great anticipation; great disappointment; a month's delay

toblerDecember 20, 2011

After two months of delay our special counter tops (Chroma by 3form) were supposed to be installed today. Most of our bathroom things are in boxes in the guest room while we use an old sink in a plywood counter top. we don't have our electrical outlets because they have to be installed into the cabinets which have to sit on the counter tops so we have a multi-plug strip with cords draped all over. we have a vinyl shower curtain because the threshold of the shower door is the same material as the counters so we can't install the glass door.

Today was the day the counters were coming. It was supposed to be a week ago, it was supposed to be Friday, it was supposed to be Monday. I was out this morning and came home at noon, heat beating. I took one look and my heart dropped. They were the wrong color. I had ordered a blue called Bliss and instead I got a bright turqoise. I was afraid to even say anything at first because our GC has knocked himself to get these counters, had a huge fight with the supplier and now it appears, the supplier ordered some random color.

GC has checked his records and he asked for Bliss. He has now gone to the manufacturer in Utah directly (I don't know why he ever went through a supplier in the first place) but we have to wait for the holidays, wait for them to make the counters, wait for them to ship, wait to have them cut according to the templates. This is at least a month.

I am so disappointed I could cry. I know that in the greater scheme of things this too shall pass, but I am so upset and I am so upset for my GC too. He is paying out money and now has to sue the supplier to get his money back.

What was supposed to be a wonderful day turned into a very sad day.

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I know that you know, in the greater scheme, this will fade to memory once you do get the right counters in and the room is finished and beautiful but I completely understand how disappointed you feel right now. You get your hopes up that you'll be able to check one more (in this case, very important) thing off of your list and see the project move forward, only to be forced to wait even longer. I'm glad that you didn't consider settling, and you shouldn't. I'm sure it will be well worth it in the end.

In the meantime, don't feel bad if you shed a few tears... I certainly have. We're GC on our to-the-studs masterbath reno and have done far more of the infrastructure work ourselves than I ever thought possible so it's taken w a y longer than it would have if a pro had been doing the work. At one point when my husband was calling off our tilesetter yet again, I looked at him and said, "I don't think I can do it. I don't think I can wait another whole week before I see a single tile get installed in that room. I don't have it in me anymore." It had been seven months already.

Hang in there... better days, and a beautiful bathroom, are ahead!

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I am so sorry this has happened. I can only offer my empathy/sympathy having had similar situations with our master bath remodel. It's true that in the scheme of life it's small but then again it's also stressful and a lot of trouble that seems could have been avoided.

It seems that the mistakes and poor quality in our bathroom remodel are causing me more upset as time goes by as more poor workmanship comes to light some additional failures have surfaced. There is nothing we can do about it except tear it out and start over. Some of the things are not fixable such as how the radiant heat was installed and the faux granite seams in the shower, the defective and poorly installed tile, the gloppy silicone. Now that it's cold it's irritating that the floor wasn't installed properly. I actually feel more stressed and upset about it as time goes on. We thought we were going with a reputable company but they are a franchise company more suitable for house flipping and lied about their capabilities. Sadly we believed them. They charge top dollar and we cannot easily recover from such a large monetary outlay to correct the mistakes.

I really hope that you can get this resolved and I am so sorry it happened (((((big hugs)))))!!!

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We are pleased with the work that has been done so far, so I know that ultimately we will have a well-made bathroom. A badly done job that you pay for is the worst. To be dissatisfied every time you use your bath is miserable. I think renovations are especially frustrating now that on HGTV they are always making someone else's bath fabulous for almost no money in almost no time. How do they do that?

Our GC turned up this morning and went over all he has done to remedy our problem and outline the schedule. As far as I can tell, we are not paying for the mistakes and I feel bad that he has to sort it out.

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I am glad your GC is on your side. That means a lot to have someone to advocate for you even if it means waiting a little longer. Sounds like a very nice person. I'm so glad that you are satisfied with the work so far, that is great! Yes, I see those shows on TV and wonder how they are getting all that stuff in their new baths with such low budgets. You are right that further twists the knife, sigh... Oh well, live and learn.

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