WANTED: I know this may sound a little cranky but.....

chase_gwMarch 3, 2006

I just love these swaps and always want to make sure I not only respond to my partner but acknowledge the effort, thought and generosity of others. So, as many others do I tray and post to all the packages.

But when folk post to say they got their swap package but for whatever reasons (vaild for sure) they can't open and post the details I start to loose wether the contents have been shared and I responded.

So may I suggest that, if you can't post right away...which is understandable... just email your swap buddy to let them know all is well and the parcel has been safely received and then post here when you have had a chance to open , marvel and post your appreciation.

Maybe it's just me...and I can't blame PMS anymore!!

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Chase, need some chocolate? LOL We'll do better next time :-)

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It's ok! Sometimes I have to do a control F with my name to make sure I responded to it! haha!!

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Chase, thank you as I have this same problem. I would also appreciate folks doing that.

Or maybe during swaps we could have a thread titled, "I received my package and will report later." Folks could post a quick note if they received their package and need to wait to describe it. That way we would not have to rely on Garden Web's sending our e-mails correctly. Folks who are expecting their package to be received could just check there.


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Sharon...Good Idea!

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That does sound like a good idea.

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Sharon, sounds like a good idea to me too. And not to change the subject, but I would like to see more swap participants post to the follow up threads. I know it isn't easy when there are so many, but some participants aren't posting at all. And I would like to thank Annie. Even though she didn't participate this time she is very supportive and makes a point of posting to just about all of the threads.


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I know I'm guilty...I've just not been 'with it'. Nothing to do with the forum....I love the swaps and everything else.


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I was thinking to make a check off list so I could keep track of where I need to post! Shaun, that would take care of your 'Control F' solution, which is where I am heading next!

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That is a great idea, but I don't think the email at GW works anymore. None of the emails I've sent for the past several months from this site has reached it's destination.

I've also heard of other people having the same problem.

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Another good idea might be to list your e-mail address in your swap letter. Then the person receiving would be able to e-mail direct right away instead of hoping it goes through on the GW e-mail system.

I don't think I understand the control F thing. I don't think I've missed any of the posts...I hope not anyway.

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Jayne, I'll try to explain the control F thingy. When you get to a thread that you don't know or remember posting to and want to check without going thru the entire thread. You can push Ctrl and the letter F (CtrlF) at the same time on your keyboard. A small window will come up. Type your user name into the window and click on 'find'. That will bring you down to your post if you posted. It sure saves alot of time looking through countless thread to find your post.

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Thanks Karen! I love to learn new things!

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I didn't know that, I was gone during the middle of the swap and I have had a hard time catching up. I enjoy looking at what everyone receives!

Thanks you Karen!

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Jayne - I really like your idea. I think I will include my email address in my next swap letter.

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I guess I'm a guilty one, too. I just don't get a lot of time to play on the computer. My week is spent dealing with 20 cranky computers and sometimes by the end of the day I can't even bring myself to check my email. Most days I barely have a chance to do a fly-by read of posts, much less actually respond.

So, I apologize for not responding to every swap post...I didn't realize it was an issue and I certainly don't want to make anyone feel bad. Maybe it should be a swap rule, but then I couldn't participate at all :(

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I like this idea too, I think we have had posts like this in the past. I know it hard to keep up with the swaps/the forum in general at times.... even just a minor effort would be great!!! I try to do my best but I'm sure I've missed a few over the years. I still LOVE the swaps!!!


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Just because I don't participate every time, doesn't mean that I don't want to drool over everything everyone got.

I love the swaps, even the ones I don't participate in. I like to see the goodies from all over and the homemade stuff, and, well, everything.

I do find it hard to keep track of what I've seen and haven't seen, though, so I'm keeping that "Control F" thing in my memory for future use.


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I'm guilty as well -- this was my first swap and I didn't realize we were supposed to respond to every other swap - sorry, I'll do better in the future!

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It is unfortunate, but I have also sent e-mails through garden web ahd had none of them reach their destinations. How the heck can we get to know each other and be a "community," when we can't contact each other? Ann Ann T, how do you get the newbies e-mails? How do they know your e-mail?
I think it is an issue. I know when I receive something, and I post it, I continually go back to check out who else saw and responded to my gifts. And the other way around. When I send something, I like to go back and see who ooohed and aaahed over it: it's a positive reinforcement. I try also to respond to them all, albeit I know some of my responses are brief.

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Guilty too the last few days, though I started off well. Got busy at work last week and now it's like the WFD thread, I've missed so much, hard to get caught up.

I've locked my office door and I'm not answering it for awhile. hee..hee

Let's see if I can get caught up...

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I've sent and received emails through Gardenweb. I just sent myself one as a test and it worked fine. I think that I went back and edited my home page after the problems we were having with the forum last month. I wonder if that made a difference.


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Sherry! Exactly, it's a positive reinforcement. I know I stress over what I send out so if you all oooh and ahhh over it, it makes me feel like I did it right. hhahahahha!!

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I like Robin's idea. Maybe we could have a special thread where everyone posts when they receive their gift. No one would need to respond to the posts specifically, everyone would just post a quick blurb saying "I received my swap from so-and-so." Then they could say if they would start a new thread later (for whatever reason) or immediately.

That thread would also be cool to refer to just to see who's received thusfar.

As for responding to the follow up threads, I was just thinking about that before I read this thread. I do respond to some, not all, probably about half. There ARE quite a few threads since we have so many traders so it can be difficult to answer all of them, but I do agree that I like to read follow ups to my gifts (both given and received) so by the same token, I know it's important to respond to others'.

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Picked up my box from A Holm in Cols Ohio. It's no mini and my cookbook group is due in 6 hours and my cake needs frostin, the rice piroges and filling aren't made, the table isn't set and the bar isn't organized. So not looking for the e-mail address or opening the box now. Sorry. But so glad it's here and I'm sure you are too. Will e-mail this to AnnT. to pass on.

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Looking forward to seeing what Alison sent you Janet. Don't keep us waiting too long. I emailed Alison, so she also knows that it arrived.


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I've been checking this forum every few hours for the last week!

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