Need front elevation detail help- photoshop anyone??

bmh4796September 17, 2013

Now that we are waiting to build, I have more time to obsess over details, which is really not a good thing! ;)

I'm wondering what the house would look like with standing soldiers above the windows in the brick wing rather than the angled jack arch bricks. If i did the standing soldiers then the stucco bands on the gable wing will be rectangle not angled. Opinions? Should the stucco band should go around the triple windows not just on top?

Also, on the gabled wing at the roofline, should the little step detail not be stepped? Should it be curved?

If anyone has free time and knows how to photoshop, I'd LOVE to see your preference in a rendering. I'm a computer goof!


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Look at Jack Arnold's photo gallery. You'll see a lot of examples like you're describing:

Here is a link that might be useful: Jack Arnold

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ok, maybe i'm asking too much by asking for photoshop help.

does anyone have any opinions on the the little brick edge corners on the large gable? Should we keep that or curve it?

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bumping this. if you click on the picture, it will rotate itself right.

i also want the windows to sit IN the stucco rather than on the outside. does anyone know what's involved in making that happen? you know how windows sit IN bricks. I'd like that same effect on the stucco

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