HELP! Sliding shower door question

lois_gDecember 12, 2013

Have a tiny ( super small) New York City one bathroom apartment. Because of mobility concerns, just installed a low Kohler Bellweather bathtub--top is 12" from floor. Thinking of clear sliding doors on top of tub--possibly Kohler Flaunce or Levity. But if use tub sized doors--then too low for anyone tall and do not like the look when metal top is eye level. What if I use the shower sized doors instead? Would the 10-12" clearance between the top of the doors and the ceiling be enough? Or would there be a resulting mold/spot issue?
Appreciate any comments or suggestions.
Shield would not work-- because of size and layout( tub, small vanity, toilet-- all with little space between), I would have to enter tub in order to turn on/off water

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If you are not set on shower doors why not do a ceiling mounted shower track for a curtain? I just did one in my walk in shower and I LOVE it. Makes the shower look huge. You can have the curtain go all the way to the ceiling or use chains between the track and curtain (this is what I did). I tried to put the link below to the photo I saw initially, here is the address to the company who sells them:

Here is a link that might be useful: Houzz

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Thank you but trying to figure out how to have affordable usable glass doors.
Because tub is in typical 3 sided alcove, using a regular shower rod is easy but I do not like the mold and cling issues and hoping for a way to get glass.

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I think using shower doors is a great solution, and I don't think having higher doors will increase mold issues The only two things I can think of for your further consideration are:

1. How is the bottom track installed for the doors you select? Is the track only attached to the walls at either end and siliconed on the bottom, or is it also supposed to be screwed down into what is below it (i.e., your bathtub rim)?

2. Is there an exhaust fan for the bathroom? This is important regardless of how high the doors are.

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Just one issue, possibly. If you buy non custom shower doors, the height of the door handles may be higher than comfortable. From my experience, having had several homes with glass shower doors, the height of the towel bar type handles is about at elbow height. If you add a shower height door on top of a tub, the handles will be considerably higher. If you're doing custom, there should be no problem getting the handles where you want them. BTW, I've never seen a bottom track on a bath/shower door drilled into, it's always siliconed to the base or tub deck.


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