Someone's Word has messed up mine

ginny12October 11, 2013

Several times recently, someone has sent me a Word doc that has totally messed up my Word docs. This happened again last night and I can't get my version back. Every doc I open of my own gets messed up.

After I open the other person's Word doc, when I later open one of my own, an existing doc, the print is very tiny and all text is skewed far to the left of the page. Nothing I do will return the correct format. The toolbar says Times New Roman 12 pt but is not.

I am a writer and have many docs and this is a huge problem. I worked my way across the entire tool bar trying to fix it with no luck.

Am running Windows XP SP3. The Word version is "Microsoft Word 2002 (10.6866.6870) SP3".

Would really appreciate help.

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Shut down Word (be careful to NOT save the file) . Reboot the PC, start Word, and then next open one of your old documents. How does it look?

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Unless you mean exit a Word doc, I don't know how to shut down Word. It is always on my desktop as a shortcut.

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I think that is what he means. Try it and see if it helps, you probably have already done that by now.

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"Shut down" any program means to make that window active and then click the x at the upper right hand margin. Then shut down your PC, start it up again once it's fully off, and restart Word.

I think what you're experiencing is sometimes when you open a file that has settings that are different from your own personal defaults, they stay active until you open one of the preset templates that have been established for your own Word installation. I'm a Word novice, and I could be using the wrong words, but if you go out and come back in again, I think you're find it back it's gone back to "normal".

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I'm sorry to be late thanking you for the replies. I don't know what caused this but it seems to have gone away.

I do close any Word doc when I finish with it but the Word shortcut is always on my desktop as I use it so much.

Thanks again for the help.

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