Exterior Thoughts?

new2buildSeptember 20, 2013

Attached is the first rendition of the exterior of our planned build. We would love feedback regarding window placement, siding choices. We like the appearance of board and baton but are not sure where we would incorporate it. Thanks for your feedback.

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Sophie Wheeler

Too overwrought. It's a kitchen sink design, with everything but the kitchen sink thrown at it. Remove about half of the gables, and reduce the amount of materials used to 2 at the most, and one of the materials to lose is the high wasted pants fake stone. Windows are all over the map inconsistent. Needs a side load garage for a house this big, and if the lot can't accommodate that with this large footprint, then more of the home needs to shift to an upper floor to get the side load. A home of this size and expense just doesn't work with the GARAGEhouse syndrome.

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Thanks Holly Springs,
The house will sit on a 1.5 acre, so we would have enough room for a side loaded garage, although we really like the 45 degree angle and "court yard" aspect this creates in the front of the house. Instead of the stone, what would you suggest in replacement? Any thoughts on using board and baton on the home? Thanks again for your thoughts.

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I think that three materials is fine as long as they are used consistently -I would continue the stone all the way around.

I find the garage issue to be a personal choice, some people are very opposed to large garages exposed to the front (particularly made worse these days as we see many more three car garages) -and others are not.

Not sure if the far left gable helps. There is an odd bit of angled roof between the garage and the house, windows and gables may need a bit more work.

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It's really ugly. Looks like The House of the Seven Gables.

(Hey, you asked.)

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It's very difficult to critique exteriors using elevations only. Do you have any ground-level perspectives of the house? They would give a much more realistic view of the house.

My guess from looking at the elevation is that your plan may be quite deep, which, in turn, creates large, ungainly roofs, which, in turn, are camouflaged with numerous gables attempting to mitigate the bulky roof masses. Fortunately, you have only one of the infamous "stacked gables" to contend with.

Post some perspectives so that we get a better idea of what's happening. Good luck on your project.

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Annie Deighnaugh

My first impression was ugh! Too many gables and too many materials on the exterior. That's a lot of roof on the house and it looks even more foreshortened with the short brick, which isn't even consistently applied. I know this style home is growing in popularity, but I still don't get it. There's so much to be said for simplicity.

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Wow, rough crowd, but I like it. Agree with most of what has been said, luckily it is a first draft. I have made some scetches that I think 'tone' it down. Hopefully you can picture the changes.

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Floor plan but changes to interior made.

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I like your sketch. I think with many gables and materials you need to add the material so they make sense in terms of looking like it has been added on over time. I think many makes the mistake of adding it everywhere and not in a cohesive and more natural evolution of what a house that has been added onto over the years would look like.

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Thanks for the feedback, the scrible in front of the large front gable would be a metal roof.

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WRT Window Placement:
I picture myself spending a lot of time at the kitchen sink (most prep as well as clean up) asking myself, "With a custom build on 1.5 acres why oh why am I staring at a corner of the garage and a dank nook where nothing will grow?"

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We plan to place cooktop where sink sits, with windows on the sides. Due to the amount of snow fall here in MN, a front facing garage works best for us.

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