Building cold feet

cottonpennySeptember 10, 2012

We're about 3 weeks away from completion and everything has been relatively smooth.

But I'm getting such "cold feet" over the whole project. Millions of shoulda woulda couldas running through my head all the time. I'm having feelings of intense disappointment when small minor details don't turn out as planned (i.e. color of the window cranks, placement of the shelves in my son's shower, etc.)

If I could scrap the whole thing and start over again, I'd probably do it.

Anyone else?

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I had that feeling at some point. We've been in for just over three months and I can now say I truly love my house. I think it just gets really overwhelming at the end. Hang in there!

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Yes, unfortunately you learn a lot during the actual build, but not many people get to use that knowledge to keep building new houses for themselves untill they get it to be "perfect". Think of it as a really miserable pregnancy, but soon you will "give birth" and fall in love with the baby!

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Take solace in the fact that you will get the majority of details correct and that the final result will be at worst, incrementally better than what you have now but possibly a thousand times better than most people could wish for!

I never thought in my 20's that my family would live in a custom home. But like I tell my kids, the house is just a thing. We'd sell it tomorrow to save what's most important.

Eventually all the minor issues fade from importance. You are at a difficult stage, entrenched in every detail. Partial insanity is an accepted condition at this time.

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The things you have mentioned can all be fixed by you pretty easily, which is both a good set of skills to have, lol, and will help you feel a real connection with your "baby". Pre-partum depression you have :-)

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Yes, almost everyone passes through this phase sooner or later, I think. As mentioned, however, there are many things that are easily fixed or improved.

It may be important to remember that the house is yours and that as you live in it over the years you hopefully will have a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that will outweigh and outlast these (hopefully short term) concerns.

Best wishes on your project!

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As my DH used to remind me often.....nothing in this world is ever perfect! Be thankful for what you have....and remember those who do not even have a home. I know I am also guilty of stressing about the little I hope I can remember these things as my current build gets underway. Good luck to you and may you love your new home!

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Oh no...I feel like that and we just started. At least I am not the only one.

chispa...I think about that all the time, if I was to do it again, the knowledge that I have now would be invaluable.

good luck everyone.

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