Please help...I'm pulling my hair out over these bathrooms

GenerosiTeaDecember 26, 2012

So budget is very limited (as we're also doing a kitchen reno), we have to keep the avocado tub and toilet. They're in great condition but we have no idea how to "update" the bathroom to tie it in. What color tile and wall and vanity and sink and mirror and lighting....... arrghh, i'm ready to pull my hair out. Please help.

this is the most updated pic i have as we just pulled up the tiles.

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Sophie Wheeler

A toilet is only $100. And you can get a nice tub for around $400. Money may be tight, but it's penny wise and pound foolish to demo to the point that you have and NOT replace those two items. Especially the tub. It is MUCH MUCH harder to replace the tub later after you've done the tile as you'd have to rip part of the tile out to put in a new tub.

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Agree Makes no sense to change everything to work around an avacado tub and toilet. I'd scrimp on other finishes if that was necessary to replace those items.

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I absolutely agree with the other statements that doing a full bath remodel around an avocado toilet and tub seems short-sighted. I've heard of people re-glazing tubs. Perhaps you can either replace the toilet and re-glaze the tub or replace both. You might also look to see if there is a Habitat for Humanity Re-Store in your area. They sell used fixtures and you could look for tub, toilet, vanity, sink, etc there for a bargain.

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I've been where you are (limited time and money, not wanting to waste resources). I incorporated existing avocado fixtures into my last bathroom and it was very pretty. In fact, it was quite well received when we sold the house! I've attached the link with more details on colors, fabrics, etc, but it's definitely possible.

Here is a link that might be useful: My avocado bath remodel

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Agree. Decent toilets can be had for $100, and acrylic tubs for $200. If you're budget constrained, you can get inexpensive acrylic wall panels for the tub and remove them later to tile if you want to upgrade when you have the cash. You can get stock vanities for $100-400 (depending on how cheap looking you're willing to live with), and tile that floor for $100 worth of materials.

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If you're already at that stage of ripping out, replacing will be as economical as reglazing, look better, and last much longer. I think equest did a splendid job, but that was without the demo. You're committed at this point, so just do it. Get a cheap vanity--that's easy enough to swap out later on.

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I would replace the toilet in a heartbeat, but I would never replace a good quality cast iron tub with good finish condition with a cheap tub, no matter what color it was. As an individual item almost anything can be worked with so that the overall color palette is decent.

I agree at this point, it is probably just as easy to take the tub out, but in that case that's where I'd put my money--toilets, vanities and floors are relatively easy to upgrade later. I know some people have luck with reglazing but my reglazed tub failed almost immediately.

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I agree with replacing the toilet: inexpensive, more eco-friendly, and will keep the room from screaming awkward remodel.

I agree with pal that a cast iron tub is way nicer than the alternatives, so I don't think it would be crazy to keep it and use the color in the decorating scheme. It really depends on what your budget is. Removing the sliding doors would make it nicer, I think, and updating faucets and other hardware could help.

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If I were buying I'd turn down a house with an avocado tub in a heartbeat unless it were priced assuming the buyer would do a full gut bath remodel. Don't keep it. You can get a Kohler villager cast iron tub for a couple of hundred bucks at a big box store. it's worth it.

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I would change out the tub because you are tiling around it and its harder for someone to do later. The toilet , you can change out down the road. I would not renovate around those items. Bite the bullet and change the tub.

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thank you for all the responses. I can see some confusion as the photo was misleading due to the dust.

There are actually soft white tiles all along the wall around that tub. From the pic, it looks like we have removed those. The reason we are keeping the tub is because it is all in really good condition for it's age, the white grout line is still white, perfectly new. Even that sliding glass door is in perfect condition. The house only previous owners was a elderly couple (hence that safety bar) so everything was well maintained.

We removed the floor tiles and old vanity. I was looking for suggestions on what color scheme I should paint the walls, floor tile color, vanity and such. Just a little face lift until we can redo the entire bathroom. I'm really trying to keep it under $500 for each bathroom for now ((the other bathroom i have to deal with is yellow, yeah...). If they were in terrible condition as most other houses I've seen, I would bite the bullet and update everything but that's just not doable with our budget.

equest17- ive been lurking and amazed at your transformation. 'unfortunately' we didn't get the whole package with the green sink lol.

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I actually LIKE the green. A LOT!

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If you're looking for a low-budget facelift, and it doesn't bother you to live with an avocado toilet for a while, then I'd spend the budget as follows:
Sheet vinyl that looks like tile, coordinates with avocado: $1/sq ft = ~$50
Vanity = $200 (you can find one that comes with vanity top)
Light fixture = $50
Mirror = $50 (for more selection, look in the stock mirror section at a big box store, not just the bathroom section)
Faucet = $50 (try ebay)
Towel bar, TP holder = $20
Paint = $25
That leaves $55 for your misc. supplies.

As for colors, try googling "avocado bathroom" or posting in the home decorating forum. I'm thinking maybe a dark brown/gray with greenish undertones.

I'd choose a darker wood vanity, maybe something like this:

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I have to post this video that was posted on Apartment Therapy. It's a clip from a British show, and there are a couple of swear words. It is so true about how everyone has to have 'white' bathrooms.

Here is a link that might be useful: Super funny British clip about how people should hate non-white bathrooms

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Perhaps using a color scheme like Equest would work. I like the green. A pretty shower curtain in a print that is green and cream or green and brown would blend the colors together, wood-look vinyl tiles or a creamy color like Equest's. A dark vanity with lighter top. I'd keep an eye out for sale vanities or even CL vanities, that you could gel stain.

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I kinda like it, since it's already there. I think the dark brown and cream would be lovely with it. More yellowish colors though I think would look more dated. If you wanted to complete the suite with a sink, you could probably get one for almost nothing either through a plumbing supply place (if they have one sitting around), CL, or a ReStore.

I think it's much easier to work around avocado than the pink fixtures. Someone here has a lovely yellow suite to work with, the mock ups with grey that were suggested were very nice.

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Gray and green might look updated too...vanity is $199 at Kitchens to go...Vinyl plant flooring...1.99/ft...

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Fori is not pleased

Dark wood (especially walnut for some reason) throw me back to the seventies. I'd steer clear and stay with crisp colors. Nothing wrong with the tub or toilet, though. Is there a window in there?

Have you visited the decorating forum? I'm sure they'd appreciate the challenge also!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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for some reason, i stopped getting emails about the follow-ups. thank you so much for the ideas everyone.

gmp3- i didn't even think about gray with green!! i love that print. i have dorian gray in the living room and hall so it would def be easier to continue the gray into the bathroom. would it be too dark? there is no window. I also have revere pewter in another bedroom so I can use the left over. I was planning on using revere pewter in the yellow bathroom.

we decided on this tile for the kitchen and hall: 'canyon expresso' from lowes, would this work as well? I'd love to be able to use all the stuff we already have as it would really help us on the cost and labor.

i love that vanity, and i can't find it. please send me a link. thanks again.

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The link for the vanity. the name of the store is Cabinets to Go. Sorry about that. I'd go lighter than Dorian gray, maybe some shade lighter from the same strip.

Here is a link that might be useful: Vanity

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I'd go lighter than Dorian gray, perhaps something lighter from the same strip.

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