pull out the bottom rack.

I, like you, hesitated whether to spend extra on a cosmetic feature (the dimming display). But I felt it made the ovens look more sophisticated, contemporary, expensive, whatever word you want to put on it. I'm very happy with my choice. I look at the ovens much more often than I pull out the bottom rack!

If budget is super tight, I'd do a Wave-tough and an IQ-touch before I did an Icon and a Frigidaire, IMHO.

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After reading all of the wonderful advice here, I've decided to go with two wave touch ovens. The Icon price turned out to be way higher than I knew, which made the decision a lot easier. Even combining it with a cheaper oven would be more expensive than getting two wave touches.
Thanks, everyone.

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Fredanj -
I know this is an old thread, but wondering how you like the Wave Touch undercounter in your peninusula. I (or my builder) made the mistake of having island grantie installed before all appliances were in. When they installed the Wave Touch under the counter, we found it is one of the only wall ovens that doesn't have a flat front. SO, the oven bowed out beyond the granite. This is particularly worrisome because the island will be used for prep and the concerns of water dripping right into the electronic panel. Plus, it looked awful because the top of the control panel is not closed and/or finished, clearly it is not meant to be seen. Granite guys came out, tore up caulk and moved the granite as much as possible (there is a sink in the island) so granite is flush or just barely hanging over the oven top.

Long story, but do you like your oven under counter, and do you worry about the electronic display getting spilled on?

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