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ten3_2texOctober 21, 2013

Back for more help..... My first browser was firefox and I loved it , but it stopped working.....I then used Explorer, and it too stopped working, I use it and immediately warns that it is stopping and it does.......I went with Opera and just yesterday, it started messing by pictures going blank, then all pages turn green, every thing that is text gets lined up, filed down, close together, hardly any pictures. Everything worked, but how can I figure such a mess?.........I rebooted, I uninstalled Opera, brought it back and it came on with the same MESS.........I tried installing the latest version of firefox and it seemed to work, until I tried links and searches and nothing moved, must have installed halfways, maybe it has to do with me trying to uninstall the last broken version and it won't because a box keeps coming up saying that FF needs to stop running in order to uninstall.......What running? it does not even work and I even deleted the FF icons, and it still will not uninstall.......Now I have Chrome, I HATE IT, it's very complicated, I don't want to waste time trying to understand it, I MISS having a toolbar, I need my bookmarks.
I need a browser.............what is out there?, easy to install, with bookmarks, toolbar.....With this Chrome thing I need to unblock PayPal so I can print shipping labels and I can't find where to do it.

As for Opera, could I have clicked on something that messed up the settings? If I did, and could fix, I would gladly get back on O. Like I said, it worked fine, but the display was all very complicated.

This site has been very helpful to me in the past and need help again, thanks.

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If you can't use any of those browser, I think you need to look closer at your computer. Have you scanned for viruses?

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I am wondering if my post is showing. This is the first time that no one instantly responds to help.....If I don' t get a respond this time it will be obvious. I will have to find elsewhere for help, I hope, because I am not sitting here waiting for help. I am googlying all over and can't find an answer...........I am desperate. would even like to find the remedy for explorer......I liked that one.......Hope this is seen

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I rarely see instant results in any forum. I am not good enough to help you but I asked if you have scanned for an infection of some kind. I think that will be the first thing they ask also. If you have a problem with every browser, I don't think it is a browser problem. have you tried a system restore to go back to a time when they were working.

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Hi Emma, yes, I will do the scanning, but I will say that while I mention a lot of browsers, it is not a recent event. I have been through these browser over many years. Of course the longest was Mozilla FF, the others have followed a little closer to each, but through all this browser changing there has been scanning.......just the same that is what I am going to do just now.....Then try the system restore.....and this dumb person now has to go look where to do that, through Chrome that has no toolbar....Thanks

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I go to start on the task bar and type in system restore and it come right up. Check the dates and pick one before you had the problem. You can "undo" the restore if it doesn't help.

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First you have to remember that any helper arrives voluntarily so expecting help within 4 hours is unreasonable. This is not an attack at all but simply the facts.

As you have 3 browsers acting up you need to look beyond those. Doing a system restore in my mind is foolish at this time.

What safety programs do you have installed?
When was the last time you updated any of them and were the updates successful?
If you have them successfully updated run a full scan with each of them - not a quick scan.

Let us know what happens.

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".....because I am not sitting here waiting for help."


If it would help I could quit my all-too-often umpteen hour a day job, end my already limited social life, drop my over burdening household responsibilities, and sit by the computer waiting?

My crystal ball is at the cleaners. The O/S is? The versions of the browsers are?

I have a couple of thoughts, but I am going to save them until there is a report on the scan results.


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I offended some people. I am so sorry, honestly that was not my intention.

owbist, I remember you are one of the people that has helped me before. I did not mean to say that I expected instant help. It's just that I guess I have had luck because In all my past request for help. I have always had quick replies, and since my computer is doing funny things I thought it could be possible that my post was not showing.

I know you all are volunteers and I have so many times wondered how you all can come in here just to help people.......I really admire you all.

damccoy, you misunderstood me far worse.

".....because I am not sitting here waiting for help."

I wanted you all to know that I was doing my best to find a solution on my own....THAT I WAS TRYING.... I have been coming here for many years. Sometimes for help and at times to see what I can learn......AND, I have read people being told to not just depend on this site, but to do some research on their own. That google is out there just for that.

