Shower curtain rod - curved or straight ?

oshnwavzDecember 19, 2012

I always thought that if I replaced mine, I would want a curved one, because i like the way it looks. With my remodel however, I am turning my shower/tub into a shower only. I understand that curved would provide a little more room with a shower/tub combo. But with a shower only - this is suddenly seeming like not a good idea. With just the shower curb, don't i need the curtain to hang straight in order to keep the drips onto the shower floor only, and not the rest of the bathroom floor ?

Or ... would you place the curved curtain so that the ends are placed further inside the shower ? Hmm.. maybe that defeats the purpose. HELP - I am confused ! !

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Curved. We put a curved rod on a standard 5' tub and eliminated all the overspray. The ends go in the tub further than a straight rod but the middle is further out. You have more room where you stand and less where you don't stand.

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I think hendricus missed the fact that you are installing a shower only. If you are replacing your tub/shower with a shower that only has a curb, you shouldn't use a curved rod. If you do, the outer edge of the shower curtain will hang straight down outside the shower curb and water will go on the floor. If you move the curved shower rod inward to prevent this from happening, the ends of the curtain will be further into the shower than with a straight rod and you won't gain any space.

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Thanks kas - yes that is my concern exactly. Although I think I would prefer the look of the curved rod, I think with SHOWER ONLY (NO TUB) that I will be watering the floor alot if I go with the curved.

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I agree with kas.

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