natural ventilation ? (cross post in windows)

phoggieSeptember 20, 2012

Can someone explain what the natural ventilation code is? I was wanting to use "fixed" windows and a door instead of casement or sliding doors, but was told that I could not do that because of "natural ventilation code requirement" which prevent doing this. I don't open the windows anyway, so I didn't want the extra expense of putting them in.

Please advise....thanks.

Also, I was told that Simonton were good windows. Can you tell me how they compare to Andersen 400 series?...cost and efficiency?

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Can't help with "natural ventilation code requirement", but curious if you meant this fixed window/door set up would be through the entire house or just in a certain room?

On the windows, here's a link to a previous thread with a window discussion and run down of some of the major brands out there.

Maybe someone on the windows forum can help with the "natural ventilation" part.

Hope this helps!

Here is a link that might be useful: Window Research Thread

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Alex House

Every bedroom will have to have windows which meet the egress code, so no fixed windows, ever, in bedrooms.

I'm not sure about egress conditions in other rooms.

For the rooms which do need egress windows, you can do a split window - one or more panes fixed and then one pane can be configured for size so that it meets egress conditions.

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I know you don't care about resale but think of the waste generated when you leave the house and someone has to tear out all the perfectly good windows.

Most people really prefer open windows when weather allows and it also helps with energy use when weather is favorable.

Your natural ventilation requirement may be local/regional.

I have a house with a room with large windows that are all fixed. But every room still has enough opening windows to ventilate. Think of the cooking mishap....

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IBC � 1202.4: Natural Ventilation. Natural ventilation shall be through doors, windows, or other openings to the outdoors. Openings must be readily controllable by occupants.

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david_cary....would you please post a pic of the room with all fixed windows? This is really hard for me to decide. I am a 70 yr. old widow and want to make this as efficient as possible, while being able to enjoy the view I paid for....Thanks!

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Annie Deighnaugh

I couldn't live without ventilation...I hate having the house shut up...regardless of one's age. I can say that the casements are easier to handle as you get older though as you don't need as much upper body strength as you do with double hung.

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Every bedroom will have to have windows which meet the egress code, so no fixed windows, ever, in bedrooms.

Is this really true? I know bedrooms have to have egress windows, but if there is one egress window in the bedroom can't other windows in the bedroom be fixed?

Bedrooms are the only rooms that need egress windows.

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