First Time Poster ... Finally! Plan Input Requested

HanoverSeptember 9, 2012

Hello Everyone!

I am so excited to finally post part of our house plan.

I have been waiting 3 years!

Our Background:

Purchased 1920 Colonial Revival house, in need of a total redo,

the inside had not been touched in 20+ years,

Then came cancer...

Plans for renovation came to a screeching halt,

while my husband and I dealt with the grief of diagnosis which meant not being able to bear children.

While recovering I read this Forum just about every day!

The posts really brightened my spirits and gave me some hope!

Fast forward to today...Cancer free (but expensive)!

Budget has been pared down so we are staying within the 32' square 2nd floor footprint.

Original 2nd floor 4 small bedrooms, 1 full bath and a 1/2 bath (both small).

Now our 2012 Plan is:

3 bedrooms on 2nd floor, with back half of home a

master bedroom and nice master bathroom, connected by a closet lined hallway in back.

And front two bedrooms with a Jack & Jill bath in between for our future children we hope to find...

The Big Challenge:

The front bath has a very large window 4' x 5-1/2 feet!

And the window is 2 feet from the floor!

We would prefer to remain good neighbors by not having a daily peep show!

So we want the toilet and shower/tub back from the window.

To me the entrance to the front bathroom on each side is a bit awkward, as I have to admit I love balance and symmetry.

This front bath & bedroom plan entrances seem a bit crooked to me.

I would greatly appreciate your changes, comments and suggestions, as I see so many helpful people here.

We are amazed by the wealth of knowledge and creativity that is shared.

We humbly ask your frank thoughts and opinions, and I hope the photo attached is readable as this is new to me.

We now can look forward with hope and happiness.

Many Thanks in advance,


PS we are a tall-short pair. DH is 6'4" and I am 5'3" on a good day!

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Hi Hanover! Welcome to the forum! So good to hear that you're cancer free! This renovation will be a good distraction while you're searching for your family. So many children need homes; I'm glad to know that you're willing to be the family they need!

I'm also glad you brought this plan here- it needs a lot of work! :) A couple of questions:

You don't have closets drawn in the kids' rooms. Was that on purpose?

I'm trying to figure out....are you entering the master suite through your closet? As in, when you open the door, you see your clothes, etc? And

Is that a stacked W/D in the back?

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Welcome! So glad that part of your life is over and that you have so much to look forward to now! Few things:

I really like the unique layout of the master bath. However I am not understanding the second bath. Is that a shower or vanity?

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Congratulations on being cancer free and I hope the build although scaled down will still be a dream realized for you.

I think I would continue the stairs as is to the attic instead of adding in a separate area for attic stairs, plus the way the attic stairs end they would be under a really low part of the roof, unless you plan on making your attic having 7' walls on the exterior so somebody doesn't have to crawl or bend to get into the attic.

Then you could use that space up to enlarge the master and also create an entrance to the master from the hallway. It seems really odd to be walking into a closet to get to the bedroom.

I don't see any closets in the other bedrooms. In my area it can't be called a bedroom unless it has a closet. This would impact your appraisal if you have a loan.

Have you considered putting the closet in the corner and the bathroom in between?

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You are going to need closets/storage for each bedroom. Do you need any access for ducting from the lower level?

Entry to jack and jill bath will be much better if located as close to the bedroom entry doors as possible--it reduces the circulation travel and allows more efficient layout and use of the bedrooms and the bath.

Is there any way to stack the two stairs to reduce the floor area lost to stairs?

Good luck!

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