Corrections! Wonderful package from Trixie Tx

Susan_in_NCMarch 3, 2006

Ok, no meds today! Even my Friday afternoon glass of wine will WAIT! I want no errors.

Karen sent an absolute fantastic package from Texas. I had been so bad, I didn't tell DH that I was in a swap. He was so amazed by Karen's package -- that a "stranger" that I may occasionally "address the same topic with on a chat thread" would care to send such nice things. Karen, you have made a believer out of DH -- that's nearly an impossible task.

So, for the list (pictures a bit later -- I don't want to bring back the headache!):

I got HOMEMADE stuff! Yeah!!!

Salsa, Squash/Zuchinni Relish and Apricot/Jalepeno Jelly.

We love salsa, and look forward to trying yours. I never had squash/zuchinni relish, but am really looking forward to trying the apricot/jalepeno jelly. Karen suggests serving it with cream cheese. I may have to hide this from my DS, or he will be putting it on a bagel, with cream cheese for breakfast. The boy does love hot stuff!

For the Kitchen -- I have MICROFIBER dishtowles and cloths! I have looked at microfiber cloths for about a year now, debating if I really need them (I know, but sometimes I do try to use some restraint!). Before I could even do more than take my photo's, DH had the package open and "tested" them!

Guess what else he found "so" interesting? Teh Bee Bar Lotion! He thought it smelled great. I have constantly dry hand recently -- have been using Burt's Bee Balm, but it sort of "smells" (and not in the best way).

Texas STUFF --

Well, to start off there was the cutest corkscrew! And, gosh was it heavy! It had to be since it was a Longhorn! I hope the pics show it off well enough to do it and Karen justice. To go with a corkscrew -- a bottle of Texas wine (to be sampled at a later date).

And, last but not least in the Texas category -- Texas BBQ sauce. Now, being Texan, I believe that is Beef BBQ sauce. Right?

To top it all off, Karen remembered seeing a thread where we discussed Wilton Armetale bowls. I had purchased one for my sister (and SIL) and one for myself! Karen sent a lovely bowl and knife. As she put it "Just because I thought you would like it." Can you hear me calling "YES, yes, yes" all the way to Texas?

The box was fantastic and each part was wrapped in ... wait for it...... TEXAS logo tissue paper with twine "ribbon" and little tags for the categories! I tried to take pics that would show off this detail, but as I said earlier, I won't try to go there yet -- I don't want to invite the headache back!

Karen, you are the BEST!


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WOW Karen that surely is a wonderful swap box from the Great State of Texas! Very nice , everything sound so nice and to convert Susan's DH in the done good!

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Another GREAT swap package! I love everything. I always love regional things. And homemade items are very, very special!! Sounds like a lot of really nice goodies! Looking forward to the pix!

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Nice nice! I'm looking forward to pictures too!

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Karen, what a great package! Did you make the Apricot/Jalapeno Jelly? Can you share the recipe, if you did? Pretty please? This sounds absolutely fabulous!


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Susan, glad you are feeling better and can enjoy all he neat gifts.

Karen, Great package!

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That relish and jelly sounds really yummy. What a great package of Texan goodies. Sending along the bowl and knife by the company you like is especially sweet. Good job Karen.


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Susan, the perfect way to eat that jelly is with cream cheese on a bagel. Your DH has it just right, except that it has to be YOU that's eating it. (grin)

I'm really looking forward to pictures, everything sounds so perfect.


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Cool Beans, the things you got.
I love love love my microfibers. Dish towels, dish clothes, dusters...they feel a little funny on my fingers, but they do the best darn cleaning jobs!

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Susan- so glad you're feeling better and can report on the fun package you received. Love the Wilton Armetale, homemade goodies and the microfiber. I love, love, love the microfiber cloths. Makes clean up a breeze, wait til you see what they do on mirrors! They'll even polish silver --but caution, they'll stain a bit.

Karen, what a fun and thoughtful gift package.

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Another nice swap package, with everything I would love. Regional items and homemade goodies are very special. I'm looking forward to seeing pictures too.

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Wow super package.....very nice to get homemade goodies, I have sampled mine several times. Reading about the regional stuff is so interesting, especially up here in Canada where most of if is new to me. Who knew Texas made wine?



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I always appreciate homemade things. Great package!

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Susan, you'll love the micro fiber clothes, just don't bleach them or use fabric softener, otherwise they do anything! I even found mocrofiber socks at Kohl's one time, I keep looking for more but haven't found any others...they are soooo soft.

Karen, nice Texas goodies!


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Hey if those clothes get DH to clean it might be the best thing in the package! LOL! Everythings sounds great and more homemade treats, can't beat that. Enjoy it all! Way to go Trixie!


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Great box of swap items. I love my micro fiber clothes. I'm sure you will too.

The home made goodies are very nice. Enjoy!

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Very nice package. Any pictures Susan?


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That's a pretty incredible swap package!

Enjoy everything.


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Great box! Enjoy!

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Wow! Neat package -- the Apricot/Jalapeno jelly sounds great. (I can imagine that making a really nice glaze for pork or chicken....) And the microfiber towels are fantastic. I guarentee you will love those!

Nice to make a Kitchen Forum believer out of your DH. Great job, Karen; and hope you enjoy the whole box, Susan!

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Susan, even without pictures I know you are one lucky girl. Karen was my swap partner once, and she sends one heck of a Texas sized swap package. Is it the red mud BBQ sauce? That is to die for. Sounds like you got a great package! Good job Karen.

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Susan, you are so lucky to get some of Karen's homemade goodies in your swap package! She was my partner a few swaps back and she sends such a great swap package.

Well done, Karen!

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What a well thought out package Karen. The apricot jalapeno jelly sounds great.

Enjoy those Texas treats Susan!


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Soundds like a great package! I'd love to get a peek at that corkscrew...


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Another great TEXAS package! Doncha just love it? Yummy homemade stuff, texas wine & bbq sauce, what more could anyone want!?

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