======If I don' t get a respond this time it will be obvious. I will have to find elsewhere for help, I hope, because I am not sitting here waiting for help. I am googlying all over and can't find an answer=======

That section is what must have made you mistake was not being clear......I meant that if no one responded it meant that it was clear to me that my posting was NOT showing and I would have to try somewhere else where it would show.....I meant that not only was I asking for help here. Coming here is part of all the searching that I have been doing.........And yes, I hoped, I wished that I would find the solution by googling on my own if this site was not seeing my post . Problem is that I don't understand many of the computer talk to be able to fix on my own.........So again I am sorry, If again I need help here, AND I WILL, I will remember that words written down don't come across as they do coming out of the mouth......I will write carefully
Malwarebytes' Anti-malware
Microsoft Security Essentials

owbist, today I scanned with all 3, updated just before, made a full scan on all three.....MSE found nothing.........the other two found some that I went ahead and got rid of.......I am on mozilla right now but that means nothing because M FF will let me on when it feels like it. Most of the time NOT....rarely it will. But when I used to use it before it gave up on me I would print shipping labels on PP..........Now since it let me on, I tried to buy the labels and ended up having to do them the old fashion way and will take to the PO tomorrow.......That is mainly my problem.......I will deal with whatever browser, even
Chrome if only it prints the labels.........
And none are doing it.

Thanks all,

I said I was on mozilla, well it did not let me in here, so back to chrome

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What Windows version ?

How do you connect your computer to the internet .. you have a router going to a dsl modem going to what isp ? .

What you have described, one normally would instantly think your browser 'User Agent String' is messed up.. But being its happening on all browsers.. sounds like maybe you connect thru some Proxy Server or other cache and your browsers user agent strings are not being seen by the webpages. Meaning they don't know how to give you the page to work properly with the particular browser quirks. If that makes any sense to you?

If IE works at all, try compatibility mode.
If you have some kind of Internet accelerator, or speedy connection surf faster type program, disable it.

Try disabling your firewall.
You have firewalls probably in both your Router and computer.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I would consider removing the Flash, Shockwave and Java and then reinstall with current versions being sure the targeted versions of Flash are installed properly with the intended browser(s); IE version, non-IE version.


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Mikie and damccoy, some of the mentioned things, I have no idea what you mean. But I will try.

After the complete scan, I got on Mozilla F and it worked fine, but would not print the PP label, would not let me on Computer help and then it crashed, letting me know that it did and after a repair, I could get back on. I did and it immediately crashed......I was able to use Mozilla because I had not been able to disconnect it and the icon had come back on again.

I tried explorer and it did the same, the block telling me that E had stopped working and would end the program.

I did not try opera because I did not want to upload it again
I have windows 7, 64 bit...I connect to the internet with Ethernet ADSL Modem, SIEMENS through phone lines. I guess that is dial up. Long ago I started with AOL and then they passed it on to AT&T.

I don't know what a User Agent String is. I did some checking and it seems that I don't have a proxy. Went to LAN SETTINGS and there is nothing there.

===If IE works at all, try compatibility mode====No, that one immediately stops working.

=== Internet accelerator, or speedy connection surf===probably don't have those because I don't even know what they are.

I do have Firewall, but is that not a must?
I will go check the link
Java, I know.....I will check to see what Flash, Shockwave are and proceed to do what you suggest, tho I don't know what you mean about's there but not working.
be back later, Thanks

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Open each of your installed browsers one at a time. Click View>Coding. In each case what is selected?


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Hi, I came back to update ........IE is still the same, it immediately stops...... Mozilla still comes and goes and when it works, it crashes......Chrome is still with me ....... I decided to give Opera a try and this time it came back working fine......BETTER THAN FINE......The last time I came here asking for help was for a printing problem. Shipping labels printed samples first and then instructions and last the real label.......Someone said it could be the paper layout, I changed it to "back to front" and it helped a little. It would then print instructions first, followed by real label and I would cancel before it printed the sample........NOW it prints the real label, and nothing else.......I AM HAPPY....Thanks a lot, HHH

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Hi ten3 2tex

Does IE Have an "error code" when it stops?

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no, only a message that a problem has made IE stop the program.....window will find the solution and let me know..
At bottom has a section to click to stop the program, when clicked it repeats the thing again and must click several times to just make it go.

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I would consider resetting Internet Explorer, although It's odd you have 2 browsers not working and may suggest something else is going on.

Why don't you try and reset it anyway and see, nothing to lose, appears you can't use it anyway.

Here's a link click the fixit on the Microsoft web page, and it will reset Internet Explorer for you.

Let us know if that helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: FIXIT

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