Bertazini, Bosch, Fulgor Milano Wall ovens

fall.loverOctober 14, 2013

Help. I have appreciated the level of support this site provides and am in desperate need of your experience. I currently have a kitchen aid model number KEBS209BSS double wall oven and HATE the loud fans. First time I turned the oven on the fans were louder than the rain storm outside. No joke! Wasn't told there were fans at all, that tells you how old my other faithful ovens were. I am in a time crunch to replace the kitchenaid as we are in tough negotiations with the retailer we purchased from. I am looking at the Bertazzoni but do not know anyone who owns them. Sales rep raves about it but my first priority is a QUIET oven. Have read many reviews on the Bosch 500 series and the quiet fans. I know there is no escaping the fans. Just wanting to not have ones that run for one hour after the oven is off and that do not make a loud, storm sound. Here are the ones I am looking at: Bosch HBL5650UC, Electrolux non icon series(no model # at this point), Fulgor Milano(no model #) and the Bertazoni (again, no model # yet). Any insight would be greatly appreciated. I had Whirlpool double ovens for 22 years and was completely satisfied. Just want something quiet and easy to use.

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I've had the 27" Bosch 500 series and love it. Fans are not loud and shut off fairly quickly. If I open the door after turning off the oven, the fans shut off very quickly.

Baking is even, temps accurate. Very happy

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wish i could help, we are also looking for a wall oven. lady at aj madison recommended the viking. i know there's not much love for viking ranges here, was wondering about the wall ovens.

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Thanks txjoyce. I have decided on the 30" Bosch 500, however, we are in some very difficult negotiations with the store we purchased from. Owner is refusing to take the loud kitchenaid ovens back. He says we should have known about the sound? Buyer beware, if you are looking for appliances in the Portland, Oregon area. AGK2003, I listened to the Viking ovens and the fans were very loud. See if you can hear them live before you purchase. I called Vijking and asked about the decibel rating but the engineer said they do not rate their oven fans. Seems like that is something that should be rated given all the complaints regarding noise. Hope you find what works for you.

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I am so sorry to hear about this- I too am trying to find out about which wall ovens and am considering the Fulgor, and am also in Portland. Where did you buy the loud ovens so I can make sure not to buy from someone who thinks I should already know what my new appliances will sound like? Glad you found something you like anyway!

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Yesterday, after much research, bought the Bertazzoni F30 PROXT. Can't comment on fan noise yet as it will not be installed for several months.

I decided to restrict my options to ovens with knobs rather than those rediculous touch buttons. The Bertazzoni look really did it for me, so since I didn't have that much I needed for actual oven performance, and assuming the B does work reasonably well, took the plunge.

Note - the highest end B (the PRO-XT) will be priced in your store at $3100, but the dealer cost is only around $1400, so you CAN afford this brand.

I will repost in a few months once we get this beauty installed.

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