transfering addresses from server mail box to Windows Mail

salbwilOctober 18, 2011

Is there an easy way to move my address book from my server mail to Windows mail ? Every time I want to email a link to something I'm looking at, Windows mail pops up as the way to mail it. This is fine, however, most of my addresses are in my server mail book and trying to transfer them has so far been difficult , if not impossible.....don't know what I'm doing wrong.

Thanks, salbwil

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To import an address book from another email client:

Start Windows Mail.

Go to File -> Import -> Windows Contacts...

More at link below

Here is a link that might be useful: Windows Contacts

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I guess I should have said, Windows Live Mail; is it a different program ? Anyway, there is no "file" area that I can find. It is a very busy address type bar at the top of the program and very confusing. I think I may have done it, but in the mean time, I lost all of the mail in my in box on my server. ..........very frustrating. Windows Live mail does NOT want one to navigate away from their program and makes it very difficult to not make them the default mail program.

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Now that we know the mail client, I'm hoping someone will clear this up for you. E-Mail is not my area.

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I use Windows Live Mail but don't think I can help you. I imported my address book from my Outlook Express mail on my old computer. In fact, I do not even have an address book in my gmail, which is my mail server. What is your server mail? There might be instructions there for moving your address book to Windows Live Mail. I know there are instructions for having your e-mails download to WLM, which is what I do. I dislike having to go to gmail via my browser to get my mail.

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Server mail is just I have no problems with just using that, but thought I might like the features in WLM....wrong. It's just too confusing.

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