Perlick shallow wine reserve

carosselOctober 15, 2012

I found a great deal on a Perlick shallow wine reserve, HH24WS-3L that says it has a 700 BTU commercial grade compressor. Other posts have commented on the variable speed compressor being quiet, but anyone have any comments about the noise level of the regular Perlick compressor? I need to act fast, so I'd appreciate comments.

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I know that this is not what you're asking, but I have to ask:

$2300 list price for a single-zone cooler that stores 20 bottles? Pretty pricey for what strikes me as a very limited purpose device.

First, with a single zone cooler, all you can store is whites or reds. If I'm serving whites, I just chill in the fridge and then let them warm at room temp for a few minutes to get to a reasonable temp--mid to high 50's typically. Hard to justify this cooler for that purpose.

I do like serving reds at cellar temp, and maybe that's the rationale. But if that's the goal, then I am deducing that you do not store your wines long term at cellar temp (because if you did have a cellar, there would be no need for the Perlick--just pull the reds directly out of the cellar). To me, seems a bit backwards: If I had no cellar, I'd take that $2300 and put it towards an actual wine cellar unit where you can store wines long term. My 3200 BTU CellarPro through the wall unit cost less than the Perlick, although of course you'll have the expense of building out an actual cellar. But you can get something like a Eurocave 266 bottle freestanding cellar for just a few hundred dollars more than the Perlick. Stick it in the basement and you're set. To me a 266 bottle cellar is a no-brainer choice over a built-in 20 bottle unit. It gives you the chance to age nice bottles, and to build a collection over time, one that has personal significance. I can still remember where most of the bottles in our cellar are from and there are many pleasant memories. Just can't see the logic behind the Perlick, especially at that cost, outside of the "impress the neighbors" factor.

PS: you did say you got a great deal. If it were $800, maybe I'd consider that, to impress the neighbors.

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