Timing of Building New Construction and Creating Landscape

chuehSeptember 26, 2011

Would you tell me what is the procedure and timing when you build a new home and creating a landscape with some hardscape at the same time?

Do you build the foundation while working on landscape/hardscape at the same, since both require concrete and gravel (either exposed or paving for landscape)?

If not, at what stage of building the house would you start hardscape/landscape?

Are they both done by the same subcontractors or separate, disregarding what has to be done?

I am not conducting anything, but I am trying to get an idea if I should have them all done at once, or can have the landscape done later considering budget.


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Landscaping is usually done at the very end because of the need to water new landscaping, it would get destroyed by the work of building and its cost.

Hardscape is often planned and done by the same people so it is also done at the end (and it also can get destroyed and it also has the same cost issue).

We start here as late as possible to be done at the same time at the rest of the house. So after light fixtures but maybe before appliances. But that is only because the landscape contractors are so unreliable that you don't want to wait until the very last minute.

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We planned all at once, and included landscaping and hardscaping in the budget. Landscaping is an allowance in our budget (to be done by our landscape contractor at the very end) and the hardscaping was bid/included by the builder.

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Thank you for the replies. They help

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I recommend you go with David approach unless you have a very simple lot to grade and the utilities are in place.

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Clarification: We planned (as in designed) all at once so that we had a landscape/hardscape plan before we ordered our drainage plan. Installation at end.

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we had to have our landscaping plan done with our house plans to get city approval. we will have the landscaping done at the end, probably after grading.

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