Linear drain choices

kudzu9December 12, 2013

I'm considering a linear drain for a shower I'm putting in, but they seem pricey for what they are. (Is this the price of buying something trendy?) I did take a look at Amazon and found some that were much more reasonably-priced -- around $100 -- by an outfit called Kingsun. It looks like these are similar to the ones that cost 4 times as much. Is there any reason I shouldn't consider buying one of these?:

Linear drain

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Ok, it's been almost a week and...nothing. I can't believe there isn't at least one person in this knowledgeable and opinionated group that has a comment. :)

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I Know Nut'n !

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And furthermore :) it has only been 3.5 days since your original post.

(note, I am generating interest by helping you accumulate posts)

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I also know nothing but here is a recent post about linear drains which you may have missed:

Here is a link that might be useful: linear drains info

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The reason neither I nor Lori or others who have chosen linear drains haven't commented is because you're asking about a very inexpensive (ok, I'll say it, cheap) product, and none of us has gone that route. We just put in an Infinity Drain - but 4x the price you're looking at would have been considered a steal. We weren't looking to spend big bucks on a drain -- we had an issue due to the concrete floor -- but once we decided to go that route, we were going to get something we knew would work and looks good, too.

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We got Laticrete, so I can't answer about the cheaper one. I don't know why the things tend to be so expensive, either. They don't look terribly complicated, but I guess we are just playing it safe. Ours will be in a slab, so any issues with it and we'd be spending a lot more!

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Lori, I agree - the price is ridiculous compared to the "function" and to regular drains. I guess the price will come down as they gain in popularity.

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Babka NorCal 9b

The quality of the stainless steel probably contributes to the cost. I would worry about a cheap drain rusting and corroding. Then you would have to tear out your shower floor to replace it. Save money on something else. We have a Schluter liner drain in our 3'x4' shower. The slope allows us to have a very low curb, and when we are in the shower, our feet don't have to straddle a round drain.


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Well, I am planning a bathroom remodel with a trench or linear drain, so was interested in this thread. I went to the Link you posted, Kudzu9, and read what that drain was made of. It said 304 Stainless Steel. Okay, I don't know what that means, so I googled it, and learned that it is a grade of stainless steel that can tarnish. 316 Stainless Steel has added chromium, so is less vulnerable to corrosives. Considering what some folks wash their tile with, and that bleach could someday come in contact with a drain, I wondered if this was significant. So I went back and found the name of SJHockeyfan's drain, went to it's website, and learned that it is made of 316 SS. So somebody at Infinity Drains thinks it is worth it to get the more expensive SS in their product.

That may be a starting point if you want to research drains and see who uses which SS. You may find that it is a reason to avoid the 304 SS or you may find that the 316 is overkill, I don't know.

I am off to read your link and find out if it addresses my concern: how do you catch hair before it goes down into a trench drain?

Here is a link that might be useful: Technical differences between 304 and 316 SS

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Thanks, everyone. After reading all the comments, I'm willing to spend a bit more and I'm scouting out leads on somewhat more expensive -- but not outrageously-priced -- linear drains. I'll post back in a week or two with what I've found if any of you are interested.

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Nancy in Mich, your post is very helpful! Thank you for you information.

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Well, we're finally going to be able to use our shower this weekend, so I'll let you know how well the linear drain works!

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